World of Warships : Destroyer Gameplay Funtage

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  1. Oh my God he is back

  2. Maiyowasunimaaa bujundanakedooo


  3. - Arasagi Maisa - Channel


  4. FINALLY!!!!!!

  5. Oh my god…

  6. The Return of the King

  7. oh my god. the one who got me into world of warships is back!!!

  8. Bhuwadech Mahapokai

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  9. destroyers most fun class when you get lucky with torp drops – or play yolo emilio so tou dont need to get lucky with long range drops
    change my mind

  10. Totally forgot i was even subscribed to this channel anymore. great vid and glad you’re back.

  11. Bro, you’ve finally back!

  12. Well guess someone decided to come back!

  13. Honestly irl that many dive bombers combing after a lone destroyer is a holy sh** moment for the DD.

  14. No one can scape from this drug called world of warships

  15. Holy shhhhip ! You’re back !

  16. Seems like you got a new computer and/or higher resolution screen

  17. woah. he’s back

  18. WG: *CV reworked

    Holyship: ill be back 🙂

    *2 years later he returned with a DD vid rushing CVs and dodging bombs and torps

    Me: Epic <3

    good to have you back man thought you already stopped cos of the CV rework but here you are still playing

  19. Best boi is back! Now is time to celebrate!

  20. Good to see you back.
    Don’t mid rush on most maps tho, it’s just the enemy is dumb in those games, else you’ll become deadmeat.

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