World of Warships- DeadEye Is Gone

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Hey guys, it has finally happened! Enjoy!


Music: Stranger Think- C418
Ross Rowley:

Outro Music: Stranger Think- C418

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  1. can’t wait to use swift in silence with french bbs

  2. So i guess i can’t play like a flat earther, trying to fall off the edge of the world anymore?

  3. Swift and silenec… hahaha – is one skill never being used.

  4. no “bravo”. WE all knew it was bad since day one they announced it. They were stupid and insisted they required data.

  5. What a happy day, I’ll take a total meme of a skill gladly if it means Deadeye is gone.
    Edit: And yes, I think SIS is a total meme skill, I simply can’t see myself justifying getting it over ERE or FP for any BB, and it seems even less useful without CE. Maybe +10% speed when the guns are fully loaded could be worthwhile, since you wouldn’t need to rely on CV’s and DD’s not spotting you. Or +10% speed with the same requirement Deadeye had. That could actually be interesting.

  6. Weegee: “You get a speed boost while undetected!”

    Me, a bb main knowing most battleships have detection ranges roughly half the size of even the largest map: “…Is this your idea of a late April Fools joke?”

    Seriously, I would have much preferred it to be replaced with something like gaining more armor when within ~8-10km of a ship in your detection range… I just want something to help bring back brawling

    • @Tuning3434 sounds good to me.

    • Nah I think it’s a great addition to the game to be fair, especially benefiting ships like Iowa with good conceal that can now go nearly 39 knots

    • @Calum Kennedy hmm impressive, and the Georgia with speed boost?

    • @Jay Werner She’ll just get you in trouble faster.

      Unless we’re talking about those slow-a** low-tier dreadnoughts, most BBs have about the speed they need, especially considering they should be firing most of the time, if they have a decent target.

      Good BB captains often stay stationary, or even reversing, while angled in a good position, for a good portion of the game.

    • @landochabod7 Makes sense, your a floating fortress unless you get shot in the bridge.

  7. F for my Roma…this is a dark day for any ship that has the aim of a potato.

  8. Time for a Lepanto meme secondary build, can’t hurt to have some fun when free resets are on the horizon

  9. Yep I was that seigfried, had no idea I was gonna be rushed down by a suicidal Mountbatten in a Paolo Emilio. It was sad.

  10. Every German BB Captain: “HANS! GET ZE BIER AND ZE MUSIK!”

    • Massachusetts players too!

    • secondaries still not good enough


    • and the music is,,, the coffin dance!

    • To you, my friend, and you, my friend,
      And all of us together.
      Here’s a toast to life and to laughter and song.
      Good cheer, my friend; good cheer, my friend
      In every kind of weather
      Make the welkin ring as we sing loud and strong.
      Fill up the flowing steins again with foam on every lip.
      We’ll raise a skoll and shout jawohl in lasting fellowship
      And when we eye a lorelei with captivating ways
      May we drink to love all our live-long days.

  11. i want secondaries viable again, the rest doesent intererest me at all….

  12. What about changing deadeye to increase your accuracy the closer you get to targets? Would encourage bb’s to actually push

    • Then you get everyone going all tiripitz and rushing in without sense…

    • Perhaps increase accuracy on a target that has been still for too long or something, keep the ships moving more, or increase accuracy the longer you’ve been aiming at a single target, discourage people from sitting in open water, angled and chillin.

    • @Lennart Meinke Sounds like fun actually

    • Grégory Boisgard

      Increase accuracy once your battleship lost an amount of hp. Forcing BB to tank for their team. They remove Deadeye, okay. Do they remove CV though?

    • @Grégory Boisgard Why remove CV, they just need rework, CV’s were so important historically that not having them in the game would be sort of dumb.

  13. … and there was much rejoicing! RIP Dead Eye!

  14. RIP all Italian BBs unless they buff the accuracy

    • Otto von Bismarck

      @Christopher Watson Which is totally irrelevant because with the non-existing accuracy you can’t even hit the map that you’re playing on.

    • Turd gaming needs to buff Italian sigma big time . Other wise that line will be worthless as the tits on bore hog

    • Otto von Bismarck

      @Yannick Gneisenau. That thing left my jaw constantly dropped on the keyboard. I remember having spent 100K free XP just to leave it behind. Italian BBs are the same kind of “sniper”. I like Bismarck (of course I do …), Odin and Kurfürst, though. FdG is another pain in the arse.

    • @Yannick yes and they suffer as well without the perk but unlike the Italians they at least start hitting what you aim at at the closer ranges.

    • Yannick My bismarck is a sniper compared to my Marco poli, maybe it’s you who hasn’t tried either.

  15. Marcus Jones Stinks

    “Dead eye gone”

    *I loved that*

  16. “Engineering to Bridge: The enemy has detected us, our drive efficiency has decreased 10%”.

  17. WG should still be flogged for disregarding and implementing deadeye feedback from the beginning.

  18. Battle of warship Anas

    I think the marco polo will now need a buff

  19. How fast do you want your battleship to go?
    Georgia: YES!!!!!

  20. That PaYOLO run was astounding.

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