World of Warships: Des Moines with Legendary Upgrade

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Playing around with the Des Moines with the legendary upgrade. I was over-aggressive this match, but it worked out well. The legendary upgrade definitely helped.

World Warships footage of the American cruiser Des Moines.


  1. I’ve been playing with the legendary upgrade on my Des Moines for about 10 or so games and I haven’t really yet gotten the feel of it. Yes it does accelerate better but I’m really feeling the loss of range. I also am running the rudder shift module in the other slot. I’m wondering if I ran propulsion there too would it accelerate ridiculously fast? In my Salem I’m running the range module and propulsion over steering gears and it seems to do pretty well.

  2. 2 videos in the same day??!?!?

  3. Des Maine and destroyers relationship is like those in Uchi no Maid

  4. Good to see you posting matches again. Keep it up.

  5. Who is this man and what has he done with the real Aerroon. Aerroon doesn’t upload videos, but we get TWO in barely 24 hours. Highly suspicious.

  6. Ha, At first I thought you were glitching out the game with the speed.

  7. I only have two tier X’s. So I’m only able to do it for my Yamato and Henri. The Henri has a really boring and not that great upgrade ( Honestly, I don’t need more range on my already long range cruiser) The Yamat seems interesting with the ability to make your guns super accurate. A lot of these upgrades are just not that interesting to me. I would’ve loved if Henri got an increase to Reload, Dispersion, Fire Change or even speed boost. Really one of those would’ve made it much better.

    • I think Yamato’s upgrade is overhyped. It’s good, but some people have made it sound as though you can now reliably just land hits.

    • +Aerroon That sounds about right. It does seem like it’d be good though. I know Moskva also gets a dispersion buff plus if you get the other upgrade that reduces your dispersion by 7% I believe. It’d be good. Although Cruiser dispersion isn’t as important as a Battleships.

    • +Just Monika Yamato has still random accuracy with legendary upgrade. Dont expect to notice the difference, maybe 1 salvo or 2 better in a full game.

  8. Wayyyy back in the day, they calculated detection with points at the front and the back of the ship in addition to the middle. I wonder what would happen to all of these island huggers if they re-introduced that…

  9. Uuhhhh no. No it’s not an upgrade. Just because it’s labeled as upgrade, doesn’t mean it is. The cost isn’t worth the buff and you were playing the Des Moines wrong all match. Hard pass on these tactics.

  10. those incoming fire seems like slomotion. haha.

  11. 8 minutes in and already at 10% hp, feels like almost every T10 match back when I used to play.

  12. Nice video m8. Quite worth it i guess, easier to repositioning the ship

  13. Another imposter we know Arroon doesn’t upload so many videos

  14. Des Moines are boring. All they do is hide behind island and radar.

  15. You should try the legendary upgrade out with the acceleration mod in the 4th slot if you haven’t already. The ship becomes even more ridiculous, it goes from 0 to 30 knots in 6 seconds, and you never drop below 30 knots in a full turn. Imo it’s far stronger than having the ruddershift mod in the 4th slot.

  16. i don’t recall me being such a good boy to the point that Aerroon senpai posts 2 videos in 2 days in a row

  17. ARGGGHHHHHH!!!!! I just won my ranked match for Rank 1 for the first time and the server freaking CRASHED during the result report!!!!!!

  18. Seems like a good upgrade for spotter plane build.

    EDIT : Wait nevermind it has to trade with range mod

  19. Rock penetrating radar lol, Aerroon’s right in front of you

  20. I am finding these legendary upgrades are for the most part anything but legendary. All I am seeing is just another gimmick being used to make you think you have something special when the fact is you really get about squat!

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