World of Warships – Des Moines | 4 Kills | 301k Damage | 3934 Base XP

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Player: BlackTorp
Map: Hotspot

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  1. Hmm already seen this vid somewhere lol

  2. I think his teammates could have gifted him the Kraken… he deserved it.

  3. Version française, lol. Pas la peine de donner ton score dans le chat, tout le monde s’en fout. Et AP contre le Minautor aurait fait kraken.

  4. I wish teams would give me those back-to-back short range broadsides….

  5. I wish RNG would give me 20 fires a game in my Des Moines. 🙁

  6. Saulo Antonio Hernandez Soto

    When the Mighty Mo?

  7. His inablilty to consistently citadel full broadside cruises at 2km is infuriating.

  8. Baltimore was stopping broadside infront of him… wat?

  9. gg blacktorp au faite c la sentinelle chui dans ton clan ?

  10. Nishitha Sapukotanage

    Des moines or gearing

  11. Nishitha Sapukotanage

    Wow 4000 exp for 300000 k dmg

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