World of Warships DES MOINES GAMEPLAY – Tier 10 American Cruiser

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  1. The main gun sound is the best, is that fully upgraded?, great vid phly

  2. i really love your intro.. how did you made it?

  3. I hope they add Bismark or Tirpitz. : )

  4. Dude that Intro Was sick i got goose bumps

  5. That intro never gets old dude, so EPIC!!

  6. Oh my fucking god I’m dying why were you so happy there 11:08

  7. Damn man you were on fuckin fire with that Des Moines. WUT WUT SON

  8. As poor of a comparison as it might be, this ship reminds me a lot of the
    St. Louis in regards to the amount of shells you can mercilessly pump down

  9. Jake van der Veen

    Des Moines has the best gun sound effect I’ve heard so far

  10. lol 7.62 flak pewpewpew

  11. I take back some of things I wrote, very late models did have those guns.
    The blowback from big guns if fire would kill the AA gunners, When the AA
    guns are manned the ship is in bombardment mode only.




  14. that ship design could never happen, there are forward AA guns in front of
    the main guns, if those AA gun were manned they would be dead if the main
    guns fired anywhere near them. The ship may have been designed but some
    goofball added the guns to look good..

  15. Listen to 11:27 with your eyes closed

  16. Graham Brinkworth

    great vid and commentary u get so involved u had time u could use heal and
    forgot keep up good work

  17. Didn’t sound nasaly wtf? Who the hell are u and what have u done with the
    real phlydaily?

  18. looks exactly like baltimore to me ._.

  19. can u play da shimakaze?

  20. TheBattlefieldMaster(Matt)

    Dat oil tho

  21. fletcher

  22. I’m sooooo looking forward to this game…

  23. Wow most awesome intro ever !!!!!

  24. I’m from Iowa

  25. Hooray for living in Iowa!

  26. phly this is my favorite World of Warships video you’ve made all day! 😀
    (tell me if anyone gets the joke, if not I’ll explain in… :P)

  27. if you think about it. Des moines is french for Some (The) Monks

  28. Last game was laggy, wasn’t it?

  29. This ship is so beast

  30. 1,000 views? I must be early O.o

  31. Yo phly, just wondering, any reason why your playing on the Russian

  32. New Mexico plz

  33. You could of gotten more health before you died the first time!!!!!

  34. björn sjöblom

    looks like a fun ship to play witt those cannons:)and repears to:)

  35. Super yamatoooo

  36. dwayne collignon


  37. Mahmoud Kahilan

    Hey Phly, i have an awsome idea(at least i think i have) for infantry in WT.
    My idea was that infantry is a modification for a tank just like the
    artillery strike, you would have an infantry platoon guarding your tank.
    Let’s say like 10 soldiers per tank, the soldiers would have different
    specialities, like 6 would be ‘normal’ soldier and 4 anti-tank specialised
    You could use your soldiers to peak around a corner without exposing your
    tank and use you anti-tank units to attack enemy tanks(from a limited range
    because else it would be unfair).
    Also you could replace the dead crew members of your tanks by your soldiers
    and if you have the infantry modification your repair-speed would decrease
    because you have more man to repair the tank.
    And at last how awesome would it be to park your tiger in a bush and your
    infantry platoon would place a camo-net over you!!!!

    Please let me know what your think of this.
    Greetings from the Netherlands!!

  38. did anyone hear his car at 2:45 to 2:50

  39. James Mac Mahon

    7.62 Flak guns ehh Phly???

  40. Your intro for WoWS has to be my absolute favorite intro ever..

  41. Fionn O' Reilly

    what when happens to a carriers planes when it dies

    • Michael “Mc4nb2016” Crisci

      They stay in the air… Now if you have them an assignment to do such as
      assign a squad of DB’s onto a target and you were to die before they reach
      your priority, they will continue to the target and complete their
      assignment. After this they will stay in place of where your target was and
      either be shot down or continue to spot for your team.

  42. Leonardo Franzin Ribeiro

    wowwowowowowow since when does a freaking cruiser has freaking health
    kits???!!! i can understand the torpedus and the smoke(iwaki alpha the
    destroyer/cruiser) but hp is for the bbs

  43. Leonardo Franzin Ribeiro

    aw man a guy asks for a des moines video once and gets it i ask for some
    carrier 3 times and nothing? rlly life?

  44. Evertime I start a Phly video… i think the same thing: “damn dat intro is
    fancy” >:D
    music is also awesome :D

  45. Aidilfit player

    What kind of ship on intro and what kind of song on the intro… 

  46. Any extra WoWs code or any giveaway for code?

  47. RealityForGames

    is this f2p?

  48. I heard the Des Moines can get crit/citadeled by a lot of things. Did you
    experience any of that Phly?

  49. Martin Stensvehagen

    your getting it IRL? nice…! 😮 lol

  50. We’re on the map Ocean which is a really beautiful map um it must have
    taken the devs quite some time to design it working out the bugs and stuff.
    Takes a look at map all i see is nothing but water… best map ever 10 out
    of 10!

  51. Japan Tier 10 cruiser

  52. Phly, how can i get on a test server/ account?

    • Michael “Mc4nb2016” Crisci

      It was only available for CBT testers, but the PT test for CBT testers was
      done for the weekend of May 9th and May 10th. Seems he was able to secure
      his spot on that server for a while longer.

    • I am actually a CBT tester, thank you. 🙂

  53. If you just close your eyes and listen to this video it becomes so wrong

  54. Holy fucking shit that intro song. Now I have a massive urge to watch
    Inception again. Subbed just for the intro.

  55. BurnBabyDaily

  56. GNR Gaming News Radio

    What sth e music “burn baby burn” ?

  57. +PhlyDaily play Japanese Carriers. any one of them plz

  58. Joe Dessert (Dezertay)

    Play some Higher Tier American DDs! I absolutely love the Mahan. I wish
    they had replays like War Thunder so we could send them in. Keep up the
    good work Phly! You rock bro.

  59. Gabriel Pereira

    I think i will take alook on this game it seems to be very good

  60. Phly daily your my new favorite youtuber

  61. Al cruiser got the repair ability last patch

    • Michael “Mc4nb2016” Crisci

      3 of the high tier cruisers got the repair ability… Not all of the
      cruisers in-game…

  62. das Testobjekt (Toni97531)

    how can u even access the World of Warships common test/testserver ?! (i am
    in CBT) 

  63. Phly take out the tier 10 American destroyer

  64. play the USS Missouri 

  65. I know that everyone is hyped as fu… for the Americans, cause they’re
    very newbie friendly, with their high DPM.
    But could you make some video, for the new Japanese Battleship and Cruisers
    as well?
    Since no one is really making any videos of them.

  66. dude @phly! what really bothers me with your channel is, tanks got an
    awesome intro, ships got an awesome intro, and then we get to what i enjoy
    the most, planes. and wtf! fucking kids circus music … really gota do
    something about that :P

    • Kristiāns Čulkstens

      HELL NAH! Planes intro should stay the same – it’s what makes Phly, THE
      Phly! 😀

    • +Vuzuul actually that aint circuit music its if i am correct jazz or
      saxophone stuff and before that song was used for the intro for all three
      (it was different) and three everybody loved it before the intro you see
      now which is awesome

    • +Vuzuul LOL. I like the music actually. It’s just an interesting choice of
      an instrument in that song. It’s happy too, kinda makes me wanna jump
      around naked and have explosive mansechs until I pass out.

  67. I see a nerf bat coming to Des Moines soon. Holy crap, handles like a big
    destroyer, insane fire rate and add to the that the changes in the HE

    Ouch, this thing is a beast.

  68. …that repair has to be a bug! XD incredible that they have HP repairs

  69. Bartul Javorčić

    Dude you should play gearing

  70. Herr Bayerische

    des moines op

  71. Harrison Nandell

    My home town is Des Moines!!!! :D

  72. 14:36 best part of the video. :)

  73. 1:32 yeah, i think you missed the decimal point there… its 76.2mm not
    7.62mm… 7.62mm would be pretty useless as AA

  74. Phloat out in a torpedo boat next Phly.

  75. Nice video man! 

  76. hey Phly what is the honor to heroes crates about?

    • You get rewards after getting achievements ( Pne is Arsonists, you get it
      by causing a crap ton of fire damage to the enemy) After getting a
      achievement, they will give a crate to you, it will have some boosts that
      can help you in later battles

  77. Owen G (TheFlyingTiger)

    ooooo battleship sex, nice… ahahah

  78. Morgan Robinson


  79. L. Pillier-Gandelli

    Le nom de ce navire sonne étonnamment français…

    • +L. Pillier-Gandelli Il sonne beaucoup moins français déjà quand c’est Phly
      qui le prononce.

    • +Roggay47 C’est la prononciation que les Etasuniens utilisent en général.
      C’est pareil pour beaucoup de lieux qui doivent leur nom aux Acadiens.

    • L. Pillier-Gandelli

      +MenwithHill Oui carrément, et c’est normal, c’est comme si toi tu devais
      prononcer des mots en espagnol alors que tu sais pas parler espagnol, il
      est ultra-chaud à faire cet accent

    • Croissant. Baguette.

  80. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    The reload of this thing is exactly 6 seconds btw phly, because 60/10 = 6

  81. World of Warships have the best intro :DD

  82. I hope the next 1st. April will be a tog 2 battleship and a maus battleship

  83. I miss K-391 :(

  84. Are you going to do the new tier 10 Japanese cruiser next? I think they
    took out the Senjo right?

    • So the specs are exactly the same? I thought everyone said it was

    • +Shea Samuels I’m 90% sure that’s she just got renamed. It could be that
      the Des Moines is just OP.

    • +Shea Samuels They renamed her and gave her an RoF buff.

    • +F1zzzy90 The Zao has a 4th turret, slightly higher gun range, improved
      AAA, raised health stat and a tsunami’s worth of torpedoes.

      So all in all, I think that makes the Zao considerably more lethal at all
      ranges in spite of the dangerously higher ROF of the Des Moines.

    • +Josh Friedman she always had the fourth turret and torpedoes

  85. Please try next I me the Japanese cl please, I just love the look of them
    and their sexy smoke stacks

  86. This ship has to be most enjoyable ship to play in this game.

    • +PhlyDaily Hey Phly! Try the New Mexico for a decent ship at its tier!
      Enjoy yourself and keep up the great work!!

    • +Dalek348 Tirpitz

    • +PhlyDaily Des Moines is the best ship to play for fun values.

    • +Dalek348 well cause IJN and USS ships were the once that mainly battled in
      the wwII….and mind saying german ships not Nazi…
      and what Germany and Russia had is big tank battles

    • Hey Phly,
      It would be nice if you could make a tutorial on how to change the skin of
      planes in War Thunder.
      (Sorry for grammar mistakes, I’m german)

  87. Isidoro Jáuregui

    I love you Phly!

  88. Phly, F2H Banshee pls

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