World of Warships – Destroyer Hayashimo

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They call him Destroyer Hayashimo, except he’s not a Destroyer, even if he is a destroyer and his name’s not Hayashimo. Yeah, I’m probably over-explaining this…

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  1. Damit jingles I’m trying to go to bed

    • I just got home and a lot of times he uploads, its when I want to sleep…. but fuck it, sleep is for the weak if Jingles is up!

    • You can sleep when you’re dead. Watching Jingles is far more important! Man Up!!! (BTW, just kidding. He does the same shit to me all the time.)

  2. That should be three double strikes. One for each pair of ships killed in the 10 second window.

  3. Somewhere in the land of the weeb, a certain KC player with the name of Deadly Rabbit squeal in delight upon realise Jingle is also a weeb. XD

    • Palindromemordnilap

      Kirishima is his waifu.

    • I don’t know who that Deadly Rabbit is, but seeing Kancolle featured (again) in Jingles’ video certainly brought a smile to my face 🙂
      I havent played in a very long time, I should get back to it. Poor Shiranui has been waiting for me, alone 🙁

  4. Omg! I was the aigle! I’m so glad he sent this in because I was going to for him if he didn’t.

  5. Admiral Jingles would’ve voiced over the intro clip perfectly – “well done, we’ve got 4 of them”

  6. Battle-cruiser: Designed to be misidentified by non-Jingles historian ‘experts’ well after the fact. Also see: Fast Battleships; Slow heavy Cruisers; and Object 704.

  7. While grinding out my “Jingles voice over” yesterday, I dropped down to using an Emerald, the crap that I saw people doing just had me shaking my head in frustration as half the time the game would let them get away with it, long term that’s teaching players bad habits.

    • Still get that in the higher teirs not just the lower ships

    • you don’t have to outrun the lion, you just have to outrun your mates

    • @chipzz86 very true

    • One of the most annoying stupid crap people get away with in my opinion is a strategic choice of “all to the same side” in standard battle. Somehow people manage do this collectively (pretty much the only thing they can), but they don’t often realize it’s a bad strategy because the enemy team is doing it as well, and in the end the win chance is 50/50.

  8. Wargaming’s own description of this ship is that it is a Battlecruiser. So I say you are correct Jingles.

  9. Jingles should take a look at Ultimate Admiral : Dreadnoughts.

  10. Its not an anti-Russian thing.. its anti-murdering FUCKHEAD thing.. HAHAHAHA. Love it

    • @Axl Luna the discussion wasn’t “Russians are dickheads” it was “Stalin was a cunt”. Did you want to talk about a leader (One of many in England) who was a cunt? Like, in my opinion, Charles the first who stole huge chunks of land from the Irish and gave it away to Brits or Scots loyal to him (and not Catholics) and left catholic fathers and brothers Staked at the crossroads all across Ireland. Oh and by the way “prima Nochta” from braveheart the movie? It never happened in Scotland, but it was in fact instituted and enforced in Ireland. King Charles the first was a cunt.

    • Scott Crawford
      He still thought the entire Arian race was best

    • @Axl Luna It´s hilarious. Stalin is always “georgian” when bad things are referenced and “russian” when good things are referenced. He was your leader. Own it, or don’t, but trying to dance around it only makes you look like an utter asshat. (I actually think most russians ARE utter asshats, so that is pretty much accurate).

    • @Toni Tuhkanen its not my leader because I’m mexican.
      And in fact he did good things and bad things.
      Finish clown

    • Stalin was from georgia and not Russia.

  11. Jingles is right. It’s okay to condemn mass insanity. If I criticize an African dictator I’m being human, not racist.

    • Wait a fucking second, dear sir, did you just confuse “mass insanity” cliche with “insane individual” ploy Jingles was trying to pull off there? Ouch, that’s a paddling.

    • Racism is a red herring.

      It doesnt exist, only in-group preference exists.

      Preferring your own tribe to an outside tribe is not racist. Especially in your own tribes homeland.

    • @michael srite You have my upvote. “Fighting for you own team” and having pride in it is just preference, and a logical one at that.

    • @SininStyle Thanks for pointing that out. No one is without its own bias, and I have to acknowledge certain assumptions as such. Glad to have people correct each other in a civil manner in this part of youtube.

  12. Well, the Izmail was historically built by the Russian Empire as a Battlecruiser but not completed and was scrapped off by the USSR

  13. We all know Akizuki was named after the shipgirl too, and not the real ship. 😛

  14. “It’s just one gun turret!”
    Actually Jingles, it was three

  15. “Just one gun turret, though – 3 shells”

    **Counts 9 tracers clustered together in a salvo…**

    Ah, Jingles… Never stop.

  16. Classification of paddlings:
    – Kind of paddling;
    – Respectable paddling;
    – Comprehensive paddling;
    – That’s a Paddling.
    UPDATE: – Paddling of Epic Proportions!


  17. regarding the nick: Considering, that the average age in wows is rather advanced and the majority of the players is male, i think the recent HSF collection is a tad creepy.

    • Ok boomer.
      More seriously, this sounds a lot like the “anime is for kids” misconception that lead to get stuff like YuGiHo to air on 4kids, even though it’s not designed for children at all.

      There’s nothing creepy about enjoying cuteness, youth. It’s even ealthy and natural ( Have fun while learning stuff.)

      Sometimes I wonder how many pedophiles in denial there are among anime-haters (at least the one attacking it because of how often it features children and teens), kinda like how there are tons of gays in denial among homophobes. (And no, I’m not accusing you of pedophilia.)

  18. “That was just one gun turret however.”
    *9 shells in the air*

  19. “Annoyed Query: Would everyone on the team please stop dying?!” – HK47

    (SORRY! I HAD TO! ?)

  20. Jingles: “I’m gonna call it a battlecruiser.”

    *Proceeds to call it a battleship a mere five minutes later.*

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