World of Warships- DeadEye Is Changing

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Hey guys, some news about DeadEye and some changes that are coming to the skill, enjoy!

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  1. And we can all thank god for that. Took em a while but i guess they really needed all that “test” date from the live server.

    As for Flamu, he seems to be happier as a result.

    • Flamu is never happy, he’s one of those people, that is a miserable f#cker all day, every day.

    • With WG’s record of “improving” things, we can expect an even more idiotic replacement. Like Dead Eye that only works vs destroyers and cruisers, so the protected cashcows BB and CV can feel safe from snipers.

    • Antonio Hagopian

      @halo werder you clearly dont understand how this game works if you still think like that. You’re probably below 1700pr

    • @Extreme Chimpout

      That may have been the intent in the first place.

    • @lastchip nope, he was very happy with the graphic improvement.

  2. Was about to start playing games but I thought; “hmm, let’s refresh YT.” *video posted 5 minuets ago*

  3. ‘We don’t want to do this in a haste’ they say. They didn’t test any of the new commander skills and just dumped them on us and said “Live is Beta now.” and in doing so completely screwed up the meta so badly that its broke the damn game.

  4. That’s handy, make everyone change their Captain skills to a dead eye build then change it so everyone has to pay real money to re-spec. I wait to be proven wrong…..might not hold my breath….it’s WG after all.

    • that’s the reason why I never used deadeye…. I felt since it broke the game, it would be changed, so I just did a standard tank build on all my battleships.

    • They said before the patch that they will give out free respecs if they have to change a skill. I do think that will happen, however with the following caveats. First only 1 free respec per captain, and second the free respec only applies to BB skill set

    • you are right. Thats why i didnt spec Dead Eye on any commanders

    • ToughAncientSpark

      It’s all part of the plan.

  5. While I do like my BBs to be more accurate, the sniping meta quickly became boring since people don’t want to push and actually win the game

  6. WG needs some new management!

  7. As a few have stated, return the accuracy to secondaries with this and we can go back to brawling which is so much more fun

    • @Jerry Glaze why are you g a y?

    • Antonio Hagopian

      @SpectreHD you know that torpedo damage reduction is a thing in the game?

    • @Antonio Hagopian yes but as far as I am aware it is not tied to the belt or torpedo bulge armour but some arbitrary reduction assigned to each ship.

      My point is that torpedo use should also have some level of aiming at weaker sections instead of the hand holding aim assist and do the same damage regardless of where the torpedoes hit.

      As long as torpedoes continues to be this invisible weapon launched by invisible ships, then WG can at least do this much.

      Otherwise good luck trying to get BBs to go in and tank or brawl.

    • @SpectreHD it does, if torps hit outside the area protected by torpedo protection systems the likelihood of flooding is higher, its why strikes to the bow or stern tends to cause flooding.

    • @halo werder Because in a competitive environment teams work in unison so there’s rarely an ability to capitalize. They’ll just kite and focus you down. In random or even low-tier ranked brawling is an option since tanks in a 7v7 objective-based aren’t as likely to be focused to hell. It’s not a great option, but it’s an option.

      Tl;Dr brawling is only as effective as your opponent is dumb.

  8. The sad thing is that wargaming is killing kots the same way as they killed cc program
    Plus flamuu was silenced for saying what the community thinks if wargaming won’t stop living in a bubble they will kill the game

  9. Finaly the dead eye is removed omg i lived to catch this day XD.. almost XD Im bb main i have a loot of t10 but this skill just ruined the game all your shells merging in 1 or 2 pixels thsts hilarious… This game has so much potential but its sad some times when i see how easy you can destroy your own game if you are a brain dead developer. I prefer the cancer cv meta 10 times then dead eye.

  10. Matthieu Xagorarakis

    “WG doing the proper thing about it”….. Aaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahaha !

    WG : “Let’s make it 20% better dispersion and 10km more range!”

  11. “You could have at least bought me dinner” i chuckled.

  12. Francisco Rivera

    Aw man I really was loving the Roma with dead eye

  13. Flamu shows WG management if seriously broken
    Thought his comment that even a toddler should have known what would happen with deadeye was right on

  14. Flamu was fed up with WG not listening to the community feedback

    • Farkel Rysunhope

      Is it the same with Flambass

    • @Farkel Rysunhope he hasn’t said as much, but I would guess so.. flambass wouldn’t be as vocal as flamu in that respect to be fair

    • @Farkel Rysunhope You know what flambass really thinks in regards to WG not taking on board community feedback by his manner of speaking on the subject… he’s as passed as the rest at WG but reserved in his talking about it

  15. WG: *nerfs secondaries and survivability of BBs while also giving them a buff to passive play
    BBs: *Play passively and stay back
    WG: “Why aren’t BBs pushing in?”

    Smh does WG even play their own game?

  16. WG lead developer: Lets release a broken talent, that we know is extremely broken. When the whole community switches, we will remove it and charge them doubloons to fix it. Any CC who disproves, removed. I’ve learned something WG doesn’t give a fuck about what you think, they have there own agenda. Like politicians they pretend to listen to your concerns which are ignored, then the question is redirected at best. Goodbye WG.

  17. Κ.paschalakis 03

    I actually have given up wows until they fix the secondaries I didnt spend 5+weeks of grinding to see my whole german bb tech tree getting nerfed to the ground nor I spend the endless coal grinds to see my georgia gets worse secondaries I am still fed up with those wargaming shenanigans

  18. When I read “significant” back when this announcement was made, I feared the worst. “Significant” is a card blanche for whatever WG deems it to be, means: Whatever serves their monetary interest best. It’s the only thing they care about.

  19. @Harold Chase 100% agree.
    Deadeye is merely the only answer BB’s have left to the meta that has been shaping up the last few years.

    Deadeye is absolutely not the cause nor is it a big problem.
    It’s the only workable build left for BB’s

  20. WG: “we’re kicking Flamuu from the CC program because of stat shaming”
    Flamuu: “this isn’t stat shaming, this is fucking animal research!”

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