World of warships – #DD lives matter !!!

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Today I decided to go against all odds and prove to myself and everyone else that despite all the crap being put out there (such as RADARs, hydros and planes) it is still possible to be relevant and have a good game in a DD.
I was always taught to lead by example so here it is.
I still don’t think that it is okey for so many ships to have radars and everything else and YES and I still believe that radars should be reworked cause they’re OP and broken.
I STILL think that it will take EXTRA effort to have a game like this from now on, and just cause I did it and it’s possible I don’t think it’s gonna be easy to cope with for a lot of ppl out there.


  1. Super game. #dd lives matter even though I constantly defy that statement by playing Cleveland. Next need #dd lives matter with Hans as captain. Waiting…….

  2. #ddlivesmattermotherfuckers

  3. If you want to be politically correct, play the #DDlivesmatter with the USS Black 😛

  4. Just taka a khaba and radar will not be a problem XD.

  5. Apothecary Terry

    All my neighbours also now know that DD lives matter. I doubt any of them have a clue what that means but I’ll torpedo them in the car park later.

  6. I hope I NEVER come across you in your Gearing. In a radar ship or otherwise. 😀

  7. after flambass showed here how it´s done i go into a corner and cry ´cause theres no way in hell i can copy that…..

    • It’s not a matter of copying it. It’s just a matter of going for a cap that had no radar ships behind it. I’ll be “that guy” and point out he didn’t do anything special. He just capped and didn’t encounter a single radar ship. The enemy team completely potatoed into a corner.

  8. Had every other dd, cept the gearing. Grinded it because of you, removed torpedo boost because of this vid, and overall you keep me sane, in an insane world, or is it the other way around? Suffice to say DD lives matter mothertruckers =) Keep the enlightening entertainment coming, and next vid i want 5 radars and a cv lol.

  9. This actually really shows the problem with DDs. Compare what happens with Flambass (and the enemy Yugumo) versus the destroyers at A. The destroyers at A are both near the bottom of their team, because three radar cruisers went to A and the destroyers were wiped out almost immediately. The friendly Cleveland on Flambass’ side got himself killed early, so the enemy Yugumo didn’t face a radar cruiser and was also able to top the score chart. This battle boiled down to the fact that there were only two radar cruisers on each team, and both the enemy radars went to A. In short, this game would not have happened if the enemy Moskva, for example, had gone to C – Flambass would have likely ended up just like the two at A. And that is the problem – DDs performance is almost entirely dependent on whether or not there is radar present. If there is, you lose. If there isn’t, you have a chance to do well.

    • that may be true for this battle ( with Flambass ), but there are thousand others ( without Flambass ) and without radar in which, #1 the players arent that good ( experienced ), #2 still get wiped out early and end up at bottom or mid range on the final score list……..
      which imo is because ( lower tier ) DD’s get spotted at 5-6km and have torps that reach 7-8km, unlike in higher tier in which DD’s still get spotted at 5-6km and have 10-12km torps ( or 20km for shima )……so in essence how the battle is played, which is perfectly random due to players decisions, is not really the decisive factor, its the ranges ( get spotted / torps ) that makes the difference

    • The red  Yugumo got the high score because he never went near the cap in the first place, he just focused on getting kills.

    • Well, I’m pretty sure he capped B , as nothing else could’ve gotten there that fast – look at when B starts capping compared to the relative position of the ships, and the friendly Cleveland was out of position to radar the western-most section of B. And here’s an interesting thought – perhaps that kind of play is what Wargaming wants, pushing the DDs out of cap contention?

    • Flambass wouldn’t rush towards a radar ship and die. He would bait the radar and then go for the cap and whatever else. No matter what class you are using, you should try to have an escape/backup plan.

  10. Actually you didnt run into any radar in this game, but other dds on your team did…thats why they died so fast, of course its also about skills , but it just shows you how hard now for dds to survive

  11. You can do well with a DD despite all the radar, but is it fun? No. Does it feel satisfying? Yes. However, more often it just feels like I am facing odds that are heavily stacked against me.

    • Did the DD portion of the Halsey campaign this week, facing 3-6 radars every match and occasionally a CV. Had quite a few good matches, the ones that weren’t was where I died in the first 5 minutes not to radar directly, but BB AP.

      It’s not particularly fun, I don’t think I’m that good in DDs, despite what my stats in Gearing say.

    • DaKillerChipmunk BB AP or large caliber AP (300+ mm) should be made to only overpen DDs. There is no good reason why BBs should never have to switch ammo types.

  12. Love how the Kutuzov shittalks about the Yugumo who died to a higher tier US DD with a unicum at its helm because he killed him with a wall of skill… Said Kutuzov being 4th from the bottom at the end and the Yugumo top scroer on his team

  13. We started throwing #DDLivesMatter at Femm the other day…the response we got was not quite as enthusiastic as yours 😉

  14. skeletaur skull night

    Why just 3 smoke ? ?

  15. Really nice game!!

  16. #ddlivesmatter
    Rework Radar WG

  17. its so hard to do good in my kagero lately ive just given up playing it

  18. why do you turn of your AA and secondary ? what’s the point ?

  19. I think radar boats should be visible to 1.5 times their radar range while their radar is energized. That way the radar cuts back a little on the radar boat itself, let’s make it a little less safe to use radar.

    And/or make radars a little more “authentic” and allow islands to obscure radar just like smoke obscures sight detection.

    Or possibly give Chaffe clouds to ships that create false targets, or else to obscure the targeted ship?

  20. MASTERFUL torpedo dodging at approx 8:00 mark of video!

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