World of Warships: Des Moines, Tip Of The Spear

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A random battle played by ADMIRAL_KUTUZOV in the Des Moines.


  1. rami ben abdelkader

    #aetam that lags mate that i had

  2. was awesome watchin you yesterday on twitch – OfficerTerror

  3. Great game by Admiral Kutuzov, so aggressive and great commentary as always 🙂

  4. GG, all of us cruiser players really need to thank WG for giving us the RN BB’s, so many BB players now use HE almost all the time LOL, thanks for that 🙂
    When you see a T10 Moskva with no camo at all, well, free dmg farm 🙂
    Well played by the Admiral, showing how its done.

  5. wow is he playing on dial up lol

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