World of Warships – Derp!

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If I ever get around to making a version of “Why You Heff To Be Mad?” for World Warships, this is exactly sort thing that would be in it. Watch in slack-jawed amazement as Jbudinoff gets a result I guarantee you wouldn’t be expecting in one of the worst ships in the game.

And yes, Jingles Derp Moment at end, the game does credit the final kill correctly. Oops.

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  1. Derpski not a good ship? Jingle! Go work in the Salt Mines!

  2. He dishonoured all the families of carrier captains

  3. 0:45 Solution! Do Fallout 4 videos.

  4. only carriers can suicide in wows lol

  5. no WoT for a week :(


  7. just make a video of fall out 4 God dammit

  8. jfjhjf ytrhjy rtgertfg

    Jingles, you noob. You don’t sail a ship, you drive it!!!

  9. fallout4 vid?

  10. describing this as epic is an understatement!! as soon as you said “but he
    gets some torpedo bombers away” the thought crossed my mind but i quickly
    said to myself, na, noway….LO-freakin-L!!!!

  11. ‘I have never seen that happen in any game of World of Warships’
    *sheepishly raises hand*
    I did that in, I think, my first game in a Langley… I stopped playing
    aircraft carriers soon after :P

  12. I always see russian destroyers who launch their torpedos from 7 km or more
    and complain about why they cant do damage …. i dont get it.

  13. hahaha

  14. Kris A (londongamer)

    Oooops, own goal, haha. :D

  15. Do a fall out 4 video I would definitely love it.

  16. A japanese carrier sinking himself with torpedos? Very honorable!

  17. I know the pain. I just started playing it yesterday and now I’m going to
    be gone all week in Texas for my brothers basic training graduation.
    Fallout 4 is going to haunt my Dreams until I get home

  18. Jingles, if i could get replays to work u could see me dodging torps in my
    stock COLORADO yeah o know by 3 dds

  19. I didn’t even know you can commit suicide with your own torpedo bombers.

    Also, why are people hating on Fallout 4 so much?

  20. More reasons, why auto drops on DD’s are crazy to do anywhere around

  21. lol jingles just make fallout videos then, two birds with one stone :P

  22. Χρήστος Καρσανίδης

    First off. Why all these “pro” or just experienced players use mouse wheel
    to go to aim view? Shift is more efficient, isn’t it? I have it on Space
    but i guess whatever is faster for anyone.

    Secondly, on this map, on this particular area everyone knows it;s not a
    place for Cruisers. Not on their own at least, not solo. The first place a
    DD will go is there. Then the Phoenix had the DD revealed and didn’t move.
    ofc, why to move when there’s a DD 3 km away, right? The second ship, a DD,
    soloing again against the DD and a Cruiser…So far i really don’t see
    anything special about the gentleman under the Derki. Just luck on the one
    side, stupidity on the other. (The AA guns are absolutely terrible almost
    on all DD’s btw and 34knots is pretty avg for that Tier, as i recall in my
    Tier IV Isokaze atm..). Just tell me if i’m wrong until there. Be honest or
    say nothing and think.

    The CV cpt was amazing though.

  23. done that before in closed beta i was the first guy to ever make a carrier
    do it

  24. rulez ps i love that ship, had similar battles in it

  25. Oh god… I can see it now…. We’ll have carriers killing themselves with
    their own torpedo bombers at the end of games like we have SPG’s drowning
    themselves in Wot O.o

  26. Ahh, that was great. Couple things Uncle Jingles: The thing with the Derzki
    is that it has pretty terrible torps, but it has a lot of them. And, if you
    want, I believe we can allow you till Saturday with no vids so that you can
    play Fallout 4. Or, even better: Fallout 4 vids!

  27. haha yes! I guessed right! thought thats what would happen haha

  28. How come Jingles is not talking about that WoWs is broken and what’s going
    to happen? are paying customers going to get compensated? Oh wait, its BBs
    and im the only one who cares. Why I am leaving and I hope Wargaming ….
    You SUCK! You deserve to go under hard.

  29. id rather sail that ship then the kohlberg

  30. Jingles, the south carolina is very good, i love killing destroyers with,
    and one of my best games was in it ^^

  31. I always kill people in my soviet destroyers with torpedoes…

  32. I was hoping that would happen :-). HAHAHAHA!

  33. fallout 4 playthrough pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  34. please tell me you are going to post a video again for battlefront

  35. 10 torps in my mitsuki was 130 kdmg

  36. Fallout 4 has horrible graphics, animation, and odd dialog. The menu is
    just the worst, haven’t dealt with crap like that in many years, you better
    make a map on a toilet paper then using that, the music is horrible, and
    repeats over and over and over until you want to kill the guy who made it.
    The game is extremely buged and the AI is just stupid. Many mechanics can
    be simply ignored. Romance can’t be called romance, the characteres doesn’t
    express any feeling, emotion, and there aren’t even romance scenes ( not
    sex scenes, romance scenes ) soo, don’t loose your time on that. Combat can
    be fun sometimes, but very annoying when you get good loot, forget to save,
    and die, then you must kill everything again and… not get the same loot,
    cause of RNG, soo good luck trying to drop good stuff again. Not worth $80
    by sure, and would deserve a 7/10 at most.

  37. Jingles get back to Sanctuary your people need Water and Food in Fallout!

  38. That was epic an aircraft carrier suicide lol……

  39. Just do a fallout 4 video it’s a win/win situation you get to play fallout
    and we get to watch The Mighty Jingles

  40. I guessed what was going to happen.

  41. Love your vids jingles keep it up

  42. Wow!! I guessed it. They must have done something because in the last week
    I have seen this exact same thing happen 4 times.

  43. Александр Воробьёв

    Daring is still nice compared to Kolberg.) And South Carolina is still
    better then Kawachi.)

  44. I saw that Happening already to times so i was able to imagine what would

  45. oh boy i have never seen such a sad thing happen to a carrier. lol

  46. Scumbag torpedo carriers!

  47. Ive actually done this as well.

  48. I’m not convinced it wasn’t intentional suicide. He did stop turning to
    make as many torps hit him as he could. Also I’ve seen carrier killing
    themselves before, but it was much more clear cut situation than this one.

  49. We should rename that destroyer the Derpski.

  50. i have done that myself with an aircraft carrier but that was in the beta
    and what happens in the beta stays in the beta :)

  51. Ha ha! Reminds me of The Hunt for Red October. The carrier pulled a Captain
    Tupolev. “You arrogant ass! You’ve killed US!”

  52. Well.. I’ve tried the same thing before when i knew i’m screwed anyway..

  53. That self torpedoing was epic!

  54. It’s like WoT scumbags suiciding when they know they’re going to lose.
    Please don’t get any ideas. But he did have a derp moment, so we can’t be
    to harsh on him.

  55. Norbert Buszka (Hussar)

    Sorry to infrom u Jingles, but that wasn’t accident on the hosho’s part (at
    least I don’t feel like it since…). It’s actually a scumbag manouver, as
    I’ve seen a few of carriers torping themselves to deny the kill. Still very
    amusing video, good job.

  56. We don’t mind if Supreme Comrade Jingles posts Fallout 4…

  57. do a fall out 4 walkthrough!

  58. Maybe it wasn’t even a derp. Even though you say it wasn’t by intention,
    this might be a typical Arty move. “Can’t save myself? Before this guy
    get’s a kill, I prefer killing myself!!”

  59. I hate hearing about fallout 4 🙁 Turns out my pc can’t handle it well.
    Which is shit and I’m going to go and cry…lol

  60. Great Video Jingles … hilarious & definitely one in a million chance.

    As for Rita.. if you ‘make an honest woman of her’, you won’t have to
    bother with passports/visas anymore.

  61. By the way Jingles, Derzki means Cheeky if I am not mistaken…. It’s a
    cheeky destroyer!! Wuhu!! :D

  62. Slight possible correction at 3:32 – The Izyaslav can actually be equipped
    with 5 km torps. It may be that I am confusing this fact with the Gnevny at
    tier 5 in which case I apologize in advance.

    And yes, the Derzki is terrible in almost every way but at tier 3, being
    able to launch 10 torpedoes (granted, shit torpedoes) on a comparatively
    fast reload can really make you a terrific foe in situations where you can
    utilize cover and ambush, or sneak up on enemy ships.

  63. I think this is the first time I’ve seen an accidental Air launched
    Suicide. I have however found that Self Torpedoing is pretty much the World
    of Warships equievelent of Scumbags throwing themselves into the nearest
    deep water in WoT. I have a game in my T3 german cruiser where the langly
    out and out says ‘No XP For You’ before he self torpedoes after I had
    chased him down.

  64. He suicided right before the Derzki Torps would have hit him?
    Well, instead of beeing a hellofaderp he might be one of the most skilled
    DotA players that i´ve seen and tries out a new game. He just manages do
    deny a Kill from the Enemy Team in the last possible second…i say WP
    man…WP? :P

  65. Hamish The Cool Gamer!

    please sub to me! I will help you

  66. Hamish The Cool Gamer!

    that vid is cool I love this game

  67. that’s the defenition of having a bad day, lmao!

  68. Wouldn’t mind seeing a Jingles video about Fallout 4!

  69. LoL the CV denied him the Kill and the Derzki’s Torpedo’s are alright, the
    seriously fast Reload time with x5 slavos it’s ludicrous the amount
    torpedo’s it can dish out. it’s so much fun to rush BB’s with

  70. so Jbudnoff couldn’t shoot down a single aircraft but somehow Dave shoot
    down two aircraft their is no justice in the world

  71. I understand your pain, but believe me, you will like it.

  72. An underpowered russian vehicle? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

  73. Were is Royal Navy???????

  74. have a nice trip to London!

  75. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

  76. yea i got falout 4 till i get a refund…..worst bethesda game so far

  77. i guessed right, what do i win :)

  78. Do a video on Fallout 4!

  79. Carrier suicides to deny enemy the kill…………. classic arty move LOL

  80. AM i the only one having problems with this video clipping?

  81. that was most amusing carrier – destroyer duel since my bogue sank enemy dd
    with secondaries…

  82. HOLY …..
    I would not have believed it if I haven’t seen it with my own eyes.

  83. aircraft carrier get rebalanced with the torps XD (derp)

  84. Alexander Bakker (Alex)

    It was quite the derp. But to be honest, it was an understanable derp. He
    probably thought he was gonna die before those torpedo bombers could drop
    their bombs. So he probably just put them on auto-aim(?) mode so they drop
    even after he dies. Little did he realize, that auto aim actually aims very
    far forward of their target, and thus hit himself.

  85. I saw a carrier torpedo himself in one of my game ,and I laughing my ass

  86. I kind of like the Dherzki in all it’s terrible glory. The quick reload
    rate and sheer number of tubes means anything that *does* get within 3 km’s
    is pretty much dead… Of course, no one should ever get within 3 km’s of a

  87. love your vids

  88. Isaac “Zac” Toh

    lol i cri 644 viewer, but that Hosho poor guy he dodges enemy torps and
    accedentaly torps himself

  89. I just had to laugh when that CV accidentally torpedoed himself…!
    D’oh…! xD

  90. Col. Birger Kristian Eriksen

    Adding dave to my friendslist

  91. are you portuguese?

  92. Kuma really is a great ship.

  93. Derpski’s secret weapon is actually in its name. It emits a low-level ‘Derp
    Field’ which causes generally competent combatants toake mistakes of mind
    boggling proportions. However, the only way to keep the field from
    affecting itself is by self-nerfing, hence the purposely mediocre overall

  94. It actually did not credit Jbudinoff with the kill on Thunder_Child61,
    Jbudinoff had 4 kills prior to that engagement.

  95. Paused at 16:07 My guess the Carrier is going to accidentally torpedo

    18:14 I couldn’t stop laughing. I wonder if WoWS has a suicide prevention

  96. Fallout 4 is meh.

  97. I personally love playing the low tier Russian destroyers, their so shit
    they force you to be clever

  98. I knew what would have happened because…. that’s exactly what happened to
    me and I was also the DD 😀
    Although in my game the two aircraft torps hit the Carrier first, then I
    landed mine a second after. And it happened like 2-3 days ago :P

  99. Well this is not a bad DD , she lunch her torps like machine gun and only
    take 20s to reload .

  100. The Tenryu is a better tier III DD than the Derzki

  101. When I was in my Omaha/Phoenix(can’t remember which one) and I saw the
    Derski for the first time I actually thought he was trying to ram me coz he
    was getting so close.

  102. :’D lmao

  103. I am at 16:00 and my wildest guess is, that the Carrier in attempt to save
    himself from the sure death is going to kill the guy in DD, but also
    accidentally torpedo and sink himself

  104. FALLOUT 4 is okay Jingles, just do what you like to do. Also don’t forget
    the videos!! You have a responsibility :D

  105. 4th like 🙂

    that torp strike was worth watching. lolz!

  106. maybe he shood aim hes torps there the game show him to aim… nont be a
    smart ass and think you are better then the game

  107. well that ship has 1 good point and thats the range of the guns

  108. You can get to tier 4 in 6 hours so doing well at this tier is just seal
    clubbing. C’mon Jingles this is the reason you don’t often do low tier WoT
    videos it’s the same economy.

  109. I love the Derzki as I feel that it is a lot of fun

  110. You should look at the game pacific storm allies on steam. It’s older but
    is a WW2 naval game and you can play as England

  111. Dont worry mr j i have fallout 4 and it is a really good game

  112. Fallout 4 seems more like a fallout 3 mod with crafting and a really bad

  113. 19 mins,1050 views…Guys you’re getting old and tired,pick up the pace!

  114. Fallout 4 radiation exposure got Jingles. well, see you in a few months my
    good chaps. *Typing from inside the safe belly of Vault 117

  115. uuuuhhhhh, is anyone else having issues with the video? not the sound, just
    the video.

  116. 1:50 – Funny, I actually quite enjoy playing the Derzki, when it’s fully
    upgraded and you’ve got some camo applied you can quite happily blast away
    at the enemy while staying outside of detection range with a bit of careful
    maneuvering. Plus, I find that despite the crap range on the torpedoes, if
    you ever actually have to use them, you can fire so many, that your target
    just CANNOT dodge all of them, plus the reload rate is insanely quick.

  117. It’s like Skyrim with guns.

  118. What’s the point of using these Soviet ships if they are so trash compared
    to the other ships available?

  119. I’ve been playing WoW since its public release, nothing special (51% win
    rate) but I’ve never ever killed a team mate. Until 2 days ago, since then
    I’ve accidentally torpedoed a friendly ship twice ?. It’s been a sucky two

  120. The Derzki isn’t actually that bad. Terrible guns. Terrible torps. But a
    shit tonne of them, so if you can get close, you can clean up a few ships
    very quickly.

    Also, fallout 4 is a lot of fun. I didn’t even bother with the main plot
    line, but the distraction-based gameplay is superb.

  121. 300, dam I’m 721

  122. wooo nocomments

  123. hi jingles, will u do a video on the new premium tank in world of tanks?
    the m4 improved? it will only be available for a few day. love your vids.

  124. “Derp” this one word is a sign that the video is going to be good.

  125. how to send Jingles replay?

  126. Fallout 4, I play it and is good but….. technically is one fucking bug
    such as freezing on terminal when you play on high refresh monitors because
    your FPS are too high….

  127. Noooooo jingles !!!!!! Even you ?!?!?!?!?! Fallout 4 is stealing
    everyone…..and soon……me…

  128. It’s too late… He’s already headed for the embassy…

  129. Liam the dark angel.

    Jingles, Do you think that the British Tech tree in WoW needs more ships?
    The Warspite is great and all but it wasn’t the only ship in the royal navy
    at the time.

  130. Where’s the Fallout 4 vid jingles?

  131. wows is so fun but i get the most retarded teams ever

  132. Nooo…. Bethesda stole our Jingles!!!!

  133. INB4 +301

  134. 65th *(:37L)*

  135. 98th viewer, nice

  136. Hiya jingles I really like your videos. Keep up the good work.

  137. Wow! Im early

  138. Can you make a Fallout 4 Video ?

  139. Have a safe trip to London

  140. Have a nice trip!

  141. SajuukTheGreatMaker

    Loving Fallout 4, and thus I know thnat feeling when you have to get
    something done but just want to do one more Quest…that leads to 3 others
    you “just want to finish before” :D

  142. 85th apparently

  143. nice vid really enjoyed it 🙂 keep it up!!

  144. second? XD

  145. Stuart Sadler (stusrtsadler96)


  146. Joseph Ciontea (Zigzera)


  147. Derp-a-matic for the People

  148. Paul “Pauly” Stokes

    Afternoon :)

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