World of Warships – Des Moines – This battle shows you HOW TO PLAY and HOW TO NOT PLAY!

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Hello boys and girls. I hope you are doing well. In this game you will see super questionable gameplay by some players. I have never seen such bad moves by Tier 10 players. You could think the people just started playing the game. Did this really happen? Thank you for all the support. Stay safe and healthy.


  1. The Red team is usually my team mates in this game, always end up on a team of potatoes.

  2. Been like this for a few months now…not enjoying the game anymore…seen many players with a few hundred games in tier X ships and WR in the low 40’s….use to have to grind for ages for a tier X ..not anymore

    • Well tbh in my experience the players with +10K battles are a lot of times way worse… Atleast the low amount of battles players have an exuse

  3. I just had a match in my Kitakaze in which I had teammates just like this. Match is going well, we have all caps and I have killed one of their DDs, then suddenly all my BBs start dying one after another… Of course we lost the game after their cruisers hunted me down.

  4. “Checks for own name in players list…feels safe to watch video”

  5. This is the standard of play on the USA and SEA servers. Sometimes worse than this.

  6. Episode 1 :Of How Dumb Are You? Wargaming Edition! Pepega Approved.

  7. Bunnysparklz BunnyTime

    Omg the Fletcher had me rolling in laughter

  8. There’s a point where you just cry instead of laugh.. I felt sad watching this, can only imagine your experience.

  9. And some said EU server is superior than other servers XD

  10. It looks to me like you’re on the na server on a weekend LOL

  11. “this battle makes me dumb” yeah I have that feeling every time I play WoWsLegends… and my usual reply is “bots play better than this” 😅

  12. ”I have seen player in Tier 1 play better than this” says the man that during his comment fires 2 salvos in row into the island, because it’s hard to look at the screen to see were your volley hit… a pro in action

  13. “What is this game, bro?” It’s called “fun and engaging” I think ^^

  14. Imagine entering a game in a DD… and the first thing you do – you rush the best DD killer in the game. That is a whole new level of brain fart.

  15. I’ll leave a comment to say: No comment

  16. wargaming is experimenting with new Ai bots and you can’t recognize them by the usual :Botty: name. just an idea 🤔

  17. what was that start?? I think I need to wash my eyes out now XD

  18. I think around the point that Richelieu went down was when Trenlass.exe faulted, and had to be rebooted. I could just about see his brain break, and… I think I might’ve laughed a bit more than I should have.

  19. I’d love to here Jingles laughing himself into fits commentating this

  20. This game actually looked a bit like seal clubbing.

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