World of Warships – Data Center

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  1. Raimund Heinrich

    alle streiken

  2. so this is where the hand of Stalin guides our shots and maybe this is
    where RNGesus lives

  3. So to call someone a faggot newb on the internet, needs one of those
    collossal machines.

  4. Lamborghini Lam

    Well thats very reassuring, so when the client stops working I guess its
    not your fault anymore

  5. Wow never knew what on behind the sceens

  6. Is this the place where the desync keeps happening?

  7. you guys realy think thats only a data Center for gaming ?

  8. suddenly the long server down times for games when their applying patches
    makes much more sense looking at the amount of servers they have

  9. I thought WG also uses a data centre in the Netherlands right?

  10. ThinkingFingers

    Gosh dangit Wargaming, quit learnin me things.

  11. nice vid war-gaming i like how u not only promoted the company but also
    made an interesting documentary thumbs up

  12. DragonOnSteroids

    The military has a higher priority for fuel in an emergency than hospitals?

  13. ” Their location is known to very few people ….. one of the best data
    centers is located in Luxemburg … ” Yeah, few people my arse.

  14. Wohooo! Luxembourg!

  15. When Ranked Games back???!!?!!!

  16. they should upgrate to solar and wind energie, if there is no more fuel
    even that place will shot down

  17. Ultiyplayer ~JK

    ah, the dank memes mainframe

  18. Denis Dantempla

    Truly datacenter pr0n. I guess they can make anything look and sound epic
    the way they do their videos.

  19. Very well done informative video, thanks WG.

  20. That was really cool and original. Always interesting to see what happens
    behind the scenes

  21. i drive by that building every day, never would have thought that.

  22. Data center in ING buillding ??

  23. First of all: Very interessting video. Was never befor in a Datacenter but
    I would like to visit one. But one thing which really buggers me. And yes
    it is definitly not Wargamings fault, is the fact that it just pumps its
    heat out rather then using it to power a smaller generator to produce
    electricity again. I know IT IS NITPICKING but I personally think that
    nowadays we should find solutions which give us more energy. And here you
    could use something like a warm pump or evern power some surounding houses
    with warm water and warm floors in winter.

    Anyway well made nevertheless!

  24. Hilman Sudirman

    Wow, what an educative video. We need more of this please. If they allow

  25. so, basicly skynet 2.0 right? what could go wrong? ;-)

  26. WHO THE FUCK IS RNG ?????

  27. This is all very impressive. Great video giving an insight to what goes on
    behind the scenes. I had no idea you needed this much equipment.Or is it a
    front to enable you to achieve global domination.Does the WG CEO have a
    white long-haired cat with countless minions to do his bidding?

  28. And how much did/does this cost ?

  29. and thats where raging salty comments are processed and distributed

  30. “Deployed on all continents” and then there’s Africa without a single red
    dot on it.

  31. Amazing bro….

  32. I never thought anyone could make a data center seems so cool and sexy…

  33. And when it stops lagging in Europe? Optic is not enough from my side

  34. We need it in Australia

  35. Wow. Hätt net geduercht dass d’Wargaming Serveren an eisem Land sinn. Dat
    as mol eng Iwwerraschung ^^

  36. What is with WoT

  37. I have trouble with updating WOWS. It comes to 20% and then it stopps

  38. That was a pretty cool behind the scenes video, i enjoyed that :)

  39. im kinda disapointed because if i play world of warships in the philipines
    the game will teribly lag!

  40. Χρήστος Καρσανίδης

    So you are not prepared for when oil ends. No alternative energy solutions,
    more carbon emissions/footprint etc., gg “It runs forever!”, obviously you
    haven’t think things through, haven’t you?

  41. ??????????

  42. Very good only problem is the big world engine then pity !!!

  43. To think that years of construction and future proofing went into that data
    center, with the only purpose to service a virtual reality, be it websites
    or game servers, is truly mind blowing.

  44. Mr.I can Do Everything

    and…. all the products of WG are free.

  45. merci wargaming europe.

  46. Holy shit I’m early

  47. wow jost wow

  48. Alexander Schlecker

    guys that means: dont spam the map or flame in chat cause you just damage
    the game you play :P

  49. Wonder wheres the Hard “Hammer” Reset tool

  50. It looks like the inside of a ship!

  51. so much equipment only, so that you can hear a kid wishing you had

  52. Looks like wargaming is trying to justify its stupid tank bundle costs by
    showing us they have to pay for the server…. noon wg

  53. MrRantanplan1986

    What a nice behind the scenes video. really interesting and i enjoyed it a
    lot. I’d like more looks behind the curtains. Maybe something from the
    support pipeline (what happens/steps taken when i submit a support ticket
    or bug-report).

  54. Linh Nguyen Tang

    I’m so early that I forgot to bring my joke…
    So sad :(

  55. good afternoon

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