World of warships – DEATH RACE finish line

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This time we decreased the number of CVs to 2 and only front torps for DDs and it seemed like it was the perfect balance.


  1. Frostburn Phoenix

    Oh hi

  2. Love this!! So fun to watch. I can’t imaging the anxiety of all those torps in the water!!

  3. I think one carrier per team would be better. As it is, most of the players died before even the first segment of the race.

    • SaltyWaffles It actually works fine with 2 carriers. The bigger issue is when the teams make the first pass against each other.

  4. Man, this would be a great official gametype, if WG could program it into being an actually supported game mode. Sadly, I doubt that will ever be the case.

  5. Hey Flambass, 1st: great vid, would like to see that everyday. 2nd: where do you come from?

  6. That was fun as hell watching! Had to have been even more fun playing in that much! And some great ballerina moves dodging them torps!

  7. 6:59 You should send Cpt_REKT a few bonus doubloons for that sweet double strike.

  8. *TEA best community clan*

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