World of Warships Deadeye and how to Counter it

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Of all the new commander skills introduced with the rework in World of Warships, none have been as controversial as Dead Eye. This skill significantly boosts a BB salvo when firing undetected at an enemy ship. The other valid argument to this skill is that it promotes even more passive gameplay, as battleships have more incentive to hide in the back rather than push. There are counters to dead eye though, and they are fairly simple. Spot, spot and more spotting. CVs are the easiest way to nullify dead eye, as are destroyers. Even BBs can help the situation though by staying proactive. Overall, the commander skills rework has been good for WoWS. Dead eye, while controversial is not a game killer.

Also, heres that link for the new recruits.


  1. wdym u can counter it? impossible, dead eye needs to be buffed. WeeGee pls fix there are counters to this OP skill

  2. Deadeye doesn’t rely on you being hidden. As long as there are no visible enemies within your detection range the deadeye remains active

    • @Peter Damn, people. Just read the damn description. It is base detectability. BASE DETECTABILITY. Not detectability after firing main guns, not inside smoke, not when in fire, not in thunder ou snowstorm.
      It is not that hard to understand.

    • @Anthrax yes read STANDARD DETECTABILITY which is the same range as your gun bloom after firing which means you need to wait for it to go back to STANDARD lower range

    • @Randolf Abad yes a dd can be unspotted and inside your concealment range and it is active that is true and it is standared i dont know where people get base from

    • @Peter Some people are beyond help. You try to help them understand the reality around them, but they simply refuse any help, preferring to remain wrong.
      He can’t grasp the concept that gun bloom is not the same as base detectability. The word “base” or “standard” clearly means something else.

    • @Peter actually, no. It’s active whether you’ve been spotted or not, the bloom doesn’t matter, it’s been confirmed already. Just when an enemy is spotted within the concealment range of your ship without firing your guns.

  3. Planes don’t effect deadeye

  4. @NoZoupForYou You are misreading / misunderstanding how Dead Eye works, and when it activates. Per the description:
    Dead Eye – Increases the firing accuracy of the main battery if there are no visible hostile ships within the ship’s standard detectability radius
    (standard detectability radius == detectability radius after flags, captain skills, camo is applied, but before firing main guns)

    This means that even if the battleship is spotted, dead eye can still be active if there are no hostile ships (to the battleship) visible within its standard visibility radius.
    So, of your suggestions:
    – Spotting the BB as a CV: NOT a counter
    – Pushing up and spotting the BB as a dd: NOT a counter
    – Pushing up and spotting the BB as a ca/cl: NOT a counter, and by the time you get within their detect, you are already too close and probably dead.
    – Pushing up and spotting the BB as a dd WHILE being spotted yourself: yes, a counter, but then you die quickly
    – Pushing up as a BB into the detect range of the enemy BB: yes, a counter, but you deactivate dead eye for both parties. Also, you now become the target because everyone else is sitting in the back.

  5. Just one little thing though, Dead Eye is active as long as there is no enemy ship spotted within the user’s ship standard detectability range.
    So the skill is active even if the user is spotted by planes, or by anything really.
    For example for a Conqueror, if there is no enemy ship spotted within 12.3km (it being its detectability range), Dead Eye is active.
    Even if an undetected DD, or planes are spotting it.

    • This is how I understand it as well. Are we wrong?

    • @Trcspot well people asked about this and dev reply was Deadeye goes off the consealment you have in port, so aka what ever you have when hidden. the bloom coming from shooting does effect it, even saw on stream a DD was inside his consealment and it still worked, the DD had to go out of consealment for it not to work.

    • Yes, this is totally correct. There can be 5 undetected enemy DDs and 4 CV squadrons circeling around a Thunderer and his Dead Eye will still be active, but the moment 1 of those DDs get spotted it goes off, if said DD smokes up and gets undetected again his Dead Eye is active again. CV spotting has nothing to do with this skill being active or not.

  6. Zoup, you uh… might want to re-read the description of the Dead Eye skill…

  7. Deadeye, how to counter it? Don’t have it in game in the first place.

    • Thats a cv or cr or dd players view It don’t bother me If so lame to give broadsides you pay for It .In game not that dig a deal lamo…

  8. This whole video is a bruh moment

  9. I mean… I really dont want to type a critic-comment under every video, but you really need to actually *READ AND UNDERSTAND* stuff before you talk about it.
    But maybe that’s also just a 300 IQ false narrative to get people to actually push, because they believe their skill doesn’t work.
    Looking at the USA, a lot of Americans still believe the election was stolen and fraudulent so, it could work… in this particular place of the WoWS servers.

  10. I would recommend deleting and redoing this video. There is a lot of misconceptions and false information here based on not understanding the dead eye skill. If you’d like I’d be open to helping understand

  11. Nope. Being spotted has no effect on Deadeye activation.

  12. you have to read again the description of deadeye, you dont have to be undetected as you mention

  13. Seeing this makes me sad as a CC. If u want to make an informative video then pls keep your facts straight before u publishing such a video. Dead Eye is still active even when your ship is spotted by planes.
    And I wish u good luck countering it by running into the spotting range of a Thunderer or Conquer with a cruiser or BB. To counter it u just eliminate the enemy DDs and then they have no spotting anymore and u can push the enemyand pick them out 1 by 1. But that was also the case before… So what exactly is the point of teh video again?

  14. Zoup: “The closer we are to danger, the farther we are from harm.”

    Me: “That doesn’t make sense to me, but then, you are very small.”

  15. This video is plain wrong on almost every level about how Deadeye works.

  16. This guy has no ide what he is talking about

  17. You obviously don’t know how the skill activates, plane spotted does not affect it

  18. Honestly, at this point, you should take down this video, read a little more into the… skillz and then make another one. All you have done is spreading misinformation. And this isn’t about you, but all those poor newcomers who watch your video and somehow think that…. skill is actually a honest and good addition to the game.

  19. Have this guy even read the information on the new skills? He seems to be a bit confused. And “just push into them” as a counter to Dead Eye Thunderers sitting on the 1 line? So just push like over to enemy teams side while getting HE spammed and torp spammed just to try and break Thunderers 12 km Dead eye? Yeah … good luck surviving that! Almost as useful ass “just dodge” as a counter to T10 CVs.

    And ….. NO…. you dont have more ways to build a ship after rework .. you have LESS. Before this update you could for instance go for tank OR secondary build on BBs. Now secondary is just as broken and useless as AA so now the ONLY viable build for a BB is Dead Eye build. Same goes for Smolensk, before many built it to 19 km and many did the 16 km and now there is only one build for it. DDs the same, before you could do some different build, now its really just one way.

    So only good thing about this is that I can use my legendary captains on the few ships I still enjoy playing in this World of Carriers game.

    Play like this in randoms and you are burnt to death within 4 min of gameplay. And for god sake… stop telling DDs to go on even more suicide missions to spot camping Dead Eye BBs, First of the skill doesnt work that way and if you do get spotted that far into enemy spawn YOU ARE DEAD !!!!! So please all DD players DONT listen to this guy, this is NOT how to play DDs.

    No Zoup if you have any love for this community PLS take down this video so YOU dont spread FALSE information and PLS put up a redaction.

  20. Seriously, This guy is talking a lot of bullshit that he lost the respect as WG CC. He should retire if he wants to do good for himself.

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