World of Warships – Derzki 12v12 Community Event

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12v12 Community Event took place last Saturday and it had some pretty intense moments. I’m sharing my Point of View if you’re interested in checking it out. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier III Derzki Replay


  1. Our torpedoes will drown out the sea!

  2. what a cracker of a game

  3. LMAO, that was great!

  4. 12:12 _”…mmmissouri is next. __*__BRRRRRRM_*_ “_

  5. 2 videos under an hour??? noice

  6. The comms were hilarious! =)

  7. Notser like; “Only 3? They’d better combine the weight of their bollocks.”

  8. I hate to admit it, but the Derp is still one of my favorite ships in the game for just having fun.

  9. Need to edit the title Notser, it needs to be the Derpski! 😛

  10. Who ordered the fish soup?

  11. Oh. No! Oh. No! Oh. No! …

  12. In the next stream you guys need to play Kiev secondaries only and CTRL+G

  13. Best I’ve seen so far this year! Amazed watching them all dodging torps like Jedi, laughing out loud at the banter & just really wishing I could play WOW like this. Nice one Notser!

  14. That 8:00 to 8:14 moment deserves the sickest torpedo beats ever

  15. Who cut my brake lines! LOL

  16. Bring back the Kitakami Wargaming and we’ll have a grand torp fest.

  17. Be a good player, be Notser

  18. I am very sorry to say that but sometimes all the chatter sounds like gangbang and ichase is the taker. I AM SO SORRY FOR THIS COMMENT!!!! Honestly!!!! I am ashamend, but could not withstand the temptation. I hope I will still go to heaven…

  19. Torps only and everyone shoot Jingles.
    Jingles: NO!!!

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