World of Warships – Des Moines legendary module – the cruiser that smacks everything

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Hello boys and girls. I hope you are all doing well. Today I present you a game with the USS Des Moines. I haven’t played this ship in ages, but it is still really powerful. Thank you for all the support. Stay safe and healthy.


  1. Hey, how can there be 2 trenlass on EU, there is one in CR33D and you in TTTC?

  2. Excellente played. As always 😃

  3. Not a Shiki replay, but Ill still watch and like.

  4. I like the new facecam overlay, but could you make it a bit more squared maybe? No need to show this much of your background + currently it obscures the ship speed info.

  5. How to get legendary module?

  6. That friendly GK played pretty good

  7. montana was from k2ngs its the second team of kings ….

  8. Ur not using leg mod I use concealment mod and still get the same detection

  9. No sir, no no no. It is not “Des Moines”. It is “Des Mama”.
    And Des Mama is not afraid to spank the Conqueror!

  10. Максим Шишлов

    12:12 Wait, is that corpse of Conq just dissappeared?

  11. IFHE on the Massa is a waste of 4 points, much better to take concealment. 13km detection means easier time pushing up and disengaging.
    500 Massa games and a 64% WR/ 95k avg damage, with full sec spec.

  12. Even without the legendary module the Des Moines can be fun to play. Backing up 2 DD’s with my radar, and hydroacoustic search we managed to sink the 5 enemy team members that came to our side including 2 of their 4 DD’s. You should use cover whenever it’s available though. For a heavy cruiser I find the Des Moines kind of squishy.

  13. “I’m going to hydro to give Haragumo warning of torpedoes.”
    Haragumo: dies 30s later to torpedo.

  14. should have ambushed the GK with AP, not HE.

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