World of Warships – Destroyed

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  1. Uploaded 7 secs ago and already 7 views wow …assuming you get a little commission from audible…is there a way those who already have it can support you via purchases ?

  2. Wow, i got here fast. I love this bloody ship game. Thanks Jingles!

  3. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    Imagine if Samuel b Roberts as a premium

    She gets detonated by Coastal guns

  4. *Imagine having 174 sisters*
    _This post was made every other destroyer class gang_

  5. Oh look, one of Sea Lord Mountbatten’s clan mate

  6. DAMM IT JINGLES!! I’m still not used to the new intro for WoWS so it scared the shit out of me and RIP Headphone Users. Of course it doesn’t help that I’m a bigger idiot than the dumbest person you can think of.

  7. Snowykaze VÏRûS

    By the way Jingles, regarding naval history books. “Japanese Destroyer Captain” by Tameichi Hara is an interesting read on the Japanese side of the war. It’s fairly objective and covers a lot of pivotal battles!

  8. Fun fact on the Battle of Samar: This was the only time whereby a carrier actually managed to hit a surface ship with artillery and do any decent damage. The USS White Plains, equipped with a single 5-inch gun, managed to land 6 hits on the IJN heavy cruiser Chokai, detonating a Type 93 Long Lance torpedo and crippling it, leaving it helpless against further air attack by Taffy 2’s aircraft. Japanese sources contest this, saying that it was a bomb hit which detonated the torpedo, but at the very least, it was the only plausible time (save for a little action by HMS Victorious in the Med.) where a carrier managed to plausibly damage a surface ship with gunfire.
    Another Fun Fact: When Kurita turned and retreated, one USN sailor allegedly yelled “Damn it, boys, they’re getting away!”

  9. Oh yes, those destroyers and destroyer escorts exceeded their orders. Each of the men on those ships deserves to be remembered and honored for all time, for their actions.

  10. ToughAncientSpark

    USS Slater in Albany, New York is the last surviving destroyer escort (DE 766). It is now a floating museum currently in New York City dockyards under going repairs for the next tourist season.
    It is under the loving care of a large group of volunteers who have been painstakingly restoring the ship over the years as original as possible.

  11. I feel Jingles should do some readings for audible 😜 it would be win/win

  12. That battle was fucking legendary…. On the level of Thermopylae if you ask me. It is my second favourite naval story, following right after the Voyage of the Damned.

  13. Jingle you started the love I have for this game and WOT many years ago when I came across your channel. I love the game but it’s hard to get really into it when all I have is a 7 year old 100 dollar laptop that barely gives me 10 FPS. Can’t wait to get my new PC so I can REALLY play this game. Much love Jing-
    Back to the salt mine? Fine.

  14. I’ve read Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors a dozen times. It is one of my favourite books of all time, not only for its exceptional writing, but also, the U.S.S Johnston is my namesake and listening to her heroic actions and the actions of all of Taffy 3 makes me feel proud to be connected to it.

  15. BTW we Yanks called him Sprayge not Sprahge Americans love them “A”s as AaYY!

  16. Samuel B Roberts, will forever go down in Navy lore as “the destroyer escort that fought like a battleship”, because by george, they fought like men possessed that day. I’m seriously surprised the ships could even move under the weight of the giant brass balls of each and every man on those ships.

  17. the irony of starting the vid with an ad for Audible, when the volume is barely audible

  18. Can I just say, I’d love to have a video (be it 5 minutes of 5 hours) of you, Jingles, just talking about the Battle off Samar. The history is fascinating, and you inimitable delivery would only make it more so. Already got Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors, more or less because of you.

  19. Note: Drachiniffel also made a video about the battle off samar in more detail, if you are still interested after the Jingles version.

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