World of Warships – Destroyer Slaughter, Are You High, Bro? – WOWS Atlanta Cruiser Gameplay

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  1. +JayD K haha pretty much the same thing

  2. Aviation Anonymous

    +PhlyDaily weed is fun for everyone

  3. +PhlyDaily SailBadly

  4. +PhlyDaily Dont smoke and fly, just shroom and snail.

  5. +PhlyDaily That thing about the submarines is true though.
    I got the documents.

  6. Anthony Lacroix

    +PhlyDaily phly-high

  7. +Algirdas Tolveisa I bought all the premium ships and lots of gold, but
    it’s a free to play game.

  8. +Euan Souter no

  9. crazycakemanflies

    +Euan Souter that was pretty cool, but still. no.

  10. Darthpathfinder

    +Euan Souter Also works with 8…..

  11. +KriegsMeister27 I like tacos.

  12. +BaronVonGamez is it around 7 o bong british time

  13. TheBaconNutjobs

    +BaronVonGamez No No man it’s not where waldos hiding, its what he’s hiding

  14. TheBaconNutjobs

    +BaronVonGamez No No man it’s not where waldos hiding, its what he’s hiding

  15. TheBaconNutjobs

    why did that just post twice?

  16. +Tomyplayz Most of us think they will, we just don’t exactly know when.
    Hopefully soon :/

  17. +Sweder Oosterkamp lol :3

  18. +syl1909 Aw man, I probably won’t ever play the Forest again, I burnt out
    on that game, but I’m looking for another game that will be just as fun,
    maybe Ark 😀

  19. +BaronVonGamez Thank you for the answer ! 😀 I am glad you understood me
    even with my bad english xD I understand and do not play games if you don’t
    like to play them because the most important is not us (your subscribers)
    but you and the fact that you like what you are doing. I don’t know this
    game but as long as it is one of your vid it will be funny and entertaining
    for me ! 😀 Maybe you’ll like playing KSP ? BaronVonSpace would be an
    amazing concept ! xD Have a nice day ! 😀

  20. +Der Nudelexpress lol

  21. ScottishTabasco

    +TheQuiriGamer Middle mouse button but you can change it

  22. +Mark Kubica The beginning of beaches an plenty of sun!

  23. +Mark Kubica nope

  24. Phly needs help. Like desperately needs help. We should start a charity or
    like a kickstarter so we can fund his physiological help courses. Send him
    help now!

  25. Goofgoose Lowbot

    +BaronVonGamez HighDaily

  26. Anthony Lacroix

    +Kevin Schultz that’s genius we shall call it the phly foundation

  27. What’s the video you guys were talking about in the beginning?

  28. Martin Jernsletten

    Take out the Murmansk next plz! comrade Stalin demads it!!!!!!

  29. Buy a premium ship

  30. think the lol was redudant.

  31. +CrossToxin LOL

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