World of warships – DEATH RACE

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This was SOOO intense that you would not believe. It’s a V-25 race while CVs are trying to kill everyone. The rules are: The 1st player from both teams who manage to finish the course win the prize (which this time was Tachibana+port slot) and the CV with the top amount of kills get’s the prize as well (which this time was FR camos). In the bottom left corner you can see the way you need to finish the race.


  1. This is the fun I needed when I play games

  2. man i need this kind of fun when i play WOWS

  3. Somebody is trying to out-torpedobeat Yuro lol

  4. Well, Shoot’em Up fans play bullet hell shooters, you play a torpedo hell game.

  5. This is like Mario Kart . . on water . . . ON CRACK.

  6. Do this again but with Shimakazes and Hakuryus.

  7. halarious!!!

  8. This was amazing lol

  9. Absolutely brilliant. Havn’t laughed so much in a long time.

  10. Torpedobeats Training Academy?

    Where do I sign?

  11. Meme Merchant Freddy

    That was actually awesome! More!

    • More coming up later today 😉

    • Meme Merchant Freddy

      PS – I”m working my way through lower tiers after watching Jingles for ages and you lately (especially in his replays) and….I play nothing like you. LOL I just cannot replicate your skills.

  12. WG should build game modes like this into WoWS. Could have special versions of the ships that lack guns.

  13. holy shit i loved this …

  14. Sunday Funday just keeps getting better and better! 🙂

  15. is there a second run? xD

  16. Friendly torps everywhere you sure this wasn’t random battles 😉

  17. Krzysztof Rabęda

    Flambass i ve idea. Try with players play any song with horns. For example seven nation army

  18. now that looks fun

  19. Hey Flambass, where do you come from?
    Ah, i forgot: great vid, like to see more 😀

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