World of Warships – Das ist yo Kommandant HANS speaking

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One of my viewers has asked if I could play Lo yang.
I have not played this ship in a LONG time so I decided to take her for a spin.
MM had speshuuul plans for me and when I say speshuuul, I mean super speshuuul.
The amount of weird tactics and fails you gonna witness here is truly HANS style.
I mean….they didn’t even know how I am…..could it be any more perfect?


  1. loyang short range torp is da way

  2. when he said “alles klar” all i could think about was Falco – Der Kommissar xD

  3. i have missed Hans

  4. Das gehen in die Mitte kann schädlich für Ihre Gesundheit sein – Bravo Hans 🙂

  5. “I have never been this much alone!” Hilarious

  6. @Flambass : Gdje su ti papiri? 😀 Odakle dolazi izreka?

  7. Really love Cpt.Hans ❤?

  8. looks like Hans has decided to take back some former german empire colonies in asia, starting with the ships

  9. when will COMMANDER Hans coming into the game?

  10. My God Herr Falmbass — you really funked up – dat innocent Karrier.
    Und your torpedoes gave ze other enemy ships – a lot of very painful hemorrhoids.

  11. I want Hans as a captain Flam ! Do something bro xD

  12. I´ll missing “Speshul “tactixs !! God ( ” or the otherside” (neverminde) ) bless THE Hans , EU Speshul Top tier super Intendent! … He Rocks !!!

  13. Enemy team did have a radar Mass.

  14. I Guess Your Just Not That Important any more Flambass ..LOL .. Know one cares about you or what your doing..LOL.. Proof in the Pudding. 🙂 (( But lets just say “they’re all scared of you” ) 😉

  15. “alles Schnitzels” muhaha..i miss Hans 😀

  16. We’ve SO missed Hans!

  17. The msgs from carrier at ~ 14:30


  19. …and thank you for doing that. I loved it. not zat we zound like zat, but itz cloze! ? but why do you have a split personality? after a minute of Hans, you turned in to Flambass?

  20. Im a german and feel offended by your good gameplay

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