World of warships – DERP

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I do realise I was the one who started this…..and I wanted a challenge.
Challenge was the main reason but now this is just too funny and itR;s hardly a challenge anymore, it’s just funny.
So I’m sorry for all the games where you have teammates derping like this but these things keep happening, funnier it gets and I just can’t stop xD
So we can at least and have fun together I hope because at the end of the day GAMES ARE suppose to be FUN !!!


  1. Commander Nightingale

    I would personally phrase the sentence like this, “Tier 9 us premium light cruiser, Seattle” and save the Work in progress part for its own sentence, like so : “Now keep in mind that it is a work in progress, okay?”

  2. When I play, they are like thr new generation of WGL players who will spank rain. They just leave me alone in the middle

  3. Psychological warfare OP

    The potatoes can’t process the opening of a 3rd flank

    • Ultimate psy-ops for Flambass: deliberately get spotted far away from the middle as soon as possible! The enemy team will scatter in complete confusion. “What is Hans doing now?”

  4. I have words…that was AWESOME! So funny, thanks for a really good laugh.

  5. Looks like my teams on Sunday…

  6. even npc`s have started going mid in co op think Hans has infiltrated wg hq (doing co op whit my cv`s as i am fare from decent even im my cv)

  7. This is the story of the one Radar, that changed a whole game 😀

  8. It is funny how bad people want to kill you. But aside from making the reds position badly you where kinda useless for 5 mins
    You are a bad influence on ? though. Have seen an increase in SPECIAL tactics on this map cause of u

  9. Seattle is a tier 9, US test ship, light cruiser.

  10. and there you see the playerbase skill of tier 8-10…..

  11. Ever since the first time you did the middle, random on two brothers plays like a lobotomized hockey team. Few try with utter failure but someone is always guarding it.

  12. John Chucky Tomlinson

    It’s good to see you on a team that’s got a “CLUE” ?

  13. I need to try this in my T-22 and get spotted on purpose…

  14. “The USN tier IX light cruiser test ship Seattle”

  15. British Knight aka MiniNinja1

    Have a system for how to name things and it solves your problems forever. In usability they say to organise by uniqueness (or at least rarity). So the name of the ship is it’s most unique feature, then the tier (because it’s one of 10), then Nation, and finally class. If it’s a test ship, or WIP then that’s the second most unique thing (after its name). e.g The Seattle, which is a test ship, is a tier 9, USN blah blah blah.

  16. Premium/Tech tree, Tier, Navy, Class, Name. Seems to roll out a little more easily.

  17. Jingles needs to watch this one 😀

  18. Honestly, that enemy team has been my friendly team for the last 8 days: LOSERS
    It’s frustrating, but it’s the norm in Asia

  19. Hi Flambass. Are you able to do a current WIP review of the Haida, please? Of all the CCs I follow, you’re the DD captain who’s opinion I most value as it’s your main type and you play a hell of a lot of DD in competitive.. So I’m curious what you think of her as she is currently and whether or not you feel she deserves buffs or is fine as is. And if she deserves buffs, what would you recommend?

  20. Most people are really good at this game.

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