World of Warships – Deja Vu

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You may experience a strong sense deja vu watching this battle, but the similarities between this and the battle in last weeks Meme Machine are purely superficial. This team has a few who know what teamwork is, for one thing.

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  1. Wow, never been this early to a Jingles video

  2. Me: gets on and see a jingles vid
    My mouse: *spam clicks*

  3. Before watching: don’t tell me he’s done this replay already…
    EDIT: ah, saved

  4. I’ve just been in this place before. Higher on the seas!

  5. Gotta love living in japan, where i can be early to a Jingles vid

  6. My Atlanta is spec’d anti-ship now. The laughs of carrier captains haunt me every game.

  7. DEJA VU I’ve just been in this place before
    Higher on the street
    And I know it’s my time to go

  8. I was lowkey disappointed when this wasn’t about Japanese warships drift racing.

    • It would definitely be cool as hell but drifting is very firmly the province of British light druisers and destroyers. Shame it doesn’t work for the battleships as well 🙁

  9. Plot twist: Imagine Jingles fcked up and uploaded previous battle, so it really was a Deja Vu. Totally plausible.

  10. PinkVerticalTaco b

    the title is actually giving me deja vu, i swear he’s had that title before lol

  11. I love seing a yamato geting a taste of it’s own medicine, getting citadel’d from the front lol

  12. The perfect game! Both teams knowing what are they doing and showing great teamwork.

  13. I remember the early days in World of Tanks, where this kind of accidental teamwork happened often enough to make the game fun.

    I also remember when World of Warcraft occasionally had some fun things happen in random groups, and not every dungeon you queued for was carried by an over-geared raider doing their dailies as fast as possible.

  14. “… a Brittish ship administering a savage kicking to a French ships is something that should always be applauded…” -Jingles 2020

  15. When Jingles showes the map in large you can actually see when the Gearing spots the torps. You can only imagine the poor suckers face.

  16. XD Talking about gun depression in world of warships! That sounds so weird here.

  17. The Des Moines takes a beating, but escapes intact. Oh Jingles the poet!

  18. Best feeling in WoWs: when a complete stranger and you win due to some amazing teamwork!!! 😉

  19. “Does anybody actually use Defensive AA anymore?”

    No, but I do insist on using an ashtray on my motorbike.

  20. Never realized the Des Moines could actually score a Citadel through the Yamato’s butt cheeks. Noice.

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