World of Warships: Des Moines Spreading Freedom

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A battle played by ADMIRAL_KUTUZOV in the Des Moines.


  1. Anyone inlove with his content lol ?i am

  2. Missouri could be hard to dodge the torps If Shima launched all torps, Shima had fault in a certain extent

    • I guess it’s possible that he could not dodge but unlikely. The Moskva ate some torps and the Missouri was not that close. But I would agree that who launches the torps is always at least partially at fault. But in this situation it was understandable, the Shima was like 2km from a Moskva he needed to torp.Of course the Shima could have warned the Missouri in chat. Also the torps came from the front and you would expect the Missouri to look at the fight in front of him and see the launch. So I would say it was probably a regrettable but understandable accident and no reason for insults in chat. 🙂

  3. Great game…but man he had me yelling “LEAD YOUR SHOTS” quite often

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