World of Warships – Des Moines – All Hail Our DPS God

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N3V3RFORGOTT3N sends in another Des Moines replay. In just over 10 minutes, N3V3R goes on a bit of a rampage and pretty much single handedly takes care of the enemy team. The resulting amounts of credits and exp is something to be amazed at. Anyways, here’s the battle and enjoy!

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  1. Does never have a game after the aim hack was patched? All of his has been
    pre patch.

  2. 7 min in high caliber wow

  3. Fubuki has no friends sounds sad

  4. omg its N3V3R!!!

  5. that was interesting! good replay.

  6. There is one Ship she should fear… her name is Hindenburg and she has the
    long, mid and short range potential to mess up a Des Moines day.

  7. dat enemy team, disgusting

  8. Sweet American ship. Keep them coming.

  9. Chase do some The Division episodes

  10. yea the lag was most likely on my end so srry about that lol i play on a
    craptop with a potato for internet.

  11. This guy is a great player. Great understanding of the enemies team, ammo
    types, has a great ability to switch targets while predicting the enemies
    moves, also great at predicting the enemies torpedo usage…oh and he
    shoots good xD It’s not often I’ll give someone so many comments so yeah,
    i’m going full brown-nose on this one ._.

  12. This is the era of Des Moines!!!!!!

  13. i wish i could play on the NA servers :(

  14. Sparkleshy Starswirl

    for the iowa to stay bow in to the des moines presents a perfect broadside
    to the yamato… he was stuck between a rock and a hard place

  15. holy carp… what did I just watch

  16. Jesus christ, 5k base xp?! That is absolutely insane.

  17. best replay ever i rarely ever see a team member in any mode get 6 plus

  18. teach me your ways master +N3V34FORGOTT3N

  19. that was the best game I think I have ever seen, makes me want to grind
    through my Baltimore to get it.

  20. Damn… there was a Q&A on the RU forums some time ago where someone asked
    a dev what the highest base XP had been so far. He responded that it was a
    Hatsuharu with 4.8k. Well, it seems never managed to beat that quite

  21. lol yesterday in a mid tier battle both teams in chat agreed that….THE US
    CA NEED A BUFF!!!! 0.0


  23. Kuu Hanekawa (羽川空)

    Amazing battle!

  24. Wow at no point ever should a cruiser be able to penetrate a BBs armor.
    That was regarded

  25. The freezing in the replay is probably caused by lags in the actual
    gameplay, it’s seems to also record that.

  26. Woww! A Des Moines that actually goes in balls deep instead of hiding.
    Great gameplay!

  27. When is the next episode of Nautical Tales?

  28. jesus is this replay laggy as hell!
    and 3 botters to btw.

  29. Dear ichasegaming i challenge you to a game of battlestations pacific.
    Do you accept ??

  30. Yeah, you need a bunch of high tier potatos for a result like this. On the
    other hand, you still have to have the skills to do it like he did.

  31. Not sure if i should be happy or worried for my fleet

  32. WoW….never seen a 5000+ base exp game O_O

  33. Des Moines very underwhelming based on this video. Whole game he is either
    in cover or very well angled, never taking fire from more than 3 ships that
    he is angled to, dodged all torps and yet he barely finishes the game alive
    with all repair parties used up. More lucky than smart play. If he had
    taken about 1500 more dmg in those 10 minutes it’d be another story.

  34. i came

  35. How does he get the lifebars? :o

  36. ‘High Caliber’ 6 minutes into the game. Quickest one I’ve ever seen.

  37. ooomph

  38. Damn son

  39. no chance for any desmoine to get closer than 15km with more than 20000hp
    most of the time, you are just an AA ship and accept it.☺

  40. i love how his yamato stayed waaaay the hell in the back all game and did
    next to nothing.

  41. Man that last Hipper screwed up so badly, I would have sail past never and
    dropped tors right in hiss face angling till the very end might have
    worked. Instead this guy went and not only showed a broadside in the end
    but dropped torps towards the bow of the ship which is the easiest way to
    miss torps.

  42. Heil Des Moines!

  43. Aleksandr Pokrachinskiy

    WOW the enemy cruisers and the IOWA…SCRUBS!

  44. I think thats the best WoWs game I’ve ever seen

  45. love how he plays against a bunch of scrubs who show their side i never get
    noobs like that

  46. N3V3RFORGOTT3N is OP, plz nerf.


  47. I’ve never heard of the Desmoinagen.

  48. …after seeing this i am glad i reside on the SEA server…

  49. omg des moines so underpowered ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  50. Dude you need to change your intro music to something that’s not as gay

  51. “No one asked for you to be born” Brutal lol

  52. Completely unrelated but, have you any thought about premium carrier
    Saipan? Except what you’re already point out how newbie that get them may
    upset the balance. The leaked setup is 2-3-0 with 3 planes per squad and
    IJN torp spread.

  53. No matter how good you are you can’t get that result in a bad ship and
    there are a lot more examples of this kind of result in the DM wish people
    would stop putting it down. Zao, Hindenburg and Moskva are more of a Face
    roll then DM but that doesn’t make it bad just needs to be played closer
    and smarter plus look at the angles you can get into while still having all
    turrets on target it’s crazy.

  54. Note to self, if Never is on enemy team in DM, cry.
    Thanks for sharing this game Chase! it was really nice and fun to watch.
    Also, since I could actually play this weekend, I did manage to have a
    rather nice game in my Sims with 3.5k base exp that I sent to you. I was
    lurking around islands again :P

  55. Starwarsfan5 plays

    Dang……. Well I hope I don’t face him in a Des Moines soon

  56. 4:33. read chat. i can remember asking the same thing many times

  57. so is there people still complaining about this ship? lol
    its just so brutal against any type ship at close range.. :)

  58. I tried to one-man-army this the way he did and got sunk…

  59. Only German cruiser and Atago can fight again D M

  60. second

  61. Noooooooo!!! I was too late to be the first to like this vid :(

  62. Andhika nur Aulia

    All hail the DPS god with all hail of fire ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    someone kill me

  63. Hacking again ichase?

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