World of Warships: Des Moines Last Stand

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match where I try until the very end. I try to put up a valiant last stand.

World footage the tier 10 US .

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  1. FIRST
    Edit: oooh!! Thanks for the heart, Aerroon.

  2. Aerroon why have I been losing so much credits, even when I win and survive with ships like Moskva, or Mogami?

    • Surviving and winning themselves don’t give you credits. What gives you credits is contributing to the game, particularly in the form of damage. But what seems to matter there isn’t a large damage number, but rather percentage of ship health taken (eg doing 5000 damage to a DD is more meaningful than 20000 damage to a Yamato).

    • So in a since DDs have the best income?

  3. I don’t even play this game anymore, I remain an Aerroon fan though.

  4. Aerroon’s return! Huurrraaayyy!

  5. Omg, a heart from the real Aerroon! Thank you so much!

  6. What blessings have we gotten to get so many Aerroon videos in such short time?

  7. Making an last stand worthy of the Spartans at Thermopoly!

  8. Well played, GG Aerroon. and a good example of what keeping trying can accomplish.

  9. The problem with this game are the players who hate on their own team. An example is a battle yesterday, where I had a bad game as an atlanta (still managed 50k ish damage) and yet a bb player – sitting in the back and eventually dying to an asashio – just called us all idiots, especially me, ‘for not spotting the dds’ (my radar didn’t have enough range) and calling me a ‘noob’ just because I had a bad game and because I didn’t have a clan. Albeit I don’t like comparing stats, I had a much higher win rate than him. Most people in the game are just like this. Wargaming needs a harsher penalty for shit-talking in a game

    • I think every game, and basically every activity have people who hate on their team. I think they’re just frustrated and are letting off steam. It happens.

    • My solution is to equip the Cold Shoulder of Indifference. If he doesn’t like that your radar doesn’t have the range, that’s too bad for him. If he doesn’t like that you’re not in a clan, that’s too bad for him.

    • Damoclese CoE Yeah, but he was also (along with another player) attacking our dd ‘for not playing properly’ and then attacking our whole team, I don’t think everybody could ignore him.

    • I hear ya, but to be perfectly honest if that chucklehead is that much of a tryhard, then he should only play with his clan.

  10. The Sailing Robin

    the second I saw you were the last one standing I had the 🎶 when you try your best but you don’t succeeeeeed 🎶 song playing in my head ^^ good hold, Aerron. Imagine what you can do with the DM when your team’s actually backing you up…

    • I think it’s less. Being on the losing side tends to inflate the results usually, but your team backing you up tends to help you win the game!

    • I’m still today impressed with your way of saying things the others know but don’t think about saying 😉

  11. you should change your in-game name to Leonidas

  12. boristhebarbarian

    commiting sudoku!!??? you mean sepeku!

    • boristhebarbarian can you play sepeku? If it’s anything like sudoku, I’ll give it a try

    • boristhebarbarian

      I assume sarcasm: Aerroon was referring to that gearing committing sudoku. (a game with numbers, 9 up and 9 sideways) he probably meant sepuku ( japanese ritual suicide commonly known as harakiri, disembowlment by sword or knife)—> In this game context: knowing you are probably going to die and doing it anyway; sarcasm: stupid ass behavior that brings you nothing…

  13. I agree, win or lose that was a great fight. Just to bad the rest of your team at D did not have map awareness or they might have taken advantage of that knowledge and did what you did and flee. The single worst failure of players is lack of map awareness and given they just had a WoW tutorial on this there is no more excuses for that ignorance!

  14. Shooting that repub with AP would have done much more damage

  15. 2.3 mil potential

    *weak, I did 3 mil in Baltimore*

  16. I don’t have that kind of luck with the DM. I fire at BB’s and get rekt for my efforts. :o(

  17. Wait a minute, does this mean that the one-video-per-day-Aerron is coming back?! Nice!

  18. “It ain’t over til it’s over.” is the mentality you should have playing ships. Good video Aerroon!

  19. Wouldnt be an aerroon game if he didnt post a loss :p

  20. Saw the title and though Aerroon was playing DM with “last stand” Capt Skill. Kappa

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