World of Warships- Des Moines Goes Deep (175k Dmg)

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ElasticSpyder here with a video on the tier 10 American heavy , the . At the top of the tree, the DM is an all around kick-a** ship. With great rate of fire, insane AA and overall enjoyment factor, there is no way you can’t have fun in this ship.

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  1. Our of the 45 ships I have. This is the best one.

  2. I’d love to know how you managed to stay pink for a week? lol…Pink happens

  3. Terry Hollenbaugh

    Nice game, ElasticSpyder to bad you had to die but you had fun. That’s the best part, right? HE HE Balls deep

  4. The arc is real tho

  5. He TK Sneaky cause Sneaky said no one can kill him and was talking about his stats again. So Spyder manned up and did the dirty deed to shut him up. Or at lest this is the story I am telling people.

  6. Nice play Spyder !!

    I also just got the Des Moines and I usually play randoms without division. I find it hard to survive long enough to make a great impact. I also find it difficult to keep my performance consistent on this ship and also do not know where I can find good island cover on the high tier maps. Sometimes at the start of the game, I get spotted as I was getting behind an island near the cap and I get instantly deleted.

    What is your advice on getting consistent solid performance out of Des Moines, or is this ship naturally inconsistent?

    Best regards,

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