World of Warships | DESTROYER vs BATTLESHIP | Gameplay

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World of Warships | DESTROYER vs BATTLESHIP | Gameplay
▶ World of Warships is awesome and in this game I’m using a destroyer to take down a battleship. I can’t believe it’s not butter!

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  1. Василий Дыруль


  2. jeova0sanctus0unus

    sooo if cruisers are like Medium Tanks, then they are my class! But I´d
    like some Torps, so Japanese it is.

  3. lol your username reminds me of the Krebs cycle

  4. One of your first videos on this brilliant new game and you start the video
    with now this is my argument I can see where your coming from but the
    problem where you get sniped in your tier 3-4 upwards destroyers is not
    battleships its generally the the tier 5 light cruisers / heavy cruisers
    taking lucky pot shots at you and well to be fair to cruisers cruisers are
    meant to fend off destroyers and frigates if your silly enough to wonder in
    range of their guns and not play it smart then Krebs I to be honest have no
    sympathy for you whether you blame it BB’s or CA’s I like the footage just
    the commentary seemed a bit whiny and bitchy and it seemed like you weren’t
    giving enough credit where it was most definitely due.

  5. nonsense, skilled player can take on bb and win, my max is two destroyed bb
    with destroyer, of course not every battle but it can be done,

  6. Jesus krebs lay off your mouse man. Spam clicking wont reload your guns
    faster and switch to AP rounds.

  7. dude you gotta learn your torp max ranges. i’ve never played this game and
    even i knew that last torp shot was way outta range.

  8. Situational awareness is key. If you see a BB fire at you from range,
    change direction. He’s trying to lead you, so if you change direction
    and/or speed, his shots will miss. If you’re sailing in a straight line,
    at full power, expecting your speed to save you, you’re doing it wrong.
    Going faster just means the BB has to lead the target more. Change speed.
    Change direction. Then unleash hell.

  9. Waiiiit! World of War Ships? When did it came out? Did I miss the release?
    How long was it out?

  10. Jus started watching and straight away have to disagree with you am BB’s certainly have the range on you but unless your making
    yourself a sitting duck the odds on them hitting are very slim. In close
    its a case of if you put yourself in front of its big guns you deserve to
    get blown up. If you engage it while it’s busy engaging someone else
    there’s no way it’s getting it’s turrets around to do anything to you.

    The DD’s advantage is it’s stealth, speed and mobility. It excels in ambush
    and hit n run situations. It dies in extended engagements so don’t hang

    Quick tips btw, unless there’s a plane right above you and your spotted
    anyway hit ‘p’ to turn your AA off. DD’s AA isn’t very good and just gives
    your position away sooner. Also try and use your smoke to cover retreat or
    set ambush, not to advance. And don’t fire your guns while in smoke unless
    you can kill what your shooting at as it gives your position away.

    Hope your having as much fun in WoWs as I am. They still have a bit of work
    to do but considering its still only CBT it’s a great game 🙂 

  11. Dat outro hah :D

  12. i think both destroyers and battleships are op as fuck destroyer are very
    very fast and deadly with the tropedos that can just keep on lauching…
    while battleships can 1 salvo kill a guy(too powerfull guns)

  13. Just a quick note, low tier DD’s are a bit OP.
    You’ve got a really quick torpedo reload speed and can’t be detected until
    you’re very close to an enemy ship (check detectability distance in port).
    BB’s shouldn’t really be a problem if you’ve got enough torpedo range, they
    may be able to shoot over long distance but unless you are really good at
    predicting enemy movement it’s simply not worth shooting at a destroyer at
    long range. Many people play battleships because they have the most HP and
    biggest guns but don’t realize their reload is about 30 seconds meaning
    both cruisers and DD’s will kill you easily if you get in a close fight.
    But yeah, if you’re unsure of something just ask, this alpha veteran might
    know a thing or two ^^

  14. Krebs you suck at this. xD

  15. Actually, Battleships can be spotted miles away. Destroyers can be spotted
    only if they get close to the enemy (u can check it in the stats page, just
    click the “concealment” tab).
    Of course, that is if you don’t fire your gun. Firing your gun gets you
    spotted much earlier than if you didn’t fire. Also, Battleships can’t
    really hit Destroyers due to how long their guns reload and the Destroyer’s
    low profile and high speed. Cruisers are those that you should be worried
    about, they fire fast and move fast (not all, but most of them).

    General rules of thumb playing Destroyer:
    – Don’t charge in head-on, you can’t take any hit. I think you know this
    – Destroyers are like Ninja, stealth is your best friend. Remember at what
    range you can be spotted, and run away if necessary.
    – The White bar that appears when you select the Torpedo is where you need
    to aim to hit the enemy, providing that the enemy doesn’t turn or slow down
    that is. Press 3 again to change your Torpedo spread.
    – IJN DD guns are practically useless due to traverse rate, but they excel
    in Torpedo attacks. USN DD have really short range torpedo but atleast
    their guns can be used to counter other DD trying to assassinate your
    allies, they do have better AA but not much compare to Cruisers or

  16. PyrotechnicMailman

    I won’t dislike for your opinion, but the whole point of the slow, un
    maneuverable battleships is to be able to reach out father than destroyers.

  17. Nice game play Krebs!!! You doing really well!!!! Just don’t catch any of
    them coochie krabs !!! SIC !!!

  18. Yay, more war games!

  19. Þór Jóhannesson

    DON’T fire firing puts you on there scanners and ofc you get snippet
    destroyers need stealth

  20. i really enjoyed your outro nice

  21. Torpedos are massive equalizer.

  22. There are no ships over performing ATM, battleships have the biggest guns
    so they fire farther, destroyers have tiny guns so they can’t, perfectly
    balanced when you consider that 4-6 torps can easily sink a battleship.

  23. Is not that hard… you can one shot the battleship.

  24. Lukáš Třešňák

    Loved it! More videos from this game please! Also I love the funky music at
    the end :)

  25. don’t shoot HE at battleships

  26. Destroyers are fast and have torpedos! 😮 also they have smoke… I don’t
    think they’re underpowered tbh raining hell with a destroyer is possible !
    😮 and battleships are cool but soooo sloooow and their turrets turn so
    slow too.. and the reload speed…

  27. love the gameplay maybe you should up the quality :

  28. What do you think of WoWS?

    Holy ship!

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