World of Warships – DD WARS

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Here is a pretty sick battle between multiple DDs and I gotta say it gets hairy at certain points.
Enjoy and have fun watching 😉


  1. how does it work with the T10 and supercontainers please?

    • then why only 2 tier 10’s then with that much spent?

    • Michael Mitchell well the 6million pounds where a joke.
      the game is annoying me at the moment. played a game in my GK (like the 6th game in it) and people report me for whatever so that I loose all my commendations because we lost the game that I came second in with 160k done (not much I know) . they reported me, insulted me in chat for B line camping (whatever that is) and when I ask one of them afterwards if he would like to tell me where he lives and if he wanted to chat like a man instead of sitting in his nans basemeant he said he would get me banned for threats. joke. so he can insult you and report you for no reason at all and then threats banning when you call him out? that came from a player with over 11.000 battles. is wow becoming toxic? are there some entitled snowflakes who need help?

    • +Duck McScrooge Just got to learn to ignore people like that. Just a quick reminder, remember it is not how much damage you do, it is the type of damage. Doing 4k to a dd is much more valuable than 10k to a battleship. Especially if you are trying to win. The same thing applies to cruisers.

    • Nickhasarrived I agree. I was left alone against 6 including dd in smoke 8k away and my own “team” insulted me for not dying. I also wasnt b lining I was actually defending the cap (standard battle) as my own dds threw themselves away. just shocked how people behave. I mean it was my 6th game in the kurfürst and my 12th overall T10 game.
      worst thing is, and that annoys me the most, that these children would 99% of the time not dare to say anything to my face in person. (I look meaner than I am). it does, as you can tell, really annoy me, and disrespect via the internet shouldn’t protect people especially when most of the time these in their mum’s basement sitting people wouldn’t dare to say a word. the keyboard should not give them somekind of superpower when in real life they would cry in to a pillow if someone calls them out.
      sorry for the rant

    • Nickhasarrived it also wasn’t a good game with 160k I know that but to be reported and Insulted by a team that threw themselves away in 5 minutes only to then mouth off is a little frustrating

  2. Win or lose, you are always fun to watch Flambass 🙂 Good game but Kraken denied 🙁

  3. wait wait wait..DD wars? You said DDs were dead because radar was OP and over used. How can this battle even be possible?!?!

  4. アドミラルヒッパー

    You should up more z52 grozovoi videos. I can’t be satisfied with normal DDs.

  5. I’m getting sick of the opposing team having at least 5 radar ships. It’s becoming an issue. As a DD, as soon as I spot one of them, boom radar.

  6. ur a beast in a DD gg mate

  7. Thought this stuff ended on the 19th where we use new coins and stuff….. ?

  8. Cooking curry with Flambass

  9. LOL And the game I had last night was 1 Doublestrike 1 first blood and 2 Devastating strikes along with 3 frags and a flesh wound badge.

  10. My favourite war, a DD war.

  11. how about those subs dude?

  12. Hey Flambass submarines come into the game 2019 what do u think about it ?

  13. Are tier X premiums also counted towards this super-containers loot?

  14. My god, look at the positioning of your team… You did ALL the hard work, and your team is sucking ice cubes on the border of the map. That’s why i HATE this game sometimes.

  15. “World of DD”, when 2 DD without any support keep the central cap pushing away whole enemy team. It was “just” enough to kill or scare enemy DD, which had support, for a change 😉 They didn’t seem to realize that the Gearing was on the last hp.

  16. Pretty obvious that moskva had hydro. Why else would he charge the smoke. And CVS are so rare

  17. What the hell was the rest of your team doing? I looked at the map near the end and they were all clustered in a corner far from everyone.

  18. Submarines are the Halloween event. Some are speculating this is a test to see how the players react. Thoughts? Are you looking forward to the Halloween event?

  19. flambass did u hear about the subs coming at Halloween??

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