[World of Warships] Dasha Presents Update 0.7.3

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mode is here! New map, new “spacefied” ships, and much more-What’s not to love? Go through our next update with

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  1. I guess they also updated Dasha… Hmmm

  2. I came, I saw, I came

  3. The 80s want their style back.

  4. Uuchuu senkan Yamatoooooooo!!!
    Oh wait, don’t have?
    Cries in the corner*

  5. World of Warships Official Channel

    Which spaceship’s design do you like the most?

  6. Dasha is beauty! :))

  7. Where is our Dasha and Mighty Jingles captains!?!?

  8. Nothing here for me.

  9. I’m digging dasha’s disco look

  10. Please add a button to hide all “rentable” clan battles ships…

  11. manuelthegreatman

    Dasha got the sick moves.

  12. oh please tell me we get to keep the camo for the space ships I WANT MY SPACE KURFUST <3

  13. More dancing Dasha!

  14. I prefer techno Dasha. lol

  15. Dasha is using WASD Hax!

  16. Nice Moves Dasha 😉

  17. What are you guys talking about; that dancing was sick xD
    (And so was that outfit)

  18. Dasha’s dancing is Legendary. Who needs Yamato’s 18 inch guns when we can just show the enemy Dasha’s mad DDR skills !!

  19. Who gives a shit about the update when there’s *_D A S H A P E R O V A_*

  20. No word on the US Cruiser split? 0.7.4 perhaps?

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