World of Warships – Destroyer

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Be vewwy, vewwy quiet. Arc_Yagami’s hunting Destwoyers.


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution


  1. Last time I was this early my country had a stable economy (spain)

  2. Ehhh… Jingles, isn’t Arc Yagami the Divison Mate in the Atago? The guy in the Yugumo is called KC_zz15

  3. IJN DD line, when tier 9 Yuugumo is even better than tier 10 Shimakaze. Good job WG. XD

    Quality Pocket Battleship there. 😉

    And btw Jingle, Yuugumo also have a special charm in her gun: The range. Spec for Gunboat she can reach to more than 15km, in a destroyer. 🙂

    • Great East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere
      Sorry to say this but the Shima can only drop a max of 15 torps at once. It does not have access to the torp reload booster. I have had the Shima since game went live. I wish it could fit the torp booster. Kitakami v2.0!

    • Michael Fouse With the way other T10 DD behave, I’m afraid Shima need that, preferably Shiratsuyu and Akiduki version. 😉

    • Mammoth Mk3 how would the Yugumo ‘ stats change if Isoroku Yamamoto were put into it as the admiral?

    • Soren Lysaker Hmm. I don’t have him yet. But iirc he have 2 special skill: One is giving you one more for all of your ship’s consumable when you got First Blood, and the other is healling back your ship and decrease reload time for your torp and gun when you have Kraken Unleased. 🙂

    • PAHAHAHA the Imperial japan progaganda retard doesn’t understand a damn thing. Shima doesn’t have reload booster you dimwit.

  4. Jingles, laddy. you need to learn to read. The arc yagami wasn’t the pilot of this yugumo. still great video though :p

    • yellowcattim let’s call him Arc_Yagami or Dave

    • So besides being a captain of a ship he is a pilot aswell yellowcattim?

    • I go by Amplify, usually. It was taken when I registered my account, so KC_zz15 it was. As for Arc, he can have the credit I don’t mind. He’s a really good player and super consistent barring very bad luck like getting kicked to the login screen, but he doesn’t get enough love as while he can consistently hit 150k to 200k damage a game or whatever he doesn’t have any super standout games so he flies under the radar a fair bit.

  5. Full health Yugumo has 15,500 health. At 9:07 Jingles says the Yugumo started the fight with 67k more health. Multiple Jingles moments confirmed. 😀 I stand corrected, Jingles said 6 to 7 thousand, but I had to use CC to prove it.

  6. 10:27 – Actually Jingles the HSF Harekaze has 6 100 mm guns. 3 turrets with 2 guns each….Uh Jingles?
    Gun cocked
    Jingles: Nobody likes a smart-arse now get back to the Salt Mines the rest of you!

    • Dear god that thing would be terrifying if they had managed to fit the full turret loadout of the Akizuki on that thing.

    • Harekaze has three different turret layouts depending on which hull you choose. 3*2 5in/50 identical to the normal Kagero, 3*2 4in/65 aka the 3/4 Akizuki or 3*1 5in/54. The last are US Navy post-war 5-inchers that are otherwise only found on the Midway class; they combine the rate of fire of american destroyer guns with high velocity and a flat trajectory, but you pay for it with having only three guns instead of six.

  7. Cracking game but he is being a bit of a cock about it looking at the chat window…

    • +Amplify Ah, you’re the one who submitted this? My apologies if you’re offended by my comment above, first and foremost. We can all get too excited and lose a bit of control. I didn’t mean to call you out on it or anything. Thanks for explaining the circumstances of your action from your side of the story by the way.

    • Don’t worry I don’t mind, Arc deserves way more credit than he normally gets, he’s a great player and consistent, but rarely does anything showy so he rarely gets acknowledged for it. Him getting credit from Jingles feels good to me.

      As for tasorth: How rude! Only 1/3rd of the kills were blind luck, get your facts right!

    • Humble players? Where the f*ck are your people when “I” play PvP games lol.

    • Yeah, he’s a cocky git, but as he explained earlier, missions are bastards to do in any WG title.
      Also, as Gringles said, if you’re gonna talk the walk, you’d better walk the talk. Or… Something.
      And he certainly did. So Dave, or whatever the hell yer name is: GG. See ya around, maybe.
      I’ll be the Yamato with a working rudder but fuck all luck

    • you have to be. people dont listen or anything regardless the main point is to get the point across.

  8. Looks like Yuugumo’s player got bad karma for being such a twat, got replay featured by Jingles, didn’t even got an mention, divmate got the credit instead.

    Yum.. karma..

    • Meanwhile Jingles gives credit to actual full-on dough bags. It was going to the guy’s head because he kept going from DD gunfight to DD gunfight in a ship that really isn’t good for that kind of thing and coming out on top; I can cut him some slack there.

  9. KC_zz15, aka Dave, is quietly sobbing now, because his division mate, Arc_Yagami just got ALL of the public credit and the Jingles’ shout-out on Youtube. You have ONE job, Jingles…

  10. Loved this replay…. Still, it was not you playing…. When will we get to see some game play of you? Like in the early Jingles dayz

  11. Are high tier IJN DDs still in the dumpster? I quit WoWs because at tier 6-10 other nations started outclassing Japanese DDs in pretty much every aspect and Wargaming didn’t seem to care about that.

  12. first you shoot up poor chewbacca, and now you ruin kc’s day… the mines with you!!!

  13. It was a good game… but he’s a bit of a complete asshole in chat, so that kind of gave this replay a sour taste.
    All I’m saying is, you can be good, but you don’t have to rub your shit in other peoples’ faces.

    • Some people replying in this comment is like, at least he didn’t murder someone so he is not a bad guy. Seriously, you don’t have to go around mass murdering people to get qualified as an asshole. A guy acting like an asshole, sure doesn’t mean he is an huge asshole, but is still a smaller one. Like I said, I guess this game is raising the bar for assholes.
      And please for the love of whatever don’t taunt people in video games just because you “owned” them, it’s definitely not sportsmanship and quite childish at that.

    • Damn, right *ArmoredNeko* .

    • MegaRaven100 Not sure you understand what im trying to do

    • get gud.jpg

  14. Look at the chat around 12:36
    Such cheekiness!

    Arc: rare to see you carry with Yugu, lol

    KC: yeah, my worst ship class and worst ship

    Arc: now kill that Fletch

    KC: I just killed 3 enemy DD’s in a row! WTF more do you want!?

    KC: *maybe 4, I forget*

    KC: *they all blend together*

    • William Chamberlain

      Lord Sylph 🙂 kill one DD you’ve killed them all

    • I genuinely couldn’t remember, honest! Was still a bit shaken up from going to DD to DD to DD with hardly a break, that was the results from me being all surprised that I wasn’t blown up yet.

    • Amplify anyways, good show sir, nice to see Yugumo getting more love online, she’s a great ship

    • It’s a nice ship, it’s just a shame that it’s probably the exact opposite end of the spectrum from what I’m good with. First ship line I ever got to T8 with, almost to my 6th T10 ship now and haven’t gotten to the Shimakaze yet. Give me a nice Ryujo any day and I’ll help my team to victory to the best of my ability with a smile on my face, I always prefer playing with my team than a lone silent hunter or anything like that.

  15. More of a lucky game rather than good game, taking the reload consumable instead of the smoke means he has very little capability of supporting his teammates, and he was indeed alone by himself most of time, so not much of a team player. 6 kills are great, but apart from the salvo that sunk the Lion, the rest of his kills were either blind luck, or his opponents made fatal mistakes, or he just happens to run into the low health one with no better guns, even the Lion kill isnt much of a skilled play, he used reload and basically covered entire section where the Lion was, no mattee which way that Lion went, he was gonna get mutipul hit, so an opportunity kill at best. And I dont think he ran into the island twice with tactical intention, maybe the first time, give the Shima was on the other side, second time he had no reason to do so, since he was only about 1 salvo away to sink that Shima when he ran into the island, and Shiama was in no positon to launch at him, in fact, if that was his intention, it was a very dangerous move, had more of his shots missed, and Shima was still alive when he was too late to avoid the island, shima could have launch at him and took him down together, it looks much more like tunnel vision than using the island to his advantage. And on top of that, most of enemy BB and all crusiers went to A and died there, so during his fight, he was not threatened by any proper DD killers at all, in fact, his team did most of the heavy lifting, so that he can have this end result.

    Jingles come on, dig deep and find some replays that are actually interesting, not lucky ones like this.

    • I never claimed to be good (with destroyers at least), typically only playing them when forced by a combat mission or similar. Heck I pretty much mention that near the end. Torp reload is because I was pretty desperate for torp hits, the mission required something like 75k damage with ship torps and I had 55k, so hey I figured I’d at least hit one right? You’re right about running aground the second time, that was an accident as I was too tunnel visioned on what the Shimakaze was up to, still not really a reason to complain this heavily.

      Still, don’t get to see a Yugumo beat out an entire fleet of destroyers every day, luck or not, hence why I submitted the reply. I almost never get replay worthy games in CVs despite having a 15% higher WR in them than I do with most other classes and especially destroyers, partly because most CV replays aren’t that interesting and mostly as I’m focused more on guiding and helping the team win rather than stat pad or anything like that. It’s only once I play my worst class with the intentions of farming the last 20k damage I need that I suddenly beat out my base xp record of anything I’ve ever done in a CV by well over 500xp. Go figure.

    • Amplify
      Hey brother, I am a DD main and enjoyed watching the replay. I think the thing that makes a battle like this one great to watch is your lack of a smoke generator. And the fact that you were constantly playing the objectives (caps). Very ballsy without a smoke for cover in an emergency. Well played Captain, well played.

    • I would rather be a big exploding fireball at the front, than full health at the 10 line a hundred times out of a hundred. If I’m not willing to press forward to try and help my team win, then really who will?

      Thanks for the kind words.

    • Not that you can support teammates very effectively anymore thanks to WG pulling a WG and nerfing smoke.

  16. 9:00 jingles you nugget the shimakazi fires his torpedoes at the battleships on the left side

    *click clunk*? ?

  17. Hey jingles, i just loaded up your video and was horrified at the ad that popped up. Basically an ad for a site, where you hand over your wows account and they grind out t10 ships for money. Do you actually condone this? Cause if not you shoul get rid of that particular advertiser Asap, as wg frowns upon this kind of shit.

    • The company most likely was paying YouTube the add revenue. Then YouTube’s algorithms decided that that video was the best possible fit for your computer based on your activity. Jingles would probably like to lock up the site’s owners in the salt mines with no food or water (or air for that matter).

    • I saw that one too-I wasn’t 100% paying attention, but I think they were offering boosts via Divisions with very good players, rather than actually handing over account details and letting someone else play. Not sure how that sits with ToS, but probably better?

    • Majo gl I got the same ad XD

    • Majo gl but hey, it’s good to know that this video hasn’t been demonetized

    • Yeah that’d likely the case but the uploader can request that a specific ad not be shown on their channel. Helps to stop competitors advertising on each other’s YouTube channels, or so people don’t have to advertise products they have a moral opposition to.

  18. Arc Yagami got all that praise, poor Dave.

  19. sorry, cant vote for replay with smacktalk comming from the main protagonist… and no, I could not see skill backing that up…

    • Smack talk where?

    • Right after his first kill

    • @Jin Rinkenberger: First bit with the thanking the Z-46 that was me just genuinely being grateful to the guy for jumping into my torps out of nowhere, I’d been stuck with an annoying (for me) task for the two days and had faced nothing but opponents who could torpbeat on Yuro’s level. For real though, somehow I was finding every godly torpbeat FDG and Yamato on NA before this, who were able to almost supernaturally find tiny gaps in 16 torpedo volleys fired at them broadside from 6km. Having barely started the mission and knowing that I was home free whatever happened and could go back to CV after it was a great feeling.

      Honestly though, I am kind of the WoWs version of Jeremy Clarkson between my love of hyper specializing ships and then using them bizarrely, thinking everything can be solved with *more power* and my love of bantz in the chat, but I can promise you it’s all in good fun and no harm meant if I do say anything.

  20. I will say the saying If It’s Stupid but It Works kind of annoys me. Fire a shotgun in the air. If all the shots hit criminals, that was stupid but it worked. Do it again, chances are it’s still stupid but it didn’t work. But hey, it’s a fun saying =D

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