World of Warships: De Grasse, First Impressions

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The De Grasse is an upcoming T6 french cruiser in World of Warships. She is still in testing. All stats are subject to change.

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  1. OK. I hope you understand I’ll be pissed with you for sinking Lord Rotterdam…. Will not take long though: 1 or 2 centuries? that’s nothing in cosmic scale! Hahahaha!
    You forget La G doesn’t have a plane. La G seems to be a nice money printer as well. I mean: .5M for a, granted very respectable, but not epic result seems very nice. If it’s not too expensive I consider buying her.
    Also if I might add: you’re not playing the ship to it’s full potential… Treat the French cruisers like DD’s with a citadel. They are highly maneuverable and can be a b*tch to hit when you wiggle and change speeds. I kept 3 T8 BB’s busy for nearly 10 minutes in a match kiting them and farming damage. IMO you don’t get the strength of the French line… Use “Zao tactics” more; you need open water in order to maneuver freely. PT captain skill is “mandatory.” When playing the French cruisers reds will know what PIA it can be and when the counter is getting too high: get back into stealth again. Like you said: the French cruisers are making the Russian armor look good… A hit = a cit. “Why do you care, Ferry?” Well: the French line has the red-white-blue flag in almost the correct order…. (((-;

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