World of Warships – Des Moines Tactically Superior

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Des Moines on Loop moves out to the east, most of the team is in the west with A and B point. I notice a enemy and try to ambush him around a island. We move back center to fire on some cruisers, then transition to a supportive role in the east. Des Moines does great and is a that everyone should respect. Hope you enjoy the fight and have a wonderful day!

Tier X American Cruiser Des Moines Replay


  1. The Nick Holland

    As my DM commander is a %100 AA build, it is disappointing not to see many CVs. On the same token, rather have it and not need it, then need it and not have it. Plus I hate CVs.

  2. The big Cleveland :-*

  3. the fuck is with the sound?

  4. you use the reload module and why your reloadtime is 5,5sec long? it must be 4,8sec long!

  5. Dominic Robertson

    Loved that comment from that DD player right at the beginning

  6. zahid fakhruddin

    i’d like to see z-52 and hood’s intro also in this video, not just at new ship review video

  7. It’s actually bizarre how weird the meta is nowadays (at least on EU) in regards to the ships being played. The vast majority of people queuing up are in battleships, like 60-80%. I’m honestly surprised their aren’t more people playing destroyers…. Like I see that many battleships queuing up and I’m like “Akatsuki here I come”

  8. MelancholicThug

    DM is so fun. A great bote. And vs t8s it’s just a full on roflstomp, just shits on them.

  9. Notser I have had the Privilege to work on many ships in my younger days , One of them is the USS Salem a Demoines class heavy cruiser I learned that she was built with a post war theory building ships of quick moving hard hitting . She was built to be compatible with the Iowa Class .

  10. Thank you ! Des Moines is my favorite ship! Just cant get enough of her!

  11. Des Moines is very unforgiving if you play it like other cruisers, but if you do it right it’s the best. xD

  12. I got the Bismarck today! 😀

  13. Need to re-buy the pepsi once I reach Minotaur. Though I shudder at the idea.

  14. It’s great to see a video dedicated to showcasing team work, instead of other CCs who just show damage farming

  15. I see CV’s all day long so I have no idea what you are talking about

  16. Everytime I watch you play the DM, i get psyched to play it…. but everytime I play I have a terrible round… I just dont know how to play this ship.

    I will continue to live vicariously through you.

  17. Notser, you’re a scary player in that thing! Amazing how versatile that ship is.

  18. That last frame of the bismarck (behind the scoreboard) is quite cool, as it kinda shows that scary moment when the battleship is fully focused on you and hungry

  19. Quin USS Requin

    I appreciate that you tell us what you’re thinking, Notser. I need to work on strategies and positioning. I pretty much have aiming, angling, and some island cover down, but not much else I feel.

  20. Come to the Asia server – carriers are in plague proportions!

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