World of Warships – Desperately trying to keep the team in the match

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Sometimes you’re gonna have to do what nobody else wants to do, you gonna have no support while doing it and all the odds are against you. BUT you know you have to do it if you and your team are to have the slightest chance of victory. Sometimes this will be enough and sometimes….sometimes you can just watch and laugh it off.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. That YY player was amazing..

  2. I really do respect you for keeping your optimism and being able to say “it was still a good game”. Some people I play with would have been cursing so hard in TS right now that I sometimes even think about hitting that mute button… Especially when we had some losses in a row. Others start getting frustrated easily and stop for the day…
    Just being able to keep playing and even thinking of a loss as a good game feels so rare.

  3. Unlucky Flambass with those potatoes you were never going to even come close to winning even with you holding up half of there team.

  4. That Poitat in the YueYang

  5. that YY potatoed so hard at the end

  6. You are so lucky Flambass. YouTube just served me an advert that was an interview with Sir Patrick Stewart about Star Trek Picard so of course I had to watch it all ? Spend that juicy add revenue wisely. It warms me knowing that I contributed an 8th of the value of the bottle cap on the bottle of beer you buy with it ??

    • Baugh Humbug Lights

      Wait — you watch the ads? I can’t click through them fast enough…5 seconds is 4 seconds too long before I *can* click through them. I’d almost be willing to pay for YT Premium *just* to get rid of the ads…almost.

    • @Baugh Humbug Lights Use UBlock Origin. Removes all ads. I put up with the incessant youtube ads for almost 10 years before I couldn’t take it anymore.

    • Baugh Humbug Lights

      @onebigfatguy Thanks for that info!

  7. Man, you’re good.

  8. The Tank Commander

    “Unless he gets torpedoed right now” . . . . (BOOM!!!) Flambass called it!!!

  9. Been loving your content recently been binging it on YouTube these last few days. Keep it up

  10. From the start only 1 out of 3 DD`s got cover,
    classic team behaviour, and a losing strategy.
    Many guys i check lately have less than 1K games,
    can`t fight the lack of knowledge.

  11. lol, took me a while to realize how can you press T instead of Z… obviously You use QWERTZ keyboard layout not QWERTY :o)

  12. gods I hate this map. there seems to be a magnet in the top right corner that attracts team ships who go there and then just sit.

  13. I am really glad to see this video playing that DD. Many thanks.

  14. Would like to see more eventful games than this. This is the same thing I experience playing all the time so don’t want to waste time watching a video of it unless there’s a good teaching moment. The same reason I don’t watch twitch I could just play instead.

  15. That joeninetee is a superb player. I’ve played him a few times. He’s like the Jason Statham of Warships

  16. Jonny superjonnyonions

    Joeninetee should be tried for war crimes

  17. Always be perplexed to see the whole team on one flank and then slowly disappear ship by ship but glad you done what you just alone in the middle. What a sad ending for the work.

  18. dat yamato broadsiding perfectly to towards that low hp Montana, and the Yamato focuses on the cruiser lol..

  19. Played my first game today in MONTHS. As soon as our Puerto Rico died (first ship on our team to die, first 3 min of the match) he immediately starts screaming at me that I need to push (alone btw, against 1 BB, 1 CA, and a DD somewhere) and that I suck at the game and need to uninstall, and then his little division mate also starts on… all because I wouldnt play his way. Lost the match, last one alive, and by far the most exp on the team. Now I remember why I dont play anymore. The toxicity in this game is what ruins. I wish there was a way to just simply remove the damn chat window.

    Kudos to you for keeping cool and just laughing it off. I dont mind losing, but when you have such toxicity, the game isnt even fun anymore.

  20. Welcome to my MM he’ll. Just a normal day on wows.

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