World of Warships – Des Moines – Load The AP

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Cruisers are HE spammers right? Well, not the . And not with this many broadsides waiting to get hit!

With this affiliate link you’ll get the premium USS as well as 2M credits. That’s a nice kickstart if you’re just getting into the game.

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  1. nice run

  2. Wait till you try the Hindenburg…the HE feels like APHE and the AP (though low in pen) hit damned hard on any foolhardy broadside at reasonable range.

    • Working on that. At the Roon now 🙂

    • Hindenburg is glorious. More survivable, far better shell trajectory, torpedoes for close-in work, and the AP is very good when striking at relatively flat angles. It’s HE is crap, but your fire rate is pretty good so it’s not completely useless. Generally good all around.

      It’s my go-to Tier 10 ship for an active game of fun.

  3. Well you got me to finally play this, 20 hours in having a blast.

  4. Are citadel hits more common in later tiers, or am I just terrible at aiming? I just started recently, am at about tier III, and rarely seem to citadel anyone even if I hit them from bow to stern with both AP and HE at various angles and ranges.

    • Citadels depend on angle, armor and type of shell used. Most of the time you want your shells to land under their turrets or smokestacks. At tier 3 you can citadel a cruiser with a battleship, but not the other way around. What ship are you using?

    • I tend towards German and US lines the most, and right now the tier 3 cruisers I use most are Kolberg and St. Louis. I’ll try to aim at those spots more consistently. I remember getting 2 or more citadel hits on another cruiser at tier 1 or 2 back to back and I think I was firing at close range into their side. Is it more likely to get citadel hits through the side as opposed to deck?

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