World of Warships – Des Moines Unchecked

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An unchecked will just rack up more and more damage. And get a very high base-XP value at that…

With this affiliate link you’ll get the premium USS as well as 2M credits. That’s a nice kickstart if you’re just getting into the game.

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  1. Good to see some World of Warships again! Great game Stealth!

  2. How do you even stand playing this game?
    Playing high tier is no guarantee even half of your team is remotely competent and in every game you have at least one “noob” throwing himself away and blaming the team for it.

    • you can disable chat

    • Yeah there are always people blaming everybody but themselves. It is however not as toxic as World of Tanks.

    • Ivan … think first, write later.
      I might wanna know when somebody lays a smoke screen, when radar/hydro is up … you know, *important* stuff that contributes towards my “situational awareness”. If I’m not supposed to communicate with my team properly, what’s the point of a team based game then?
      And before you say “don’t play then”: I don’t play because it’s just stupid. I’m just wondering how anybody with a good sense of tactics can enjoy such a Charly Foxtrot of a game.

      And Stealth, the game might not be as toxic but so many people seemingly fail their way up to high tiers and it’s really depressing.
      Bitching about OP torpedoes that were 100% predictable, camping in the back with a BB, throwing aircraft at AA cruisers, … . The “best” thing is people driving into a crossfire minutes after the game started, because islands that provide cover are not obvious enough on a flat map.
      As you progress towards high tier it becomes less about personal skill and more about which team has the most idiotic players. I simply don’t understand how you can enjoy it.

      1 1/2 years after release I resorted to seal clubbing, because I could at least predict that (almost) everybody was going to be a complete idiot and make a valid attempt at carrying the team to victory. 14 points on my Bogatyr, St. Louis and Isokaze, 60kk credits to spend, no regrets.
      Of course it’s not really a team game then either, but at least it was a distraction after dealing with the equally terrible player base in DCS (which is even more frustrating to me, because I grew up learning all the things about modern air combat and have therefore crossed the line where I can’t comprehend how somebody could not know these things. It’s like a curse)

    • Teamwork in general, rarely happens in MP games even less so in WoWS which isnt even a teambased game imo. Also, I have rarely see people write in chat when they use consumables anyways…

  3. maybe even worthy of jignles?

  4. should have named the title ‘Des Memes’

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