World of Warships: Des Moines, Keep Fighting

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A random battle played by IRAQz in the Des Moines. The game starts badly but that won’t stop him.


  1. Not actually good gameplay. 2:30 used dcp but fire was about to get out and in face of a conk while actually in pretty high danger of dying.

    • His opening move was too risky and yes that dcp was a mistake. And after that he had an amazing game.
      My goal is not to only show perfect matches. This replay shows that even after a bad start the game is far from over. With low hp in a cruiser he earned a Kraken and did a lot of dmg. For me that makes it an interesting game to watch but of course that is subjective.

    • I do that sometimes too. When I panic after taking a cit or something

  2. IRAQz World of warships


  3. to many shell blind happy trigger fingher

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