World of Warships – Destroyer Replay Runners Up 2

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Time to give more free stuff away, still out of my own pocket since despite what you may hear me say at the beginning of the video, no winner just yet. Had far too much fun with the guys who all scored over 200k damage in their destroyers. 😉

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System Specs: Core i7 4820-K 3.7Ghz i7 CPU, 16GB DDR3 RAM, 3GB nVidia GTX780 Ti GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a War Thunder or World of Warships replay just send the file to the same address.

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. may i ask why WG are putting German and Russian ships in the game before
    they do the royal navy when the grand old lady was here first just asking

  2. jingles, take a day break with your voice

  3. Can’t wait for the Russian destroyers and German cruisers!

  4. Wow… that Fletcher’s name…

  5. hah? the flew got u pretty good this time right?

  6. Colorado just got a rate of fire buff to 2 rounds per minute. 🙂 It’s not
    as bad as it was before now it just needs more HP.

  7. So what does this guy in chat mean when he says that torpedo damage will be
    cut by half (at least) – are there really plans for that? (it’s german at
    20:00 and following)… I mean yes, Torps are pissing me off sometimes but
    most of the time I have to blame myself for running into them. And I have
    avoided a lot of torps in a Battleship as well so it’s not as if it were
    impossible. If they team up on you though, you’re done, but it’s hardly the
    torpedoes fault if the enemies’ team play is better than your own :D

  8. Can you imagine having a 127mm gun in WT with a 3s reload…

  9. pffft… 200k damage…. well im out :(

  10. That poor Ryujo, getting uptiered like that.

  11. Derpitz has ruined high tier battles. Honestly. 60-80% of the people in
    them are clueless in any given battle. Before that ship came out, I had a
    65% WR on my Amagi. Since it came out, she’s down to barely over 50%. It’s
    a total roll of the dice on how many Derpitz are in the battle and how
    inexperienced they are.

  12. Someone finally mentioning the fact that n00bs rush into the premium shop
    giving over 50 bucks to get a highly tactical ship that they just dont have
    the brains to use.Ive rekt at least 3 tirpitz’s in my Fuso the last 2 days
    ,in duels…….citadelling the tirpitz that carelessly broadsides me and
    dodging their shots or bouncing them on by bow.I almost feel sad about
    these guys that could afford a full premium game at day 1 and instead just
    waste their money in a F2P game to buy one single unit ,that is actually
    not even THAT good of a ship ,at least in comparison to her real life

  13. Yeah… Tiptirzes are the ENTIRE reason I am willingly wasting 7 days of
    premium, only to buy another month of premium once the sheer VOLUME of
    Tirpitzes in MM currently!

    It is PARTICULARLY bad on the NA server! I queue up in my Atago, and I am
    LUCKY if there are more than 3 enemies to shoot at who AREN’T in the

    Not that I can’t get good games in my Atago versus a ton of Tirpitz
    captains, it is more an issue of the tactics available to an IJN CA against
    almost entirely BBs is quite limited compared to a NATURALLY BALANCED
    match! And I don’t even WANT to chance landing my Aoba in a match like

  14. No Jingels, the Atago is the Löve of WoWs..

  15. Jingles sleeps with the contents of Rita’s underwear drawer draped all over

  16. We all know how the Russian destroyers will be, op, biased, and pretty much
    better than other destroyers (Better guns than US and Japanese destroyers,
    as fast as turning turrets of US, torpedoes like the Japanese, and I’m
    scared to know how the concealment of the Russian DDs will be compared to
    the Japanese). Even though Russia’s Navy was pretty crap during the war.
    German cruisers are comming out too, but they aren’t really even mentioning
    them as much as they are about the Russian DD’s. They made a few videos of
    the new release and it’s all centered around Russian DD’s, deeper info they
    went into than they did for German cruisers. So it’ll be nice to see your
    coverage of some of the German cruisers. :)

  17. Jingles, your voice is amazing. I dont really care about these DDs I just
    watch to hear you explaining things! Btw, if you are on EU, would you like
    to play together?

  18. Can’t think about ships atm… too excited for the release of Armored
    Warfare’s open beta tomorrow :)

  19. Are you going to do the Cruisers next?

  20. The Diana and Aurora are infact both Pallada-class cruisers.

  21. The fletchy guy was the guy from the zao video fyi

  22. Jingles you reading this PROBLEM.

  23. So… no battleship? :l

  24. Could even things up with the dubloons by giving everyone 15,000 …

  25. Jingles, is there any plans for a Mac wrapper of wows?
    if so, is there a proposed release date for it?

  26. Just saying Jingles, you can also buy 500 gold in the EU Warships premium

  27. that first game. Capt. Evans would be proud :’)

    but other than the first rush of Tirpitz’s when it launched, I haven’t seen
    that many.

  28. eiditng fail on beginning?
    Jingles stop drinking with polish contractors!

  29. Tirpitz? More like Derpitz…

  30. the second replay show the 1 thing that torps should be nerfed about. im
    sorry that last kill the torps would not have armed at that point. they
    need to make a min arming distance so DDs can just run and hug ships and
    slam torps cause torps have to travel a distance before arming, its not
    just fire and boom

  31. Problem Productions

    Oh god, it’s that fucking boat game again.

    Sure is a good job I love boats! :D

  32. The Sims is now a piece of shit… the shots are slow as fuck and dont even
    get me started on the torpedos

  33. I love my “TIRPITZ” !!!!! 😉 ( best BB in the game , for now ! )

  34. +1 on everything you said about the Tirpitz and its captains.

  35. Are you paying for the prices out of your own pocket? I have no way to

  36. hahahah mr kuuk!

  37. Hasn’t kuk111 already been in a Jingles or QB Video?
    That name sounds familiar.

  38. i wss the 398 person to like this video

  39. From my experience I can say this Jingles. Teamwork in an IJN cruiser
    consists of hoping your team is enough of a distraction for you to run up
    and annihilate them with your 203mm guns. Your AA is so crap in an IJN
    cruiser it’s just not worth it to stick with the BBs as closely as you
    would in a US cruiser.

  40. which server is jingles playing on?

  41. Jingles derp editing moment ^^

  42. LIVAHTI”

  43. Jingles, that’s a Fletcher.

    I say we send you for laser surgery.

  44. only one hour wow and I’m Australian

  45. Jingles every time you were saying Tirpitzes, you reminded me of Gollum xD

  46. If the guy in the Fletcher got more time, he would win the event. over 202k
    dmg while half of enemy ships still alive… CRAZY!!

  47. ryujo in the 2nd match was named “light’s are still on in the bog” if you
    translate it.

  48. Jingles, you manage to post videos right at the longest last hour of my
    shift here in tech support land. THANK YOU!!

  49. Jingles, you should totally one day go and play Silent Hunter 5 (community
    patches have fixed it, just don´t buy on Steam) with the Wolves of Steel
    Mega Mod on full realism. I think due to your naval background you might
    find the game particulary interesting. It is amazing how much thought must
    go into a Torpedo attack where even a small misscalculation of the targets
    speed, its distance, or its angle on bow can cause all your torpedos to

  50. Jingles, when are you going to the Historic Dockyard? I study there and
    have been to the boats there. I would really like to meet you or just say
    hi :)

  51. World of Warships release is happening in Chatham?!? Why is it something
    cool happens in Chatham after I leave

  52. Jingles, I’m worried. Did you stop playing World of Tanks? 20 battles the
    last 2 months according to Noobmeter. What’s going on?

  53. Kuk means cock in Swedish… 1:25

  54. Jingles, there is massive Con in Atlanta Ga every Labor day. Dragon*Con is
    the largest Con in the southeast. It is a three day con and I think it is
    right up yours and Ritas Ally.

  55. Lego AnimationStudios

    lol look at min 20:00 xD that chat !!1

  56. Really wanna play this game but going to wait until all ships are out

  57. As an IJN Commander, I drive DD’s mainly. I hate hate hate to see USN DD’s
    on the other side and have had to work on tactics to counter the very good
    gun’s and high rate of fire that they have. I work on having an escape plan
    already laid out because i know that more than likely I will encounter the
    USN DD’d first. The American destroyer will expose my position to the rest
    of his fleet and gun me to death if I am not ready. I try to keep my
    engagement distance out of his torp range as they may be shorter range, but
    travel faster. If I engage him with guns, it is only because my guns are
    pointing in that general direction, and this is only until I can try to
    break contact with him. His guns fire much faster, and he will have more of
    them. I train mainly in the repair abilities, because I tend to lose my
    rudder and engines a lot.My current highest tier ships are VII, and the
    game play is very different than it is at tier V.

  58. You got your Rear Admirers uniform on then you´re play/show this game,

    (Totaly naked in a room filled with Rita pictures on the walls.
    Ooouch, that thought made my eyes bleed)

  59. are you going to do a meet the fans-london-chatham dockyards type thing?

  60. Thank you Jingles! after 30 year’s of playing games this is my first time
    i”profit” something! Thank you again and keep up the good work!

  61. Firest match is not exactly a skillful game we are watching – any muppet
    can do that of the nme team are that inept.

  62. The Fubuki, all the the people who watched Kancolle just cheered.

  63. Jingles, I’m sorry that war thunder hasnt been as fun for you as of late,
    but i have to say that for the first time i am watching your year olf
    content of warthunder such as your 200k subscriber video. This video along
    with many others had me in tears. While i still enjoy WoW some, i do hope
    you can find warthunder fun once more.

  64. The dead Tirpitz at 19:40 said
    “wie gut das das mit den scheiss torps bald ein ende hat. werden bis zu
    hälfte abgeschwächt. freu mich schon auf die dd’s bin mal gespannt wie oft
    die noch gespielt werden wenn die keinen schaden mehr machen”
    which means
    “luckily its over soon with these damned torps. will be nerfed to half.
    looking forward to to the DDs wondering if they will still be played when
    they do no damage anymore”

    Can someone confirm this?

  65. Jingles,did u changed the audio settings?i can barelly hear you on my phone
    at max volume.same with the previous video

  66. Hi Jingles,
    At 15:20 to 16:00 you elaborate how handy those additional 5km torpedo
    range can come when he misses that Tirpitz. But at around 14:50 you can
    clearly see that he never even aimed at the Tirpitz. He was always aiming
    at the carrier all the time. The Tirpitz accidentally almost ate one of
    those torps…

  67. In the second replay u can see that the guy is clearly hacking cause he has
    -35 ms ping

  68. Jingles I just heard from my brother, where you on Discovery?

  69. I wish i could built one of these destoryers in from the depths but im shit
    at building

  70. 13:25 – Case in point. Mutsi, Tier VI IJN Destroyer. It’s short range
    torpedoes are the same range as it’s ability to be spotted by enemy ships.

    That’s definitely a case where I’d argue for long range torp tactics
    instead. Of course the slower speed, means you have to exploit people’s
    mistakes, since you can’t just fire them at a battleship.

  71. I once charged right through the mountain gap on two brothers with half of
    my team and we almost won because the enemy was so surprised :D

  72. Geometry Dash DarkZoneTV

    @Jingels i have an idea for ships, it is propably pretty impossible to
    build or there are new methods that are much better than my idea but still.
    a ship like the tirpiz was “the ace” in the german cards, if this ship
    would’ve been sunk early it would be nearly game over for the germans. now
    the thing is, the tirpitz was protected by nets, quiet simular to fisher
    nets that where there to stop torpedo attacks on the tirpitz.
    now , my question is , would you think that mounting something like that on
    a moving ship is possible ? ( with the technic aviavble in second world war
    ). i means it should be possible to make a ship ( nearly ) torpedo proof.
    ps : i love your videos jingles , god bless you :)

  73. Btw Jingles Colorado isn’t so bad now after its buff in the last patch

  74. Awesome jingles, as always ! ;)

  75. just a small fyi “kuk” in swedish(and probably danish and norwegian as
    well) means cock!

  76. I thought if you fired from within a smokescreen you negated it’s effect,
    much like bushes in WoT. How are DDs firing from smoke without being
    detected while also being able to spot their own targets?

  77. Not enough ships to many tanks

  78. jingles, you know you spoil us XD
    but that’s one of the reasons we love ya

  79. 22 minutes ago… 700+ views, I’m getting the feeling that jingles is a
    large Internet celebrity

  80. Jingles just admitted to tripping on DXM. 1:59. Don’t worry, I do too.

  81. jingles, you gave me the manflu x,x

  82. Filip “Mozk” A.

    Woho! It’s that fucking boat game again! :P

  83. hehe jingles+ america made it

  84. Epic Video Man!!!

  85. Jingles! Answer my question and relieve me from my eternal pain of mystery,
    What is the version, of “Girl from Ipanema”, that you always seemingly use
    on the “waiting scenes” of your videos? Tell me what to input on the
    glorious search tab on YouTube so that I could have awesome relaxing music
    for the rest of my entire boring life!
    Searching the default “Girl from Ipanema” NEVER reaps out the version you
    use! I need it, please!
    Thanks in advance, thank you thank you thank you!

  86. That manflu is really hitting Jingles hard.

  87. 3:00 AM???? SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK… Seriously I have to be up in 3

  88. Forget to add some footage somewhere Jingles?

  89. Not first, but Bonjour Jingles from a former Navy Sailor down in Cajun
    Country. Thanks for the excellent content!

  90. You are looking at a Diana… what i see is a Tier 9 Fletcher…

  91. erm… i see no dianna class… there is only Fletcher xD

  92. What are you on about jingles? Thats a fletcher!

  93. Jingles sometimes when I’m really sad I dig a hole in my garden and sit in
    it pretending to be a carrot

  94. 173 is low…

  95. Holy shit I’m early

  96. Ello Jingles!

  97. Only 12 views. wow im early.

  98. Wow. 37 views.

  99. Artorias “The” Abyss Walker

    nice meme

  100. first

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