World Of Warships – Des Moines | Why Legendary Dominates

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It’s been a while since Des Moines was last featured here. And today, we’re also doing live commentary, for a change. Pretty happy on how that game turned out, but you go and see for yourself. Enjoy!



  1. I need a different name

    360p anyone? :p


  3. 7:42 REEEEEEEEEEEEE you troll… 😀 AND 19:39 !!! GOD DAMN…. professional video producer 😀

  4. GJ Robin.
    How would u become rank 1 of D.M in EU Server? Can’t believe that.

    BTW, now I am only rank 35 of D.M in SEA Server.

  5. But you hate Des Moines… XD
    Quote: “This ship is unplayable!” … in very angry English splashed with French accent

  6. You are crazy m8 <3 and i like it. Wish you where playing moore. :-/

  7. Musanix - World of Warships

    Robin taking on 22 enemies
    with only a gearing to help him a bit
    Now that’s what I call a challenge

  8. The music on background is gorgeous !!! Nice gameplay robin

  9. Squeecky bum time x9000! Nice vid Robin!! <3

  10. Amazing play by you and the gearing at the end

  11. another amazing game my friend,and another high quallity video,keep the good work ! ))

  12. Gearing +1 would have been nice

    Great game tho 🙂

  13. Fantastic game! VERY good comments about your thinking. One of the better I have seen. Keep it up!

  14. Just 300k and 6 kills? Ure rusty mate! ???? GG

  15. BIA World of Warships

    I liked this video with my personal account, and then switched to BIA cause it was so good it DEMANDED both XD well done frenchy boi

  16. I am absolutely pitiful in the Des Moines….. 16% win loss over 25 battles 🙁 I love the ship but I usually just get caught out, or make one mistake and it’s all over. Average about 70k per game, but I need to pay a little more attention to what’s going on lol

  17. This kind of vid is enlightening for those who, like me, are having difficulties BIG TIME with this ship. Thanks for sharing mate, awesome as usual 🙂

  18. Nice match Robin! I have just started the “legendary upgrade” grind with DM. I had something like 12 battles so far. I have seen your previous DM videos as well, and I see you have tried various captain builds. I am not uising a 15 point captain on DM, and basic build is quite straightforward, PT, EM, SI, CE. After that I took EL, DE, and when I have 16 points I would vote for AR. About the last 3 points I am not sure. What is your opinion? Is RPF so valuable that I should drop a point somewhere?

  19. Terry Hollenbaugh

    Dam Robin, That was a close one. Thanks to your destroyers for sure, Love your games never a disappointment

  20. nice game. also i do like the way you was be able to secure that kill by blindfire ans pray to oleg. well done 300k also ?

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