World of Warships – Destroyed

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How many kills can you get in a tier 7 Ranked Battle? Yes.

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Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. fair play to Jingles for showing us this replay,
    But I can’t wrap my head around the multiple red flags the star of today’s show here did during the game.

    Also, of course the main being the whole scroll the mouse wheel to zoom all the way in and out.

    • Right?
      I’m not even sure that the player even used a mouse. Camera movements reminded me of something I would expect from touch pads. Heck, I’m not even sure wether he had the “track the locked on target” thing activated..

      But still GG

    • That, and his aim in general. Where was he aiming when he shot at the London?! Also using AP on a bow in Colorado…


    I love the way jingles laughs

  3. Jingles can you please do more random battle videos? These are too short

  4. Just yesterday, i had a ranked game with the Prinz Heinrich, i chased down 2 light cruisers early on in the game and ended up in the enemy’s undefended base and capped it, while we had two caps and the enemy was struggling to cap one.
    So i write: “don’t die, wait for me, we win on points in a few minutes.”
    What do I get in response?
    “Negative” and 3 ally ships below the water.
    Everyone sunk except one enemy dd and two bbs.
    I end up with 4 kills, confederate and high caliber. But loose the game with a point advantage…

  5. Ah, the Z-39. That and the T-61 are the two German premium DDs I wished I got into the game earlier to get, given how I view them as potentially ‘training wheels’ destroyers, I’m so inept at handling them. -_- None of the currently available premium German DDs hold a candle to those two (no hydro Z-44/KvS (which also has no smoke) and cornercase knife-fighter Z-35, they all seem so awkward to use, to the point all the tech tree DDs seem outright better).

  6. Waiting for the rerun of this ship in the shop. Amazing boat

  7. I have this ship at home, I really love it 🙂

  8. Well sounds like you have things working very well at the new home. Good luck, Jingles

  9. 3:46 Torpedos from the fubuki? They are coming from further to the right and behind than where the fubuki was and fubuki doesn’t launch 2×4 torpedos. Typical jingles 😀

  10. Im impressed jingles actually noticed it was a ranked battle this time

  11. Sound quality is really excellent now – all your hard work and new mic paid off!

  12. Also the sound is great. I see the changes you made and totally worth it.

  13. Entertaining battle, but I got irked by the AP on nose-in Colorado! Repeated salvos doing pretty much diddly squat…

  14. @7:41 I never noticed that island looked like a lion’s head

  15. Something about the way this guy zooms and aims drives me bonkers. GG though.

  16. If I miss Jingles’ voice, I play Warspite where he is the Captain, and spam the chat with HIS voice commands.

  17. the accostic tiles definately are a big help no trace of an echo, but for some reason you aren’t quite as clear as before your move. Maybe its the popfilter, i expect the sound of your recordings will continue to change slightly until you’re all settled. Its no big worry though. Great video as always.

  18. The Z-39 is possibly the most “balanced” destroyer on the sister game World of Warships: Legends. Torps and low detection to be able to stealthy torp. The HP pool and sonar to bully other destroyers for cap points. The health pool to get the chance to do both.

  19. dude played like a bot and still managed thanks to his hydro gz

  20. boristhebarbarian

    With the current superships what would be the best steel ship to get?

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