World of Warships – Dastardly

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Dastardly: adjective, wicked and cruel. Yeah, seems perfectly legit in this case. Today we see Dastert take a spotter plane into a random battle. Yuro’s got a lot to answer for!

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. It's not what you think

    Notice me Jingles Senpai.

    • WHAT! how does he have enough energy left from salt mining to wave and ask for attention…. put him into an even darker and more horrible part of the jingles salt mine ™… 🙂

  2. Justin Dieterich

    So where’s Muttley?

  3. Jekub Fimbulwing

    We’ve seen this one Jingles! You showed us this one a few weeks ago.

  4. Somewhere in Finland, a certain Flaming Cat CC is bashing his head against the wall, lamenting about why people just love to follow stupid advise. XD

    And no, I’m not against the type of play that doesn’t go with the meta: If you know what you are doing and it’s work for you, keep doing what you are doing. 😉

  5. Spotter plane is useful for ships with rainbow shell arcs because it makes it easier for the player to shoot at targets hiding behind islands. Also spotting wins games

    • “makes me feel like some peeping Tom/pervert, not to mention a hacker,” – this only makes people stop taking you seriously.

    • Its a rainbow shell arc and that sums it up as a GAY STRATEGY.

    • So are you saying to use it or not to use it? Didn’t see a statement about that there.

    • MyVanir so? I’m a narcissist, I don’t give a fuck if you care or not! 😀
      But in all seriousness, radar feels cheaty, it’s utterly broken with no counter aside from “RUN AWAY”
      For me to even consider mounting radar on my Des Moines again, WG would first need to remove the wallhax feature, no more seeing through islands for both radar and hydro.
      Then they would need to add a ‘no radar from concealment’ clause, where using the surveillance radar will render you detected to every ship that is currently inside your radar range, and ONLY ships inside radar range
      Then and ONLY then, would I consider using Radar outside of clan and ranked battles, on the Des Moines and Cleveland at least,
      I still mount radar on my Buffalo, and feel scummy every time I do so

    • What did you just see?! Yuro was right, you must be incredibly thirsty to kill DDs to run only Radar in a high DPM gunship.

  6. Can we please stop glorifying stupid builds like this, the number of players using spotter plane on the desmo has gotten uncomfortably high

    • Sam Mills Hes not gonna listen mate. Let him carry on playing it wrong that way people like us can farm him.

    • Sam Mills Really? Cause as I remember the Des Moines being released without radar. I just think the spotter plane is better. I’m not forcing anything. If it can be fitted with it, it can be played like it. Pretty sure the ones who forced anything were the people who couldn’t play the ship right and cried for radar.

    • MrBounce66 putting spotter plane on a des Moines isn’t a bad idea and I saw many times this build work and it makes a lot of sense, it is an alternative to radar so don’t be salty and rude to people who use it( If I am being honest this is a YouTube comment section so…)

    • admiral cookie Being honest is being rude now is it ?. Christ I remember when people had thicker skin…

    • MrBounce66 listen man idc what you think or how you play but I’m still gonna play my Des Moines with the spotter plane. I didn’t think you were being rude. You genuinely believe radar is better and I spotter plane so why don’t we just agree to disagree and move on

  7. I’m early, quick, uhhh
    Why did the chicken cross the road?

    Because Russian DD torpedoes can’t reach that far

  8. Aνουβις - Anubis

    Welcome to mingles with jingles 247! Oh no! It’s that match again!

    Erhm… why are you reaching for the gu….


  9. What better way to celebrate the start of Tankfest than watching this replay from World of Warships once again. Please never change 😀

  10. Hmm this battle seems familiar….

  11. You have shown this replay before Jingles… Time to put you in an old folks home because your brain has stopped working.

  12. Valtteri Vatanen

    Have I seen this before….

  13. i’m getting bored with all the T10 play vids..everyone is doing those..more funny stuff happens at lower tiers..

  14. Ah yes the Republique the tier X cruiser…

  15. Silent Assassin Gamer

    Spotter plane Des Memes ignores the low health DD to farm the Musashi…

  16. Christian Schinner

    Strong female protagonist

  17. Zezku The Gaming Celesteon

    GOD DAMMIT JINGLES, you forgetful gnome overlord, we’ve seen this

  18. Republique
    >tier 10 cruiser
    >ok this is jingles confirmed

  19. Jingles you did it again! U gave us the same replay!

    To The Salt Mines With You!

  20. The way he was mocking CV’s in the beginning aobut how useless they were in that match…. Its been like that for the last 2 years. And WG wonders why nobody plays that class 😀

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