World of Warships- Decisions

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Let me have it

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  1. Hmm should I go for the midway or the Hakuryu or Audacious

  2. I run the legendary module on my GK. Yes, 1.6km shorter range is annoying, but you’re not hitting much at that range anyway. Slightly faster reload, much faster reload on secondaries, better turret traverse.
    I do run the extended spotter plane duration module though.

  3. What you should not do? Hit “ESC” and click “Back to Port” button… you can get “Pink”

  4. Keep seeing teams do what they did to you, one minute they’re there the next they’re legging it because they want to keep there paint in good condition…

  5. All you can do is keep a close eye on mini map and use your best judgement but sometimes there is nothing you can do as this is a team game and mistakes others make will get you sunk more often than your own like I was in a game yesterday day in my secondary build French bb in a t10 game I pushed up with 3 dds , a haragumo and a kita showed up sunk one dd the other two turned and ran leaving me to get murdered just burning me from smoke no attempt to counter at all and they was in grosovoi’s in a division they could of won the match in that moment but just ran of to farm the enemies bbs ,as a long term player I miss the days when h/e spam was not a whining tactic

  6. Cheers for the great video on Decisions. Being able to see how a good player makes his decisions will help improve my game……hopefully

  7. A channel With no subscribers

    Just got Alsace, she a fun ship but my only disappointment is no rotating smoke stack, my disappointment is immeasurable

  8. Evangeline Anovilis

    Getting out of there at the start was the right thing, because even if you got a million potential from being there, not like you tank for your team, as noone else was exposed for them to shoot at anyway. With the hydro on Mino, it is especially useful with two cruisers around that could overmatch them. As for giving the Yoshino credit, yes, he was there, but he certainly has to work on the part of “being useful”. Shooting AP at a bow-on Kremlin is just a waste of ammo (funnily enough, Yoshino has the costliest ammo among cruisers too), while HE could set fires and if you hit the right parts, it’d do a good amount of damage too.

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