World of Warships – Des Moines 250K + 8 Kills

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on Tears of the Desert by BlackTorp moves out to the far western flank. The enemy team dominates the early game and BlackTorp sets up to engage some enemy cruisers. At one point the game moves to 3 versus 10, BlackTorp takes it one at a time against the enemy. One by one BlackTorp and a friendly Neptune work through the enemy to a stage where the game is actually a possibility. Hope you enjoy the game and have a wonderful day!

Tier X Des Moines Replay


  1. It’s been about 6 minutes since it was uploaded and there is already a

  2. The replay might have shown an ARP Takao as a naked Atago, so that’s why.

  3. blacktorp straight outta one piece

  4. Notser 4 President pls

  5. I just got my Des Moines aswell. Second match: 235k dmg :D. Fantastic ship.

  6. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Weird he uses all premium consumables but not the radar lol

  7. skilled player , yes . But his positioning in the beggining …doesnt
    scream team play at all … when i see player going so solo , and so far
    from his team , not my cup of tea

  8. Well played but he’s an asshole

  9. Amazing battle and very good player!! But damn , 7 enemy ship vs 2 and
    loose all..with 3 full life bb are little funny.

  10. Notser, if you ever see a Naked Atago, that is ARP Takao with a person not
    using the ARP option.

  11. Bah! I Guess my replay just wasn’t good enough, or it came too late because
    you’d already patched and couldn’t play it 🙁

    First game in Lo Yang, 149k damage and taking a captain from 0 points to 7


    Or maybe that game just blew mine out of the water! xD

  12. To carry a game u need to play well enough. Your team bad enough and the
    enemy in between.

  13. These 2 kept their cool and nerve and didn’t give up. That’s the mark of an
    experienced and skilled player. I had the pleasure earlier tonight to face
    a Des Moines in my Montana. I fired one volley at him and erased him from
    the map from 18km with 3 citadels. That was very satisfying! :D

  14. Kerspaprog Balceram

    I had a 9 kill game in a chapayev once, but we still lost. Potatoes gonna

  15. George studio products

    hey this is my friend!!

  16. Вадим Анохин

    Нет слов! Просто невероятно. Как человек играет бесподобно. И главное какие
    противники убогие. )

  17. Markus “IceY” Eisenhammer

    Des Moines confirmed weak^^

  18. I wasn’t aware that an Atago could be naked. Bug perhaps?

  19. Love Des Moines gameplay. So dynamic and varied. Equally capable as a
    straightforward combat warship, escort ship, or support cruiser, not to
    mention its AA capabilities. No situation completely flummoxes it.

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