World of Warships – Destroyer Defensive Fire

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Defensive Fire recently received a rather large buff, it now does 4x the damage under the effect versus without. The change makes it where Destroyers that can equip it have very little to fear from aircraft. Hope this was interesting and hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier VIII Destroyer Replay


  1. Say with us Notser:

    “Year of the Carrier”!!! 😀

    And I think now this is a good time for WG bringing back Jet for tier 10 CV. 😉

    • few patchs like this later: “Well, no one is playing CVs so we decided to remove them from the game”;)

    • Styrmir Nathtakh I seriously hope WG doesn’t remove CV, otherwise the whole system they set up will come crashing down ( If CV gone, Cruiser will be next, which US Cruiser will be the first, then pretty much every match will be DD and BB).

      WG should understand that the problem isn’t the CV themselves, but the early OBT MM ( How can it be fun when you are in a match where the enemy team have 2 CV and your team….. doesn’t). Tbh, the period when WG announce their plan for Clan Wars but didn’t announce what ship can and can not participate will be forever the most fun period for me. It remind me the OBT era where there’s CV everywhere ( And with MM fix for CV there’s a bit more CV balance beside Player skill for each side), DD actually restrain themselves trying to rush forward to torp something ( People nowaday whining about Cruiser Radar, they didn’t know that OBT DD Veteran shit themselves when they got caught by CV).

    • they would replace CVs with submarines Kappa

    • Idk about that. Look at this clan war as an example, they remove CVs and limit BBs down to 1 and I see teams that typically run 2 DDs max. Cruisers are the preeminent force of the fleet, particularly if they have radar.

    • Year of the carrier my ass

  2. Solution for DD’s with defensive fire: when you activate the perk, your main guns are disabled during that whole duration. Think about it, the main guns are incorporated in the AA, why would you be able to fire your guns at a ship when they’re being counted for AA? That would justify the 4x and present a new dynamic to AA

    • Stephen Curry My Ass

      bring back the old long range shima
      or long range torps in general
      long range dd isn’t even viable anymore

    • interesting idea…

    • Anthony B I think with this guns they can’t shoot at planes when they are at on top of their ship, only when planes are approaching far away cuz this guns only elevate about 50 degrees and the dualporpuse secondaries/destroyers main gun can be elevated up to 80 degrees.
      And I agree with you: wargame never implement this on cruisers main guns.
      But they should implement on destroyers and battleships secondaries. A GK shouldn’t use their secondaries for shooting at ships and at planes at same time

    • Anthony B if you don’t know yamato have a 18.1 inch anti plane shell

    • I’ve been thinking this too, and I LOVE the idea, even as a DD main.

  3. Easy solution, get rid of limited plane capacity on carriers :D. It doesn’t make sense carriers run out of planes when DDs don’t run out of torpedoes. I don’t even like carriers but I don’t think it’s fair with this AA power creep. Carriers are either dominanting or absolutely useless in a game depending on the tier of the carrier and the tier of the other teams ships. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • It would be cool if you could select the size of your squadron

    • If you did so the U.S Carriers would get rekt, cuz their high capacity gives them the most advantage against Japanese Carriers.

    • I would assume a full rebalance if they did that, not to mention the upcoming U.S rebalance..

    • How about a system of plane repair/refit where you start off with so many planes, but they slowly reflll over time, say like 1 or 2 a minute? That way, if you get deplaned you eat your punishment because you’re effectively neutered, but you don’t stay completely useless

    • Graf Zeppelin cvs could yust ignore all aa then and play like morons while still killing everything thats yust a bad idea

  4. I`m fine with AA being effective. But maybe the carriers should have an unlimited aircraft?

  5. Torpedo reload build on a kidd ??

  6. I think they just need to introduce WOP into WOWS instead of aircraft carriers.

  7. Bring the two carrier tier 8 9 10 game back then.

    • CV teamwork. Image two high tier CVs joining forces to take out one target after the other. Would be a new (or old) kind of teamplay. And WG wants teamplay.

  8. Allow CV to strafe DD’s

    • Unless strafing causes the game to crash, it would NOT “break” the game. It would only be a flawed mechanic or a bad design.

    • In that case, maybe they should remove DF entirely. Or maybe give it to the ships that historically had the most powerful AA, not those with the historically weakest AA.

    • Wows is an arcade game, not a sim. Get that straight.

    • While this sounds logical the CV UI and mechanics are already bad. How do u messure the amount of ammo if a strafe targeting planes passes over a ship? Especially DDs with their high concealment could get in there by accident. And as a CV player – with rediculous rearm cycles – I would hate to get my planes back or even lose them because of that.
      I would rather go for a different mechanic: Let strafes use standard ammo, do no damage to the ship itself but cancel active defensive AA because the AA crew has to take cover.

    • Wyvern Apalis “historically” correct has no place at all in this. This is a video game, not a simulator. Letting cv straf ships to death does not fix the problem with them. That is a bandaid solution just adding another awkward gimmick. They can start by simply reverting the dfaa buff and then actually do what they said they would for cv as a whole.

  9. This only helps already strong AA ships what the actual hell??? IJN? You want buffs for IJN torps? Well are you sure you don’t mean pan Asian, you grinder shima? Congrats, now grind whole new line for the FAMOUS Taiwanese torpedoes of world renown

    • Joshua Chalmers remember when they nerfed IJN so that People will grow balls and push without fear of Shimakaze walls of skill from 20km?

      …*Gets out of game Missouri and kurfurst hiding behind islands while us brave DDs and Cruisers died in the caps and we loose

    • TheAllaksion; I remember! Too bad they chose to hate on the IJN DD line!!! ? They need to fully correct the meta. It’s getting closer with the recent smoke changes.

    • TheAllaksion prettier dds. I’ll sink you with the beauty of my ship

    • PickelJars ForHillary

      Ruskies are still holding a grudge over that whole Russo-Japanese War thing.

    • They talked about changing the long lance to a DWT for the Japanese during the last Q&A since they felt they were too Op for other DDs while this would allow it to still wreck BBs. Problem is with only their guns left to handle other DDs..what the actual fuck can you do to contest caps?

  10. the fun for cv,s stops at tier 7 after that it sucks
    i sold my tier 10 jap and tier 9 us carrier
    and i think it would be best if ONLY the cruisers have good AA
    so bb,s will have to stay closer to cruisers and promote a more active playstyle for bb,s
    and if they want to help dd,s aganst cv,s ?
    cut there air detection range by 50% so it would be mutch harder to keep track of them WHEN a cv finds them
    maby it would be fun to give a dd a sort of speed vissabillaty mechanic from the air ?
    lets say at full speed it would be at a 100% and at 50% speed you can only see it at 50% of the normal range so they can blind fire at planes [ but no more def AA for ANNY dd ]

    what do you think of this ?
    greets erik je

    ps sorry for the spelling 🙂

  11. DDs already have to deal with radar, hydro, and RDF locating them. That CVs can just keep you detected is broken. All DDs should have defensive fire so CVs can’t just sit planes over an enemy until they’re dead.

    • Paul Fries DD’s are already the most influencial ships in matches that dont have cv’s, it doesnt reflect in exp sadly but if DD’s didnt have to deal with all this detection stuff, they’d be so broken

    • Samuel Ferris DDs also have the most dangerous role of being the primary cappers, which makes their play, at least in part, predictable so easier to exploit by ships with detection mechanics. Couple that with their low HPs and they’re often the first ships in a match to die. A powerful defensive fire won’t affect matches that don’t have CVs much, and CVs shouldn’t be able to keep DDs spotted the whole match.

    • They’re the most influential because they’re the ones most capable of capping bases undetected, particularly in domination and epicenter modes where base capping is critical to the team’s overall chances of success. They’re also the team’s scouts (particularly in battles without carriers).

      And please, stop with this “broken” nonsense. Unless something causes the program to crash or hang, it’s not “broken”. It’s flawed.

    • Samuel Ferris broken is that the whole team always sits on their ass trying to provide support from the baseline and expects that dds put their ass into danger while the rest of the team watches from behind.

  12. Planes did attack together, although not so much as in a line, closer to a cross drop, for the same reasons you do in game. Also by attacking together from different angles you split the enemy AA fire giving each plane a better chance of survival. Military History Visualized did a great vid on this.

  13. I don’t think CV’s need to know ahead of time whether any ship has Def AA. Think of it as Fog of War. Also CV’s are powerful in their own right. Just think of X drops, AP bombs and perma spotting and I think it’s pretty much even. I agree that if all other class ships have unlimited shells and and torps, the CV’s should have unlimited planes. Although maybe with a throttle to slow the regeneration of lost planes or maybe make the newly spawned planes less combat effective than original planes lost.

    • Marshall Liu “I think that DESTROYERS dont need to know who has RADAR HYDRO VIGILLANCE OR TARGET ACQUISITION OR TWO SPOTTER PLANES. yeah sounds fair right. But bam you go into a cap a belfast BEHIND the island radar and hydro you and your torps and you die to his teammates and all you did was your cap job.

    • That’s fog of war.
      i know which ships have radar or hydro ahead of time. Cap at your own risk. If we all had perfect information all the time it wouldn’t really be much fun.

    • Marshall Liu unlimited planes would make cv even more broken than they where in beta

  14. Seriously, did that CV player just went full retard? Oh look, i loose 15 planes to that smokecloud that im circeling my planes over , lets send some more squads over there to die?!

  15. Fighters can mess up enemy ship’s AA defense when they shoot at those crew members on AA turrets… hope one day WG can add this new strategy for CV players to use (and also kamikaze options for those planes which u know isn’t gonna survive, just crash themselves into enemy ships tho… isn’t that makes sense?)

  16. I dunno, I feel that hydro is just better on cruisers. You’re always going to run into DDs or brit CLs and who knows if you’re going to run into a CV. Hydro just gives more utility especially when you don’t have a catapult fighter.

  17. Its a joke, and the japanese line has become a joke too.
    When I play CV I see the list of ships and look for the japanese one, and delete them. Thats all. I just shit on them and even more with this defensive fire, before I would target dds, now, once again, lets target only Japanese ships and ignore US/ussr DDs, maybe your german DD target… . Yay?
    You get up tier with CV, you ded also.

  18. i love how you’re arguing that Japanese one shot torps were bad while they seem to be totally fine on US DDs. Gearing, Fletcher all those high tiers can blow up any DD with one top except maybe the Khaba

  19. To be honest, it might be a bit OP, but if you are a CV, and a ship shoots down 10 of your planes and you STILL send aircraft after it; that is on you.

  20. As a very noob CV player even I can tell when DAA is being used by observing the targeting indicator and I withdraw until it’s over. Your indicator is there, it’s the aiming reticle.

    Since when in war did the enemy know exactly what you were packing until they engaged you?

    If a CV player hovers multiple squadrons of aircraft over you as you kill them all that is their fault, not DAA. It also shows that the current CV meta is flawed when blatting DD is their priority not taking on CA and BB.

    The whole point of having different build flavours in the game is to not be predictable, to give the enemy pause for thought when attacking you.

    The whole nanny-state “everyone should be the same, or know what you have” mantra is quite frankly an embarrassment to listen to.

    Notser talks about using skills but in the same sentence wants skill neutralised by neatly broadcasting all your abilities.

    • TheRobbiUno i totally agree this change is fine if they fix cv ui and my planes would actually pull back and not fly over the dd and then start flying back its annoying as hell to loose planes to a non responsive ui

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