World of Warships – Detected

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In which Azimuthmarx is really, REALLY grateful he took the Radio Position Finding skill.

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  1. RearAdmiralBIGCORE

    Somehow the Roosevelt despite doing its efforts to kill the Shimakaze, the Colombo kills the snake instead.

    And the rest of the enemy team are either clueless if the shimakaze is dead or not, turns out, the Shimakaze turns the tide!

  2. That last torpedo kill deserves an “Oh you cheeky bastard…” =)

  3. Lüshun: appears on minimap at E3
    Jingles: Lünshun is still roaming unspoated
    Never change old man 😀

  4. Y’know, the fun part about a Jingles video in my timezone means that I can enjoy dinner and entertain myself as soon as the old man posts 😉

    • Jingles hits my screen at 6am EST. Watch him with my first cup of whatever. The thing is, he mixes in other videos involving RPG etc and other than the stupid choo choo game 🙂 but it is okay, I can fill in with Flambass destroying everything in WOWS.

  5. Excellent torp work on that last kill.

  6. Great story jingles 👍

  7. Okay, who is up to the challenge to remind Jingles to check upon the Huffduff and see if its still ignored? 😛

  8. HMS Brazen? Oddly enough, at around 1997, I was a Sea Scout and visited the ex-HMS Brazen, then christened BNS Bosísio in the Brazilian Navy. I can’t remember if the HFDF box was still there, since we didn’t really spend much time in the operational nerve centers of the ship, but I was impressed. That was the first time I visited a more modern warship aside from the old destroyer escort museum ship ‘Bauru’ and the ageing (but sorely missed) aircraft carrier ‘Minas Gerais’, a very old Colossus Class aircraft carrier, which sadly wasn’t saved from the scrappers. I remember distinctly how those Sea Wolf launchers impressed the hell out of me. Those batch 1 Type 22’s had quite a personality. Ships today with all those geometric stealthy looks are so dull in comparison, even if it’s for RCS efficiency’s sake, just like the aircraft. Thanks for maintaining Brazen so well.

  9. Jingles needs to be registered as a National Treasure.

  10. Thanks for keeping me company during my hospital visit today, especially the giggles you provide 🖖

  11. Loved the huf-duf story. 🙂 Reminds me of the old days in civili service. 🙂

  12. Thanks for posting my video Jingles! This was a very fun match to play especially after the rough start.

  13. I’d love to see that Lushun kill from the Lushun’s perspective. He had hydro up, so he could see the torpedoes coming. So how did he get hit?

    • StillCant BeSilenced

      I think he was committed. Couldnt avoid them with the island on one side and the rest of the torpedo spread to the other side. Rock and a hard place more or less. Seemed to be chasing the kill too, understandably imo. He seemed to be ready to win it at any time.

  14. If only the Lushun had some way to detect incoming torpedoes… oh wait 😀

  15. IIRC, in WW2, the radio direction finder (HFDF) was referred to as the Huff Duff, much in the same way as the HMMV Jeep— or whatever it’s called— became the “Hummer”.

  16. Cessnas still have the RDF equipment as a back up system for GPS and VOR. You could use it to tune into radio stations while flying though you weren’t supposed to use it for entertainment. And of course it was used by the Japanese to get a general direction to Hawaii & Pearl Harbor.

  17. That Napoli kill … he DIDN’T sail in a straight line, look at the dead ship on the mini-map at 7:12. Looks like it was the torps launched short of the predictor at 6:43 that did it.

  18. Came for the Video, stayed for the Jingles story! 🙂

  19. Story time with Jingles is always a very good time.

  20. When I was in the Canadian Air Force in Winnipeg, we trained air navigators, we were transitioning from C-130s to CT142 (Dash 8). The Herc had a RDF called the ARN-6, in service BEFORE WWII. The CT142 had a plasma display that reproduced the control box for the ARN-6 and other items, I thought it silly to use current tech to show something granddad would have used.

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