World of Warships Declining Playerbase

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There are always rumblings the playerbase declining in World of Warships. Let’s take a look at some data and see if there is any truth the rumors.


  1. the island hiding def minded “meta” has to go.

    • Just a random Horse.

      +Tyler Moore just like the artillery rework in wot, they failed :p

    • it will take some time for people to figure out that the enemy CV will just wear them down if they dont go get stuff done. defensive play is dead, they just dont know it yet.

    • +tom duke
      unfortunately lower tiered ships can’t survive a high tiered ship head to head .Seems like all I get are T7 to T8 ships when i play my Tier 6 ships. I can do far less dmg to them than they do to me in the same amount of time, so if u can’t use an island for cover when in a bad situation your toast. Now if you talking about ships that can hide behind islands and lob shells over it, well, that was reality back in the day. PS: that is what the wsad keys are for. My two cents is that Voodoo Radar that works thru islands is a problem instead. and speaking of Reality, Radar was NOT insta-linked to all allied ships in real life. only the ship WITH the radar could see the ship to target accurately.

    • +Armastat better get used to it, T8 gets uptiered even more. there are potatoes in every tier, so i wouldnt be all to scared of a higher tier ship. a T6 could kill a T10 that shows broadside in 3 salvos. just stick to your 30degree angle and tiers dont matter much anymore.(exeptions are: hightiers that know how to angle, but they are pretty rare)

    • +tom duke
      Oh I get that and i have killed higher tiered ships when they are low on HP, but never if they were full health. Another point is that they are usually faster than me as well, so i can’t pull range or scoot around an island faster than them. On the other hand when I am in a DD with good torps i waste em’ if i can get them alone.

  2. Thanks for using and showing data over time instead of relying on “feels”. This kind of information is good for the community.

    • Funny even he said its too soon and his jump to defense I mean isnt that a reaction on ‘feels”

    • CynicallyObnoxious well what he showed was that atm there has not been a massive drop in the player base as some have been claiming. Doesn’t mean it can’t happen as people get feed up and begin to leave. For now we are in a normal trend of player pop. I don’t see how that is an emotional response.

  3. last weekend. peak primetime EU: 19k players. on a weekend! normal are 30k

    • In my opinion there has been more players than usual on EU, i almost never have to wait for a game and i get much less uptiered since the patch. One weekend is nothing. You have to look at the bigger picture. We do not know at what time and what day you got your number, i really doubt it is that average across friday evening to sunday evening (and evenings only).

    • +AronFigaro Lol neither are you!

    • ​+CloneD Anon wows-numbers, as said in other comments. Nice troll.

    • +CloneD Anon The CV rework has been out for a lot more than one weekend, and your opinion has nothing to do with the actual number of players online. EU hasn’t been above 30k since the CV rework came out.

  4. Is the player base dropping like players think well no but has the CV rework make a big dint yes, Many are displeased with the rework and many issues and problems brought up in test for those that did the test are still there and isn’t addressed to a point. Also much of the impact as you said from the CV rework hasn’t hit yet I have seen just in my clan alone more players quite and uninstall the game when asked why all but 3 said the CV rework was the cause of it 3 was due to private reasons I wont post.
    That tells me as one that brought many issues with the CV rework being in the Navy myself probably know carrier warfare and how stuff works at sea better than the dev team that it isn’t popular and needs go back in the oven for some more work and baking. AAA is a mess it is either too powerful or not powerful enough, Planes seems to get killed like crazy log before you even reach target little lone get there, weapons are now near useless to affect the battle first two carrier where way too powerful and caused problems then AAA too seems they rushed it out way too fast and way too soon.

    • +Darth MacLeod very true on it going and the CVs but they still build Destroyers and Cruisers maybe not the way they use too but they still do you don’t see any nation building battleships. The rework still needs a lot of work and most of the people that where testing did point out the exploits and many issues they are having with it, just the company ignored it to get out and hoped it would work out.

    • +Darth MacLeod …and Hakuryu was nerfed in less than a week along with all other CV’s. Your point? Most people complained that you could not get realistic image from test servers because the games were mostly against bots!

    • +Darth MacLeod pls ichase is a fool I exploited the Haku stealth drop back in beta test and Fara made vids on how to do it long before rework when live. WG are idoits and have no clue how to balance it. We CV main knew that Cv are op we face them suggestions. And even warned them of problems in rework like the constant attacks on dd and spotting they still did nothing about it or they did completly the opposite route because monkeys like notser and earl Grey had a fit when there fav ship types no longer matter.

    • +CloneD Anon we protested harder then any they did not listen they still don’t. Because why they don’t care about the balance they care about addicted players buying premium time on a free game.. Wows is not losing players or not enough to kill it. This game is about to gain a massive amount new customers. And RTS styles cannot work and will never work on console. Unless they add keyboards and mouse.. I bet you never played rts Cv. Or did and gave up on it when you noticed It’s to difficult..

    • +Darth MacLeod dd Infinate dd toprs don’t work either but it’s there…. Radar in this game don’t work like it does in real world but it’s there. Hydro does not work the same , but it’s there

  5. Logic and facts are contrary to my normalcy bias so please stop. The sky is falling and WG killed it. Lol.

  6. For a guy that analyses data you gave a half arsed reading of it. You totally neglected to factor in player satisfaction and enjoyment and the fact that it takes a while for this to affect numbers. For example every single person I play with despises the new system and is struggling to enjoy the game. They are only “talking” about abandoning the game at this stage but they are still playing in the hope that things get better. Not only that but the fact we play as a group keeps people in the game because they enjoy the interaction with their mates. Once the first couple of players move on to another game the rest will follow. Not to mention almost every game there is a comment in chat spewing hate towards the cv’s. So while you did mention two weeks is too short to gage the impact by the same token you can not say there is nothing to worry about. Call me salty all you like but too many more nights like tonight and I am moving on. I don’t give a flying fuck about fanboi’s saying “just adapt loser” if I’m no longer enjoying the game I will find something else. And that’s several hundred dollars per year gone from this game. And disbelieve me all you want but EVERY single person I play with feels the same way.


      +CloneD Anon Someone here said that numbers are still good because a lot of people get to the game a lot of new players witch dont know how it used to be. I play wow from its 10th day afther release and i play wot since 2013. Both of the games were, in my opinion and opini9ns of others that play long like me and have said that to me, better before last few updates. I liked the game more when it had joust came out than now. A lot of more experienced and longer playing players are going to start leaving me included while new or less experienced players are going to keep numbers high.

    • I’m still addicted for now. But thinking of playing other games a while. Been playing nothing but this over a year and a half. Just started getting good at CV this CV kidplay…

    • +HERCEG BOSNA I HRVATSKA ZAUVIJEK What if WG would have released CV’s this way from the start? I think you would not be making such a case against them if they would had been like this from the very start. I agree there is lot of stuff that has been added into the game over the years, some if to good and some of it bad, but the RTS CV system was just awful. Nobody wanted to play against them and that was proven during all these years.


      +CloneD Anon I didnt say it was perfect and i get your point what if it was like this from begining. I am not completely against new sistem but some things are realy bad i love to play batleships but it is no longer fun because (i watched my own replay) when you get attacked by same cv 18 times in 12 minutes of game while you do 70k dmg to planes and only shot down 3 you cant do much. I would accept new sistem if they balance it more and make it more realistic. If there are 2 cv one enemy team there is no fun for batleships and a lot of cruisers. And if we are to be honest im against cv completely because i hate every form of hiding and camping same as arty in wot i hate both of them but i am also ready to acept them if they are made more realistic and less in ruin all the fun way.

    • Been playing since pretty much the beta with a bit over 7000 battles total, the last 500 or so felt increasingly like I was doing chores rather than entertaining myself, they keep releasing one balancing trainwreck after the other and implement changes and features that nobody really asked for, or wanted for that matter. Although I did enjoy playing the RNCL tree, it was the beginning of the downhill path this game has been sticking with since. The whole no HE thing, the short smokes, the awkward propulsion characteristics, it was glaring signs of a company who has no real clue on how to make their game work. Then there was the IFHE, the deep-water torps, the radar equipped DDs and BBs, and yet somehow I kept at it in the diminishing hope that it would somehow come together eventually.. The final nail in the coffin for me was the Stalingrad which is just another of WGs recurring pipe dreams of soviet naval supremacy, and reading up regarding the CV rework its pretty clear they’re not improving any time soon. Its sad how a game I spent so many hours being thoroughly entertained by come to this, and even sadder that the game’s been deteriorating for so long, the bad stuff makes up most of my memories from it.

  7. I played WoWs since CBT almost every single day. Not anymore. I wait for the Division 2 and will binge play that. Returning to WoWs, maybe, At the moment, for me it is too gimmicky, too arcade. A bit more realism would not hurt the game, but that is my opinion.

    • Same for me. It’s not that I’m screeching and whining after barely giving it a chance. I’ve been playing since the patch, and it just isn’t fun anymore. I wanted to like this update, but it just is not fun anymore. Why would I play a game I don’t enjoy? It makes no sense to do that.

    • Gave the rework a try ! Brutual !!! Not fun !!!! I used to play my Kaga Premium CV 3 or 4 times a night. WOW has CASTRATED that ship along with many other lower tiered CVs which I liked playing. Moving the Kaga to tier 8 BESIDES the CV rework was Icing On The Cake !!!! I’m DONE with WOW !!! They have changed the ships I used to play for the worst ! Zoup you can applaud WOW all you want the game changed for the worst especially CO OP games against BOTs !!!! To further the worsening of my ships the Tier 5 Battleship Guillio Cesare got upped to tier 6 ! Let the arcade players play now. Before this CV change I really enjoyed playing WOW.
      17 days now away & I doubt I’ll EVER BE BACK !

    • because WoWs was made with simulation in mind ………………. LUL. dont you play other games that you know things arent simulated correctly but still like it ? if not then youre not playing the right kind of games with WoWs or any WG games lol.

    • +Alan Gregori GC hasnt been uptiered yet, WG are thinking of it but I doubt they’ll keep going this way it will hurt their pockets more than the CV rework if they start nerfing premium ships, take a chill pill and comeback to see in 2 or 3 months from now maybe the game will have got back to pretty much what it was, since the last hotfix on NA you barely see CVs compared when the reworked was launched there was 2 in each games, when there is no CVs the game meta is the same, when theres CVs people have to adapt and stay closer to ships taht can help with AA there is always a way to counter CVs. the only thing that must change ASAP is the rocket planes its way too strong as it is.

    • +LegoGenius16 dd’s got taken out of the game and crusiers can’t move up without spotting from dd’s. makes for a very stupid cycle, no one pushes or pushes past their ability, and get taken out.

  8. Admiral Elo J Fudpucker

    In my mind… it is an epic failure, and *I* am playing much less…. and I am seeing 11k on the server on weeknights, versus the 15k avg of recent months…

    Frankly, the only reference we have is server population, and it is a very narrow window into what the real numbers may be…. so everyone, including you Zoup, have no clue what the reality is…. so again you are being a promotional mouth piece for WG….

    Denying that this update in not a mess and detrimental to the game…. is … yeah…

    • Rework is bad. Playerbase is not really dropping.

    • ”Frankly, the only reference we have is server population, and it is a very narrow window into what the real numbers may be….” what else would you need ? can you tell us ? I am curious to know what more could be used to calculate the population of the servers……

  9. WOW. I used to play 50-100 games over my week end, now I play 3-4 to see what’s happening. Game is shit right now.

  10. I know it has declined by 1 I have uninstalled and quite

    • Yet you are here.

    • Although I am not playing doesn’t mean I am not watching what is going on. Playing is not fun and relaxing when you get angry frustrated and pissed of after a few games still have hope they can make it fun to play

    • No, I won't tell you my name.

      +play030 There’s a lot of us who are pissed off and have uninstalled the game, yet remain invested and hope that something will change so that we can come back to playing it again.

    • +No, I won’t tell you my name.
      I bet you really didnt uninstall the game. but just left it there ‘Just In case’ come on be honest.

    • No, I won't tell you my name.

      Armastat nope. It’s gone, unless they give me a damn good reason to come back. 3.5 years, >150 ships, and way too much money poured in… but I uninstalled on 5 February.

  11. This video, right here, is one of the reasons I like you, Zoup. I really enjoy your positive attitude and getting to the bottom of stuff. Keep up the good work!

  12. your DOT(Data over time) is like the DOT(dmg over time) in the game :)) – i’d like to see a chart that shows how manny players are new to the game and how manny have quit (or played far less) because of the new CV rework… and like another person has commented – the satisfaction lvl in this database of players – is it still acceptable or are some of the captains just filling their daily quota(of gaming) untill they find a new provider that satisfies their needs.

  13. So tired of the naysayers and wingnuts. I play the game. I enjoy it. The only aspect of the game that I no longer enjoy nor pay attention to are a large portion of the CC’s, having unsubscribed rather than listen to their continuous whining about a new, unfinished, product that is progressing as we were told it would progress. Have you noticed how many alt accounts under 500 games have been posting in the forums with a very high percentage of negativity? I call BS. Adam Henry’s passing gas.

    • The vocal minority is always the loudest complainers, but in reality the majority of us normal people like this rework. Us who enjoy the game and the CV rework do not have the urge to shitpost everywhere. I met a guy too who complained to me that tier 4 CV’s were “nuking everyone” after the rework. LMAO!

    • +CloneD Anon
      I agree, things like this are actually good for the game, it gets rid of the Bitter Vets for a while (which improves game too). Its a form of population control, lol
      On the other hand the real world suffers, because when they leave the game world, but they feel that the sky is still falling – we instead get complaints about Global Warming.

  14. A totally cute and innocent guy

    To be honest, i don’t care about the game anymore. But iam not bitter. I knew this time would come one day. WoWs entertained me for over 3 years, which is very rare for a online game on these days. I don’t regret any € spent on WoWs, because what i spent on WoWs is what i saved on other games. But i just have to break up with you, dear WoWs:

    It was a great time with you, but we are just heading in different directions. You want to appeal to the casual player base more and more, and with the CV rework you reached a point, where i can not follow you anymore. The concealment flat 10% change in addition with the upcoming radar buff (that cloaks itself as nerf) is slowly, but steady killing aggressive play in random battles. Concealment is the backbone of aggressive tactics in random matches, nerfing it will just hurt the game in the long run. I will also never forget the huge balance clusterfuck that was called the Graf Zeppelin. If you balance ships for Wehraboos from Facebook just to make as much money as you can out of GZ, while you ignore all the warnings of the dedicated playerbase (you know, the ones that stuck with the game even in hard times and are actually passionate about WoWs), you really have wrong priorities. I can’t blame you entirely, the gaming market has become a tough economic competition that eats the concept producing for small dedicated playerbases like a hungry horde of hyenas . You, dear WoWs, always somehow kept a middle-ground between casuals and veterans two for so many years. But now, especially with the CV Rework, Radar and Concealment changes, the enjoyment for a veteran like me is lost. I wish you luck keeping your new casual masses hooked and entertained. We can still see each other (won’t uninstall), but it will never be the same again (probably just gonna play one-two matches a month).

    We had a great time together for the last 3 years, but its over. Now it is just time to move on.
    I will always remember you.


  15. Zoup, I understand it benefits you to remain positive and stick up for WG, but you look like Baghdad Bob standing in the middle of town square talking about defeating the infidels while M1 Abrams tanks roll in behind you. Stats can be manipulated and as you have said it takes time to build up statistical data to show one way or the other. What you can see in real time is the amount of conversation in the forums, Reddit,etc. That communication is not just coming from 4 or 5 people. It’s coming from the community as a whole. If it was false you wouldn’t have to make this video. We wouldn’t be talking about it. Player numbers would be increasing not on the decline. WG makes money off of Premium ships, Premium accounts, Doubloons, etc. People who aren’t having fun in the game aren’t spending money on the game. WOWS is not the only game out there and not the only ship combat game out there. The rework is broken. It wasn’t properly tested with real players in real matches. They released it way to soon. I believe they can fix it, but whether or not they fix it in time to get people playing again who knows. I hope so. Until then myself and many others won’t be spending money on a game we don’t play.

    • Perfect. Yep that was Baghdad Bob 2.0

    • I dont really understand the part of your argument where you say: Although you showed numbers that contradict the “decline” of playerbase, simply because you are making a video about it means that the playerbase must be declining….. I dont know what to say. Hes doing the video exactly because the miracle of declining playerbase is yet to be seen! Yes people on reddit are talking, but their numbers are far too low to reflect the majority.
      Just pulling out this reddit post: Someone claimed his stats are false and not backed up.
      Did my own research just with steam. No real decline in playerbase. It holds out on the 5k players line which is has been around for the past years. Spike of the players could be seen around this winterevent. Everything is normal.

    • Baghdad Bob reference +1! Like it or not Zoup, that was funny! Now; for the rubber/road part:

      What’s of passing concern:

      We’ve endured for the last 2-3 years a marketing system that could be diagnosed as passive aggressive(if only it would only agree to counselling…)
      A UI that is as functional as 3 year old road kill and receives about as much attention.
      Impressive power creeps.
      Too many Alabama-gates.
      Too many derp -proof ship models.
      Not enough bias.
      Not enough ships solely reliant on gimmicks in order to be viable.
      (those last two may be sarcasm)
      Too many 40+ knot cruisers.
      Pricing changes for existing customers that make me ask; “Who does WG think they are, a cell phone company??”
      A ship so long in production that it could be considered Duke Nukem’s flagship, or an albatross.
      Still no IJN Tone; a ship that has it’s own built in ‘gimmick’.
      You’re thinking of moving the GC up a tier?
      Why not think about moving Graf Spee down a tier? Why not also think Graf Spee+spotter plane?

      Don’t worry about those of us loud enough to protest though. Worry about the ones who just leave quietly.

    • Well, I for one am spending less money on it now…

  16. Playerbase is only one metric. Numbers of battles per month has cratered. So the average player is playing still, but playing far fewer battles.

    • Show the numbers. Don’t just state a claim.

    • No, I won't tell you my name.

      +Arie Wolfert —- Copy and paste some stuff into excel and have fun with the numbers. Tiers 9 and 10 are consistently growing, but have slowed down a lot in the past year. Tiers 1 through 6 are shrinking, and substantially. 4Q18, Tier 1 was down 31% in number of battles played vs 4Q17, and overall games played in T1-T10 was down 9% vs 4Q17. People may still be logging in, but they’re playing far, far fewer battles.

    • +No, I won’t tell you my name.
      I think the Tier 1 decline is due to something i have seen more of in game, and that is new ppl coming into the game and buying their way up the tiers so fast they don’t have a clue how to play.

  17. Well I haven’t played since day two of the patch I have 4k games under my belt and would generally play every day. Moreover I would also on average spend about 40 bucks a week and I own almost all of the Premium ships. So in the main I have invested a lot of time and money into this game simply because I Love it or rather I should say Loved it. To be honest I cant see myself playing this game anytime soon with the current meta.I may be a tiny part of the demographic but I think I’ll spend my time and money elsewhere from now on.

  18. Well Zoup thanks for your analysis based on real data. HOWEVER I can now ask you “was this CV rework really a success?” in my opinion NO. as a matter of fact all this “mess” or this whole amount of time dedicated to studies, experiment and rebalancing were aimed to INCREASE the total population SIGNIFICANTLY. Wich according to YOUR data it didn’t happen. So now my question is : was this amount of work worth it?

  19. I like Zoup videos including this but they sure are starting to feel like resumes for a job at WG

  20. First he says there isnt enough time to make conclusions and then he concludes that the game is healthy 😛
    WG propaganda in all its glory and an “analyst” with “solid” facts from when the game was at its best.
    Just Ridiculus unsubscribing now.

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