World of Warships- DeadEye Is Gone, So Now What?

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Hey guys, today we take a look at how DeadEye’s removal has impacted the game so far, enjoy!

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  1. Deadeye is gone, so now it’s full tank build again unless playing a decent secondary ship.

  2. Sardauker Legion

    Switched from deadeye to fire prevention.

  3. I still run secondary Alsace, Kii, Amagi, Siegfried….. yeah …. f.u WG for nerfing manual secondaries.

    • Ah, a fellow man of culture. I’ve yet to see another secondary build Amagi in game besides my brother and I lol

    • Majestic Hotwings

      @Chris Gruber I used to run it on my amagi when I was still grinding out the yamma, I ended up putting Yamamoto on my Yamato (just seems right ya know?), so the 17pt secondary commander I trained up from T3 is just vibin on shore leave I guess lol. If I ever somehow get my hands on a shikishima that’ll be where my secondary build commander will go. (And of course the satsuma when that gets introduced with grand battles)

    • Michael The Barbarian

      I run Secondary builds on almost everything that has decent secondaries.

    • Daniel Petráško

      My boy…

    • Daniel Petráško

      I run same ships with sekondaries. Try Mutcu if u have. Great sekondaries. Another tip Agir, because it have one more sekonday turet then Siegfried.

  4. The whole point of the rework was to have a framework to add future skill trees and to force you to expend 21 points to have the abilities you used to have with 19…

  5. “there was less that before”

    Sea server: what is pushing?

  6. So, I’ve played with my lovely Alabama, but it was… something…
    I have a feeling a bunch of drunken sailors are shooting with my ship

  7. Damn wish you did not stream at 2 AM my time :< recently discovered you and I regret not a single minute spent on your vids.

  8. 2nd day, i’m still trying to get the download done. 🙁

  9. I actually use that new bb skill now, the extra speed while undetected? Let’s Georgia go over 40 knots, and it help with throwing torp aim off. Overall, this change was very good, and I’ve been pushing with my battleships and have been getting better results than when deadeye was in the game.

  10. You might want to explore that idea of side stacking and also wipe-outs(end of a battle one side has 10-12 ships and other side has 1-0 ships). How often should this happen?

  11. Gun Feeder is good because many times you are switching from SAP/AP/HE to the other. With Missouri, additional skills to assist with Radar are good, same with German BB’s with Hydro.

  12. Oh and now I can build AA into my Vermont 😂

  13. Please comment on the stealth removal of flags for achievements. This was out of nowhere and as far as I can tell was not announced until a live stream for WOWS WHEN they snuck it in with the recent patch. This is a really disappointing development IMHO.

  14. RIP playable Roma. I hardly new ya

  15. Even before dead eye was a thing people didn’t push in bbs due to all the HE spam. The only thing that changed was secondary builds are worse.

  16. You need to go to the World of Warships development blog there’s something there you should see it’s about convoys

  17. I remember when Roma became viable because of Dead Eye. Now she’s a port queen again.

  18. The first thing I noticed was more cruisers that survive for longer and quite a few battleships who apparently hadn’t realised that they didn’t have deadeye anymore

    • Mostly because the average cruiser player can’t angle correctly. I think taking away deadeye only further nerfed battleships as they are already one of the weakest classes. I used to play BBs and now I play exclusively cruisers because of the damage output

    • @Rawful Battleships are the easiest ships to play, that in turn means that they have the lowest influence on the battle. That doesn’t mean that they should be buffed – cruisers & DDs earn the higher influence by their greater vulnerability

    • @Andrew Cox battleships have the highest skill ceiling imo. They might be easy to new players as they can take hits from AP, but HE spam and positioning makes them pretty difficult to play well at a high level. I find it easier to hop in my Des Moines, find the nearest island, and farm 200k+ damage through HE spam and killing DDs

    • @Rawful BB play is about health management thanks to the armour, big HP pool & heal. Cruiser & DD play is much more about detection management because if you get detected out of position the chances are you won’t survive or be so low health you have to play super passive. Personally I feel that much more challenging.

  19. I haven’t seen anyone playing differently. Still all my team mates sailing in circles one line from the back border while I bow tank near the cap slowly getting burned to death until a destroyer gets alongside me because my team weren’t covering me, then I die.

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