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  1. One of your target ships has cloaking technology. :-)

  2. Port is a left hand turn on your truck sim. Starboard is a right hand turn.

  3. Ahoy Matey. Can you do the Titanic reenactment? :-)

  4. why are you use AP on a BB you not got the power to do any damage – you use
    HE vs BB!

  5. 1969chevymalibu

    this looks like battleship

  6. awesome owen Crowder stuff thingy doohickys

    bill maybe war-gaming will make world of submarines

  7. awesome owen Crowder stuff thingy doohickys

    bill if you press m and shift you can turn on auto pilot and if you hold
    shift you can make 5 course marks and to make hard turns you press q and e

  8. The game its work 32 bit ?

  9. Love this Bill keep posting regards Rudy

  10. Port has four letters and so does left so port is left

  11. AP’s used for battleship armor !

  12. Justin Leppanen

    good video I like WORLD OF WARSHIPS

  13. only bill would think about cookies

  14. timothy mcswain

    play more

  15. Good day Ship heads ?

  16. when you find time to game?

  17. Good Job Bill & Dillon ?

  18. That looks soooooo fun.

  19. Bill change from co-op battles to random battles for a lot more credits and
    XP you are just bashing bots at the mo

  20. No American truck sim?

  21. johannes koedood

    poor bilst keep to farming

  22. if you didnt know, try random battle for more exp

  23. The small band of haters don’t waste any time with the thumbs down, hahaha

  24. Connor Polishuk

    Hey Bill have you ever been to manitoulan island

  25. Y so much hate on the video :(

  26. Alijawon sallis


  27. Kade Christensen

    +BILLSTMAXX good video

  28. first comment

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