World of Warships – Destroyer and Cruiser LEGENDARY MODULES [WiP]

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Going over the DD and WiP Legendary modules. Some of these are sidegrades, some side-upgradish and there are a few pure upgrades.



  2. May crate woo-ha-ha!

  3. Sooo the US ones are basically all bad,

    Edit: Well Wooster is the only one actually good,

    Gearing is Bleh,

    Midway when Compared to Hakuryu is a Massive Nerf,

    Montana’s isint worth loosing access Concealment, Now if it was like the Hindenburg’s THEN It would be worth it but as is it is bad, (what I think they should do here is Add the affect of the -11% to Max Dispersion then move it to the 6 Slot)

    Des Moins is Not worth Less Radar and less Range/Longer Reload,

    • Gearing’s is awesome, you drop the shima’s detection range without losing much DPM.

    • that upgrade on the worcester is basically useless. What do you expect to get out of it? Effecitvely you get some radar time that increases the time from 56 (with the current upgrade) to 61ish seconds which is completly pointless. Either your target is dead or has left your radar range. Defensive the same planes are gone or have left before the excess time kicks in. The only real benefit is hydro but is it worth giving up concealment for it? No, it isnt. imo its the worst USN upgrade there is.

    • Mr Dced competitive plays would like that upgradd however.

    • nah there is no reason to take it in comp. the issue is exactly the one i stated the active time duration doesnt make a difference at all since theyre already that long. And in comp being stealthed longer to draw in planes further outweighs the active by a mile. there is absolutly 0 reason to play this upgrade.

    • I kinda agree. The Wusster’s makes it a very “Jack of All Trades + Super support ship”.

  4. What is your opinion on mines. Used on destroyers. As a consumable.
    A fixed amount of ammo. So u can only lau 3-4 mines

  5. Ilena Starbreeze

    im ok with having a may crate 😛

  6. Good news! We’ve made the Shima the stealthiest tier X destroyer! U wat mate?

    • …your gun reload difference is 0.3 seconds, what are you talking about HerrRoehrich???

    • it’s 15%….

    • You will lose about 13% gun DPM. This is definitely not something I will take on Gearing for random battle. However, I think this is a good module for clan battles where you are going to use your guns a lot less. Small stealth advantage means very little in random battles but can make a big difference in clan battles as well.

    • Gearing with thi won’t lose a lot of DPM. It will never see 4 sec level of it so stay calm. This is just a straight up Gearing concealment buff to make shima players’ days even worse. Great job Wargaming. We know your love of IJN is real.

    • Ryuuoh DeltaPlus

      Because WG absolutely hates IJUNK DDs and will continue to make their lives miserable

  7. Admittedly, I am not a high-tier player (barely getting my toes wet at T8), but it sounds like most of these modules ENHANCE island-hiding, back-row combat. Isn’t that the gameplay style that WoWS was allegedly working to neutralise or remove? If a ship’s detectability is made worse, or its vulnerability to stealth-laden DDs is increased through faster torpedo reloads, what CL or BB is going to move forward? As for the Minotaur’s enhanced smoke… that only ENFORCES a static, island-hiding gameplay!

    I get that WoWS is trying to invigorate gameplay (the US Cruiser split is part of that). For the elite players, these modules may add interest. For someone like me, they raise the bar way higher than is reasonable.

    These modules are like adding another 250,000 Exp needed to upgrade a ship, as well as requiring an average kill rate of 4 ships per game AND surviving every game while you’re doing it. If T10 ships ONLY met T9/T10 ships, I’d keep my mouth shut. If these ships ONLY get matched with people of a particular skill level, I’d eagerly watch the YouTube replays. But expecting players like me, with maybe 20 games at T8, to compete successfully against an elite player with these ‘enhancement’ modules?

    Yeah, not so much a sharp learning curve as a Mount Everest with sheer cliffs all around.

    • If you don’t want island hugging cruisers, get Khabarosvk, he is a good cruiser.

    • Thomas Bernecky

      Agreed, Henry: being at the same T8 levels, bit of T9, I already tire of being the fodder. I’m not ready to PTP at T10 levels yet. Perhaps if I was comfortable at T10 myself, or could do the same individual builds at my T8’s, I might like the idea more? More so now, since I cannot tell what their individual (T10) builds are specifically? I refuse to do more memorization than I already have for this game. WG: I like the idea of individual (T8) builds, so as to perhaps overcome a 2 tier deficit; but as it is here: I just see myself getting blapped more often and even faster than I currently do.

    • Lethal Discharge

      Island hugging is not necessarily a bad form of gameplay. What competitive game doesn’t require the use of cover and terrain to your advantage? The worst kind of gameplay for this game are the super passive back line players, sniping at max BB range. not the ones up in the thick of it using islands to keep themselves alive.

    • There you are right, but the cruiser upgrades especially Moskva, Hindenburg and Henry heavily support a max range gameplay and make it even worse.

    • Play to win or lose to excuse

  8. hey chase, i would really appreciate iy if you could unblock me on discord and maybe we could start a dialogue thanks

  9. DeepDark Fantasy

    *increase the difficulty for getting the crate*

  10. I would definitely take the DM mod but I play radar Mino so I think that one will stay off my ship

  11. Battleship Hindenburg Will rise again!

  12. The HIV will be upgraded to the AIDS

  13. I like how these are “sidegrades” and that they are give and take rather than just buffs. Will makes players make strategic choices and lead to new playstyles. Good stuff.

    • I am certain that the ships that doing the pushes will continue to do their push if not better and hiding ships will do their hiding without a change. I do not expect DM or Mino upgrade ever seeing good plays, one increases smoke-to-smoke time by almost double, the other doesn’t provide better alternative to Concealment.
      I like Hindi’s though, it just makes YOLO ru… I mean BLITZKRIEG much much easier.

  14. Great the shimakaze gets the worst legendary upgrade. Keep screwing the shimakaze wargaming great job well done.

    • Anthony Ware yeah shima get into that cap. 80% reduction to tube transit. Psh might as well not even bother.

    • Cygnus X-1 ya no shit then to have the same detection as the gearing that reloads in less then 3 seconds why even play the shimakaze.

    • Not only that, shima even will lose its stealth adventage again. Wargaming’s love knows no bounds for IJN.

    • yeah, I see a very sad issue with WG recently (past two years?) at one hand they say they want to discourage certain “bad patterns” but on the other hand they keep introducing things that either punish you for doing anything else or encourage you to do just that thing.

      I mean – ffs if shima’s “legendary module” does not ecnourage long range torpedo spamming I have no idea what it does

  15. Great video, keep it up!

  16. Still wish BBs didn’t out stealth CAs… Henri’s stealth is terrible, I’d rather not make it worst by adding the new upgrade to it. I’ll stick with steering gears so I can dodge rather than fire faster.

    • Mohenjo Daro so a sidegrade, you prefer this, some others will prefer something else, so win win, you don’t lose anything (or you have it easier), the others can play more to their style

  17. Dont know how I feel about the ¨more¨ HE spam part on Moskva and Henri…

  18. Chameleon Scheimong

    You got the tone of YueYang right! I love when content creators actually do care about pronouncing foreign words correctly =).

  19. RasMaster

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