World of Warships – Destroyer Slaughter, Are You High, Bro? – WOWS Atlanta Cruiser Gameplay

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  1. +BaronVonGamez Can you please do a detailed video on how to use Aircraft
    Carrier and how to effectively do torpedo run.

    You are the reason I started playing this game but having problem with the
    use of Aircraft Carriers.

  2. Baron, have you read the book ‘The Last Stand of the Tin Can Sailors’? It’s
    an amazing piece of work about the battle off of Samar where an
    overwhelming Japanese armada engaged a vastly inferior group of U.S. escort
    carriers and their accompanying Destroyers and Destroyer Escorts.

    “This will be a fight against overwhelming odds from which survival cannot
    be expected. We will do what damage we can.”

    I’d recommend that anyone that loves this game, and these videos, grab a
    copy of this book. Reading it will just make you enjoy this game a whole
    lot more. Trust me.

  3. Had to watch the video on mute because of slick and phly sounding like
    retarded gangbangers. Sooooo annoying

  4. PaulBodyBuilder

    U guys r funny 

  5. or make a coconut pineapple mango upside down cake those are the bomb

  6. dude blueberry dumplins are the bomb and yes fuji and red delicious are the
    best apples

  7. Cruisers: The class of choice for stoned WOWS players everywhere

  8. Michael “Mc4nb2016” Crisci

    Phly must have had too much cat nip… 

  9. Baron do you wanna play warthunder with me?

  10. I don’t know what was more funny,the high jibber jabber or Admiral JDW rage
    chatting. :)

  11. was this a lets drunk? :D

  12. My friend’s cat kills birds and mouses for fun and brings them into the

  13. ur cats weak bro -barron 2015

  14. You right done fucked up the first game. Love your videos before, but mate,
    your antics probably messed up the game right and proper.

  15. Day 2: Gimme dat German KV.
    Hitlers Horse Coach

  16. I say we petition JDW1 for being exceptionally salty, and banish him to the
    realm of torture by Phly’s rants

  17. Michael Ferguson

    On the topic of apples, you to should try Grapples, they are apples that
    taste like grapes, its an interesting experience, but they are really good.

  18. If a dragonfruit was an apple, it’d be called a dragonapple

  19. Dragon Fruit are red fleshed peaches

  20. But I meant in war thunder 

  21. Have you ever played world if tanks and in the next video I would like to
    see t95

  22. Captain Destro (Grey Shadow Moon)

    Being high explains a lot because the Tokyo Express comment was wrong lol.
    For shame Baron for shame, someone gonna throw your ass in the brig for

  23. Faron bon Gomez

  24. When phly is drunk it is really funny

  25. LegoJake123 Minecraft

    Use aircraft carriers 

  26. thts the best ship!

  27. I was the Wyoming player..hearing Phly I almost feel bad for RNGesus giving
    me a citadel hit to finish him off.

  28. What the fuck have you guys been smoking???!

  29. Wilmer Nahnfeldt

    Please do the nelson class from brittish fleet

  30. Where is this Jawohl video lolol

  31. no offense bro, but I want a life like you guys 😀
    just sittin’ here at my desk “stuDYING” for exams…
    Love the clips! keep up the great work!
    Peace from Belgium!!

  32. You should do a video where you, Slickbee, and Phlydaily speak like they do
    in the Sims games.

  33. That JDW guy in game chat, really salty about there actions, didn’t see him

  34. “All I have in this world is my balls and my word, and I don’t break ’em
    for no one…do you understand?” – Tony Montana “Scarface”

    It’s close enough to gut instinct and cats, don’t you think?

  35. Czech Republic! We are making the best dumplings in the world! Visit us and
    taste some

  36. This was fun for me

  37. baron dont forget to angle your amour 🙂 i could come in handy with
    battleships and cruisers

  38. that Atlanta shoots soo much! so many guns

  39. Great that add just turned into a porno

  40. Algirdas Tolveisa

    did you buy this game?

  41. Good games, though that was kind of painful to listen to

  42. I got a fucking 25 minute unskipable fucking French add

  43. Atilla The Great

    Wow man this game looks brutal, GG!

  44. 99999888898888898899999888899999888899999888899988888999888899999

    Now press Control+F and type a 9

  45. KriegsMeister27

    on a scale of cave to heaven, how high was everyone

    I’m guessing around moon

  46. you should play heroes and generals

  47. CognizantCheddar

    that one guy was so salty in the chat, while these three were all laughs
    and fun… which is supposed to be the point

    world of warships, *not* serious business

  48. BritishBeef TheBobbilys

    What video does slick say is that a cliff?

  49. Does anyone know if War Thunder is going to add ship warfare. I would like
    to see that in the game.

  50. I think you guys are LOW on sugar. Jesus Christ man!

  51. You three should have a podcast talking about random shit :)

  52. Sweder Oosterkamp

    PhlyDaily, more like HighDaily. Am I right! No? Just me? Okay…

  53. i want what phly was on

  54. False the Tokyo express was only on Guadalcanal once we had taken it they
    sent fast destroyers to bombard us and land troops

  55. Christian Shemak

    They’re both high and drunk

  56. yay,,thx baron

  57. Baron, can you please make The Forest vids again please ? They were sooooo
    funny ! It would be very honorable.

    • +syl1909 Aw man, I probably won’t ever play the Forest again, I burnt out
      on that game, but I’m looking for another game that will be just as fun,
      maybe Ark 😀

    • +BaronVonGamez Thank you for the answer ! 😀 I am glad you understood me
      even with my bad english xD I understand and do not play games if you don’t
      like to play them because the most important is not us (your subscribers)
      but you and the fact that you like what you are doing. I don’t know this
      game but as long as it is one of your vid it will be funny and entertaining
      for me ! 😀 Maybe you’ll like playing KSP ? BaronVonSpace would be an
      amazing concept ! xD Have a nice day ! 😀

  58. oh the Atlanta, the most fun you can have in this game :D

  59. Dude, Dragon fruit is a cactus…

  60. Der Nudelexpress

    Phlyapple the dragonfruit

  61. Baron did you hear America is the number 1 threat to global security?
    what’s even more tragic is the fact its also the number 1 threat to its own
    people! highest incarceration rate as a percentage of population…

  62. Lee Hoiby mylastletterhome

    you all three are so god damn high lol

  63. I’m so glad I watched this after I had lunch, I don’t think I’d have
    survived the laughter. This video is legit, Baron. So derpy

  64. baron saw my comment in the game ahahah! i was the one that said baron was
    leaving his homies out to dry.

  65. How do you do the “follow the shell” stuff?

  66. RemusKingOfRome5

    Are you guys Cheesing ? 😀 cats and laughter.

  67. 1st to claim first comment

  68. do all the druugs

  69. PLEZ do a montage of epicness or funny moments!

  70. Baaaaaronnnn your name looks like it could be associated with pork products

  71. Oh and btw baron play just cause 2 nope?… Sorry

  72. And also happy June

  73. .first bitches!

  74. Are You High, Bro? @phlydaily @slickbee Premium Cruiser Gameplay!


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