World of Warships – Des Moines Radar + AP = ???

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Just things, wrecking planes, wrecking ships and pissing players off with ! What a day 😀


  1. 51 planes shot down and no clear skies? I think wargaming need to rebalance that achievement.

  2. That neptune is the reason im scared of playing tier9 or 10

  3. Playing the Baltimore right now. And really thinking of going to the des moines. Few problems though. Don’t run premium and no credit. But I am LOVING the Baltimore, and everyone says the des moines is so much better.

  4. Can you do a citadel guide? I never get a hit on it.

  5. Hey Chase, i hope your Mom is alright. Don’t stress yourself out too much by trying to put out loads of content! Take it easy.

  6. I met that neptune in ranked. he was in a colorado and my the end his team was saying in all to report for misbehavior. guy is a grade a dumbass

  7. your CV was also out of position

  8. haha i was hoping this was going to be an ironic video about my game last night where i ran into you and promptly got deleted in my DM XD

  9. from a t8 premium ok fine wallet warrior but from a t9 neptune WTF

  10. Best wishes for your mom. Don’t worry about not getting out content.

  11. bullshit cheat fuck.

  12. I always knew you were a bullshit cheat fuck chase……. 😉

    Keep up the good vids! 😀

  13. Keeping your mom in my prayers.

  14. Des Moines is bae really underrated ship it chews up planes and the DPM on the ship is absurd. Not as tanky as the other Cruisers but up close its AP will chew through any ship.

  15. Chase you bullshit cheat fuck! using rader to detect somebody in smoke.. jeeze!! 😉

  16. What captain skills are you using?

  17. how did you get the aa range up to 7.2, I can only get mine to 6

  18. IChase, I hope the best for your mother and to you.

  19. Well aside from the fact its not actually cheating, radar can be considered a complete passive nonsense addition to the game

  20. Good grief iChase. I’m praying for your mom. So glad you took her to a better equipped hospital.

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