World of Warships – Des Moines | Fake Legendary Nerf

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Moines’ Unique Upgrade recently got tweaked, but I have to say…
DesMemes is far from being dead!
Let’s prove it today.


  1. What is this?
    Is this heaven b4 hell?

  2. My man back at it again with another amazing game

  3. Oh the good old mighty Des Moines my god i love this ship

  4. Still the god of Des Moines.

  5. Look this damage

  6. that was just dirty

  7. I think this is the 3rd time I’ve seen more than 3k exp, well done !I wish I could do this, but I only have Salem

  8. Robin, you are the entire reason I ground out Des Moines and I run your Tokyo Drift Des Memes for the same reason. Just a few days ago, through off and on play, I finally completed the mission chain for the legendary mod and in a few games with it, the maneuverability it grants, even ‘nerfed’, is absurd. Its a ton of fun to play. Des Moines is probably one of the most power creep resistant cruisers in the game.

  9. Indeed sea of fortune 😂

  10. wow you’ve been uploading almost every day now, nice! Stay healthy mate!

  11. General Torfstecher

    Thank’s, Robin, love your Des memes Games.

  12. Man what better way to spend the sunday afternoon than to listen to a French guy with a sexy voice and some chill tunes on the background. Sit back and relax.

  13. Loving that you are back at it again!

  14. Could the tease finally be the long awaited benson game we have all waited for?

  15. Im thinking about Queen’s song – “Heaven for Everyone”. This is heaven for us, your fans. I love your videos, thank you very much my friend.

  16. My you’re on fire these days Robin! Thanks for your thoughts on the Legendary module. I unlocked during the last T10 ranked, and I admit I was a little reluctant to take her to battle, given I basically suck xith her… :p

  17. Tim,Karen Hartson

    That was a sweet win!!

  18. Circulez, il n’y a rien à voir!

  19. After watching this I wanted to give a Like. But then I realized that I already did.

  20. GG and live commentary is nice ! What do you think about boosting the rewards upon smoking teamates, spotting etc. ?

    • The Sailing Robin

      I think it would be a wonderful idea, but at the same time, given how complex the reward system is for Xp & Credits, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s already the case somehow

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